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Saturday 25 July 2009

They seek him here, they seek him there....

JD - Hi everyone! Now, we don't want to alarm anyone but.....

Max - Look out!! Watch your backs! And your fronts! And most definitely keep watch on all your paws!!

JD - Um - way to go to keep everyone calm Max!

Max - [Proudly] You're most welcome!

JD - [Shaking his head....!] Quite! Anyway, as I was saying, we don't want to alarm anyone but we DO have some rather alarming news.

Max - That's right! Do you remember a few posts ago I got blamed for chewing up a credit card!

Exhibit A - A munched credit card!

JD - Most unfair!

Max - And then only this week you were busted for allegedly digging a hole in the garden....

Exhibit B - The mysterious garden hole!

JD - ....when all I was doing was simply looking at it and wondering who had dug it. Seriously!

Max - We kept on telling our humans that it was a rogue puppy who kept on coming into the house, doing bad stuff, and then running away...

JD - ....but would they listen?

Max - [to himself] Would YOU before you suddenly got the blame for digging a hole....

JD - Pardon?

Max - Oh - um - nothing.....

JD - But anyway, we've started to notice a rather alarming trend recently.

Max - That's right! It would appear that this dastardly puppy has now gone - gasp! - international!

JD - You see, his work has been spotted in various other locations.

Max - A few weeks ago the paw print of this rogue puppy was spotted in Singapore in the form of a chewed shoe....

Exhibit C - A tasty looking - erm, we mean - a chewed shoe!

JD - ....and it was poor, innocent Vodka who got the blame!

Max - We mentioned this rogue puppy to the lovely Sasha from Australia - she is such a wise puppy and knew immediately that we were most probably up against the elusive Scarlet Puppynickel!

JD - Yes indeed. We gather that poor Sasha often ends up with an empty dinner bowl when she hasn't even snarffled a morsel of her food - it's obviously all down to this Scarlet Puppynickel!

Exhibit D - An empty dinner bowl!

Max - The Scarlet Puppynickel has also visited the US, where he got another upright citizen - the always obedient Oskar - in trouble by digging a hole in his yard and scarpering....

Exhibit E - Signs of Puppynickel digging in a back yard!

JD - The NERVE of this Puppynickel!

Max - So we thought we'd best issue a puppy information bulletin for everyone!

JD - That's right! After all, every pup and kitty knows the famous Scarlet Puppynickel song....

They seek him here, they seek him there!
Those humans seek him everywhere.

Is he a big doggie or is he little?

That damned elusive Puppynickel!

He meddles with the things the humans own,
Popping in and out each week,
Chewing lots of stuff around their home,

La, what cheek!
They seek him here, they seek him there!
Those humans seek him everywhere.

If you should see him, please don't be fickle!

Tell everyone you've seen the Puppynickel!

They seek him here, they seek him there,

Those humans seek him everywhere.

Oh, Puppy, how the humans do implore you,
Simply to stay home asleep!

With all your interference,

It's hard to keep their homes neat!
They seek him here, they seek him there!

The ladies seek him everywhere!

He gives the humans nothing but frustration!

Goodness! He's a spoilsport!

He can chew an item to complete annihilation,
With just one snort!

They seek him here, they seek him there!

Those humans seek him everywhere!

Is he a big doggie or is he little?

That damned elusive Puppynickel.

Max - Obviously, this Puppynickel figure is VERY elusive so we have no real idea what he looks like.

JD - But we think it might be something like this....
Artist's impression of what the Scarlet Puppynickel might look like!

Max - Be careful good friends - these are obviously dangerous times for us all!

JD - Indeed! The next time any evidence of Scarlet Puppynickel daring deeds appear around your house make sure you direct your humans to this puppy information bulletin so that they will immediately know who the true culprit is!

Max - And please report any Scarlet Puppynickel activity to us so that we can continue to report on it!

JD - Stay strong everyone - together, we can overcome!!

** UPDATE!!**

JD - Friends! After posting this puppy information bulletin we have received information about further sightings of the Scarlet Puppynickel! His activity appears to becoming more rife with each passing day!

Max - That's right! Check out Gus's blog to find out how this dastardly puppy trained up innocent and trusting Maggie, landing her in trouble as a result.

JD - And head off to Schanzuer-tude to read an exclusive interview with Calvert, a brave puppy who witnessed first-paw the devastation that the Scarlet Puppynickel can cause.

Max - And maybe most alarming of all - gasp! - the work of the Scarlet Puppynickel has been spotted in the home of The Island Cats, leaving a trail of chewed wires and shoe laces!

JD - He has now crossed over from puppy to kitty trouble making - he MUST be stopped!

Max - Please keep your updates coming - we can get through this!

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parlance said...

Now that is an interesting bulletin! It explains some strange and mysterious events in our house when Penny was very young.

I haven't seen the Scarlet Puppynickel around lately, but I'll be more alert now that I've been warned.

Bruce said...

I'll keep a lookout for the Scarlet Puppynickel. If he's smoking a cigar, then we should be able to smell him before we see him!
your pal,
p.s. you guys are so silly:)

Diana Chiew said...

Ooh...I must inform my mummy about this Scarlet Puppynickel, I don't want to be blamed for the things that he did...

- Santa and Minnie

Cezar and Léia said...

wow dear friends!
What a story!
I promise you guys I will keep my eyes here in Luxembourg wide open!
Thanks for this advice, so important indeed!
Take care okay!
Love you guys

jabblog said...

Well, I don't know . . . in our house we wear our chewed shoes with pride and point out the teeth marks on the wooden arms of chairs and the sculpted stair treads . . . these things are all called 'character' . . . ;-)

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello schnauzers its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes!!! that is the wun wot destroyd all that furnitcher at my howse!!! it wuznt me at all!!! ok bye

Shey said...

LOL! This is such a fun read. Thanks for making me laugh. It's a good way to start the day. Love the poem too! Hilarious.

Have a happy weekend! :)

Reese =^..^= said...


Esther Garvi said...

LOL! I am still laughing! You two are hilarious!

Snap said...

JD and Max, you two are a hoot! The Scarlet Puppynickel indeed! Well done!

Grammy said...

HEHEHE. That was fun.

HOPE said...

sooo that's who's lurking from house to house...mmmm? we'll sure be on the watch for this sneaky puppynickel...

though Maggie was caught redhanded...(evidence exposed on my blog)...I'm sure she must have met up with Puppynickel. I better protect her on my next visit.

I bet he has a lot of "cover-ups" to fool us...

Get those sniffers ready Pals!

Paws Up!

Sharon said...

Good cover JD & Max, I have to tell you that was very good thinking...how long do you think it will work?

i beati said...

All I can say is Zarah ahs raided every garbage can even those put up on a counter and ugh every litter box..You have competition.sandy

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

We think that puppynickel must have visited here before as well...hehe

Thank you for visiting our blog and your very kind comments.

Of course you can add us to your blog roll and we will add you too to our list if that is ok.

We shall be come back again very soon for a proper look around your bloggie. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...

We have news to report... it seems that this puppynickle has been spotted in New York... We will keep you posted with any further developments!


Dianne said...

there's nothing like a good mystery!!


You guys are too fun!

Tulip said...

such a cutie dog.

Wei Qian said...

Hello JD&Max,

this is such a long and interesting post and thanks for including me inside :DD *laughs, although it isnt anything good ... But i'll be sure to help look out for that dog!

best regards

Unknown said...

Wow that's alot of destruction left by pumpernickel. I didn't think vodka would do anything like that.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest post I have seen in a while.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

Captain Nemo said...

Hi JD and Max - well done for uncovering this Scarlet Puppynickel and getting the news of this n'ear do well out to the World! BFN - Nemo.

The Island Cats said...

We think that Scarlet Puppynickel has been at our house too! There's been some wires chewed on...and dad's shoelaces...

We hope they catch that rogue puppy soon 'cuz we're tired of getting blamed for his actions!

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for the important heads-up on this, I'll pass it along...

Regina said...

Thsi is good:)Fantastic!

Sylvia K said...

Now I know who's been getting me in trouble here at home lately! It's the Scarlet Puppynickel! Thanks for the info! I'm warning my mom about this guy and tell her to back off when it comes to blaming me for everything!!!

Sasha said...

Oh, boys, I recently suffered another Scarlet Puppynickel attack.

My stoopid human's been hogging the computer (something about checking online catalogues for Puppynickel-proof bookcases...) - I'm going to blog about it as soon as I can.

Puppy kisses