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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hey Clive - great to meet you!

JD - Back around Christmas time our good pal Clive from Ireland sent us a fabulous goodie bag and in it he put a copy of 'Guidelines' which is the Irish Guide Dog publication.

Max - Clive is the cover model - how cool is that?!

JD - Well, another great bloggie-doggie - Max from South Africa - had the great idea to have his photo taken with the magazine as you can see if you click here.

Max - We thought this was a GREAT idea so we thought we'd do the same (we hope you don't mind us stealing your idea Max - our female human can't think up things all by herself, she's not the brightest you see....he he he!)

JD - So, here is a photo of us with the amazing Clive!

Max - We're not as photogenic as either Clive OR Max, but nevertheless we felt really cool having our photo taken with one of the most amazing doggies we've ever had the pleasure to 'meet'!

JD - And so it got us to thinking - if WE were this excited to be photographed with Clive we bet a lot of our pals would also love to have the opportunity to be photographed with this handsome cover model too!

Max - And we weren't wrong! Over the past few weeks we have been asking our pals if they wanted to pose with Clive - and they all enthusiastically said YES!

JD - So here are some of our pals - with Clive! We hope you enjoy! (You might want to biggify the piccies so that you can read the comments.)

Max - We hope you enjoyed meeting some of our pals! Everyone LOVED posing with Clive!

JD - And we hope you've all had a fun weekend!

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dealing with the gas bill....

JD - Today the gas bill turned up.

Max - Because of the recent cold snap it turned out to be rather large....

JD - ....so we kindly dealt with it for our humans!

"Take THAT Mr Gasman - ha!"

Max - There - that's better!

JD - Too right Max! What WOULD our humans do without us?

Max - Doesn't bear thinking about bro'...... *shudder!*

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Being abandoned!!

JD - Hi everyone! This weekend is the half marathon in Spain that female human wanted to take part in.

Max - Unfortunately though, she didn't start training early enough, so she had to content herself with waving her pals off whilst she stayed home with us.

JD - We admit we were secretly pleased she didn't go. BUT we still want to report that she IS nevertheless in training for a local half marathon in May....

Max - ....AND she's even mentioned the possibility of a full marathon at the end of the year! Although she says she'll wait and see how she feels after the half in May before fully committing, he he he!

JD - However, this state of affairs does mean that recently she OFTEN goes out of the house WITHOUT us now!!

Max - Yes - it's shocking - SHOCKING!!

"Noooo, FH, DON'T go, DON'T leave us!!!"

JD - We know that she has to leave us to go to work (to ensure she can continue to afford doggie biscuits and treats to keep us in the manner to which we have become accustomed!!), but we REALLY didn't think she'd start to abandon us for other reasons.

Max - We TRY make her stay - we drape ourselves across her and put on our extra sad faces , but she must have a heart of STONE as she simply tells us to be good boys for male human - and then gads off anyway!

JD - "Try 'the drape' Max! If we pin her down she won't be able to abandon us!"
Max - "Good thinking bro! I'm also putting on my extra-sad face too....."

JD - What IS a puppy to do?!

Max - Oh, by the way - well done to all of you who guessed correctly on our 'guess the schnauzer' game that it was MY cute snooter poking through the blanket!

JD - I especially liked the wolfies recognising the fact that I'm just a few millimetres shorter than they are (*puffs up chest!*) by their comment that if it was ME wrapped up then the lump would be LOADS bigger....

Max - Hey - you're not THAT much bigger than me JD!

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spot the Schnauzer!!

JD - We DO love playing STS - a game that was introduced by our good friends Fatty and Ally!

Max - So - here is our latest STS!!

Can you guess who it is?!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Easy like Sunday morning....

JD - The snow has gone...

Max - ....and this morning there was a break in the rain!

JD - So female human took us to the nature reserve really early.

Max - We had a wonderful long, long walk - we chased, we romped, we explored and we even paddled in the sea!

JD - Here's a photo of us wending our way back with female human, tired and happy - and witnessing a spectacular sunrise.

Max - Ahhhh - Sundays don't start much better than this!

JD - We hope you've all had a great weekend too!

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bye bye snow - we had some good times together!

JD - Hi everyone! Our humans have been really busy NOT BLOGGING for us again....

Max - ....and they're covering this unacceptable behaviour up with the flimsy excuse of 'going to work' or some such nonsense - humph!

JD - And then tomorrow they're gadding off AGAIN to London to see another show! They're going to see Cirque due Soliel - female human is very excited, she's wanted to go for years apparently - sigh!

Max - We are sad to report that our snow has finally departed, it's just rain now - boo!

JD - We LOVED the snow, ooh, it was SO much fun! So here are some photos of us having loads of fun before everything simply became grey and damp - enjoy!!

This is our garden after a fresh flurry of snow - isn't it pretty?

And here we are making fresh paw-prints in all that fresh snow - ooh, it felt good!

JD - "Wheeeee! Snow is FUN!!"

JD - "Eh? Whassat Max? You say I've got something on my woozle?"

JD - "Well, you're one to talk! And look at all those ice balls you've got on your legs too! Brrrr!"

JD - "Nom, nom, nom! Mmmm - snow is SO yummy!"
Max - "What does it taste like JD?"

JD - *Chew! Chew!* "Well, it's sort of tingly and cold but everso refreshing - yummy! You should give it a go Max - it really is a good vintage this year, he he!"

Max - "What you looking at?!"

Max - "Yes, I am aware that I have one or two flakes on my nose - what of it?!"

Max tries the old favourite 'snow dunk'!

JD and Max - "Our humans make sure we still got our walks during this snowy time. This is female human gingerly making her way down our street with us. Note the very daft hat she is wearing - and the fact that she made us wear our coats!"

Gotta run, gotta run!

JD and Max - "Yayyyy - we can see the sea!! Here we come sea - look out!"

JD - "I say female human - that wind whipping off the North Sea is somewhat bracing you know!"

A puppy against the elements! Max looks out over the North Sea. (This is one of female human's favourite snow photos - she thinks it looks like 'puppy versus nature'!)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

How to relax during the Winter.....!

JD - We've been told that the snow is due to last until well into next week - yayyy!

Max - We've really been enjoying it - as you could see from our last post! We seem to be getting daily snowfalls here - it's unprecedented in this part of the UK!

JD - But having so much snow-fun is quite exhausting! So we've had to make sure that we schedule in enough snooze breaks!

Max - Indeed! So in between playing hard in the snow outside we've also made sure we've been doing plenty of this....

Dreaming of snow doggies.....

JD - .... and this...
. *Snuffle! Snuffle!*

Max - .... with a little bit of this....

Max - "*Yawn!* Where've you got to JD.....?"

JD - .... and just a wee bit of that....

Max - "Oh! THERE you are, snuggling against male human! Gosh you look comfy!!"

Max - .... not forgetting plenty of this....

JD perfects 'the sprawl' whilst Max snuggles up tight in a comfy corner of the sofa!

JD - .... and finishing up with plenty of this! (We dedicate this last photo for you, NSLM's Clive!! You mentioned previously that you didn't have any blankets - we think after looking at this photo you might want to put in a request - he he he! Yes - we ARE spoiled....!)

JD - (just before photo was taken....) "We're a wee bit chilly female human - do something about it will you, there's a good human!"
Max - (just after photo was taken.....) "Ahhhh - tucked in with some blankie snugness! Thanks female human - you're quite well trained now you know!!"

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it SNOW!!

JD - Last night we heard it was going to snow again so we went to bed REALLY excited!

Max - This morning we RAN out into the garden - but it was completely lacking in ANY of the white stuff - sigh!

JD - We trudged round our morning walk with female human, feeling hard-done-by and dejected.

Max - Even the thought that male human was going to be spending the whole day with us didn't lift our spirits - we wanted snow and we wanted it NOW!!

JD - So female human drove off to work and we sadly settled down to snooze and dream of snow....sigh!

"Snuffle, snuffle - snow-doggies - snuffle - snow-fights....!"

Max - About an hour later male human woke us up and told us to go outside....

"Do we HAVE to male human? We were SO comfy just now.....!"

JD - ....we were really grumpy with him, until we saw this.....

"Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW!"

Max - SNOW!! So here is our fabulous day, in pictures, all courtesy of male human!

*Sniff! Sniff!* "Oooh, it's really real - it's really here!"

"Rarr! RARRR! Let the games commence!!"

JD - "Can't catch me Max, mwahahaha!"
Max - "Wow JD - you're so fast you're almost a blur!"

"Snow is so yummy - soooo refreshing!!"

Max - "Er, JD - you seem to have a little something on your snooter.....!"

Max - "And then - the BLIZZARD started!!"

Max - "Er, JD - isn't that snow-bath a little chilly?!"

*Sniff! Sniff!* "This is great fun to dig in....!"

JD - "Some good sniffs over here Max...."
Max - "Same over here JD, same over here!"

JD and Max survey their snowy domain!

The snow started falling SO fast that it even started to settle on Max!

"Can you spot our cute schnauzer-tooshies!"

JD - "If I stand still for a short while I'll become the perfect snow-doggie judging by what's landing on my back!"

JD - "Hmmm, I think a cat might have wandered through here at some point...!"

JD - "No male human, my paws are NOT getting cold and I DON'T want to come in just yet, thank you for asking....!"

"What d'ya mean it's about time we came in 'cos night's falling?! We're afraid we simply don't understand!"


JD - It's been the longest cold snap in the UK for 29 years - wowzers!

Max - Although we love the snow we do realise it can be dangerous - some place in the UK are due to hit minus 18 degrees tonight - brrrrr!

JD - We're currently wrapped up in blankets, asleep on female human's lap! So we'd just like to say to all our friends out there - where-ever you are we hope you are warm, snug and safe!

Max - Yup - wrap up warm and take care. Night night.....!