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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 'bootie-licious' competition - let voting commence!!

JD - Hi everyone! It's finally here - we're so excited!

Max - The voting is now open for our 'Bootie-licious' competition!

JD - We apologise for the slight delay - our good pals Fatty and Ally politely asked us if we could postpone for a few days as they had lost internet connection....

Max - ....and as we all know how annoying it is when this happens of course we didn't mind.

JD - But now we're ready to begin so hold onto your hats, he he he! However, before we show you the fabulous entries we would first like to show you the photo that inspired it all - thanks Groucho!

Groucho - shake that toosh! Work it Groucho, work it!!

Max - We have actually had SO many photos sent to us that we decided to add two new categories - 'Nifty Nubbins!' and 'Just For Fun!'

JD - This does mean that a few of you have been entered into 'Nifty Nubbins!' as well as your original category. We hope everyone out there doesn't mind that a few photos appear will in two categories - it's because we didn't want to leave anyone out of the new categories!

Max - To help you vote the wonderful Nellie & Calvert and Santa & Minnie have left some helpful comments about each photo.

JD - We can't thank you enough Minnie, Santa, Nellie and Calvert - you're great pals and you have helped this competition to become truly international.

Max - Yes - because of our combined pawdiwork this competition is being brought to you by the UK, by the US and by KL - talk about 'paws across the oceans'!

JD - So, please vote for EACH of the 5 categories by leaving a comment. For EACH category allocate 2 points for your favourite and 1 point for your second favourite - that means you can allocate points to a total of 10 contestants - whew!!

Max - You can only vote once per category and you can't vote for yourself! We're actually glad we're not voting as we think it's going to be HARD to choose!!

JD - Voting will be open for two weeks so you can cast your vote from now until close of play 14th December.

Max - So, without any further ado - let the voting commence....


1 - Fatty from "The Schnauzer Blog"
JD &Max - "Wonderful entry here from Fatty - inspired by none-other than the 'tooshie-master' himself! Fatty has done Groucho proud, we bet his eyes will pop out of his head when he sees this amazing shot!"

2 - Virus from "The WriggleButts "
Santa and Minnie - "
What a beautiful pose! With that tail, we could imagine you fishing with it!"

3 - Shiloh from "Home of the Beaglebratz - mom too"
Nellie & Calvert - "Are you lost and need to be found? No GPS necessary when you have Shiloh to the rescue! Not only does he locate you, but if necessary he’ll dig you out of whatever hole you’ve gotten yourself into!"

4 - Mango from "Mango's Great Adventures"
JD & Max - "Mango the relentlessly huge shows he is a master of discreet and gentlemanly tail placement - positioning it JUST SO to ensure this blog is fit for family viewing, thus ensuring the ladies do not faint 'at the sight of his Mango-ness' (his own words, he he he!). Skillfully done Mango!"

5 - Dory from "Dory's Backyard"
Santa & Minnie - "Oh what a sexy pose! Look at that long beautiful body, pretty bottom and fluffy tail. Dory seems to know her "assets"."

6 - Lily from "Fold n Unfold"

Nellie & Calvert- “This purrty kitty is our youngest feline entrant. At just 14 weeks old Lily has already learned how to use her purrfect tail for maximum coverage; after all, this is a “G” rated family blog!”

7 - Brutus from "Brutus The Frenchie"
JD & Max say "Okay, so we know that Brutus has more of a nubbin than a tail, but we just HAD to include this saucy snapshot in this category! Let's face it - have you ever seen such jaunty tail/nubbin placement? Look at that cheeky angle! Look at that super-shiny-hiney! We love it!"

8 - Bajas from "The WriggleButts"
Santa & Minnie - "Run, Bajas, run! That tail looks like a steering rudder, steering him to where the fun is! What a great steering tail! What a great action picture!!"

9 - Honey from "Big Honey Dog"
Nellie & Calvert - "Honey is truly a “Dancing Queen”- if you haven’t checked out her moves on the dance floor you can catch her “flirty tail” making its move on this unsuspecting fellow… ahhh amore, que bello."
10 - Dinah from "Dip-Dip & The Bridge"
Santa & Minnie - "What a long fluffy tail that matches that beautiful coat, we love it! That tail looks as long as her body? We could just imagine how it sways in rhythm when she walks...."


1 - Lily from "Doggy Days"
JD & Max - "This is a 'cute as a button' nubbin! Really sets off the 'frog-legged-look' to a tee!"

2 - Cobi from "A Dash of Salt & Pepper"
Santa & Minnie - "What inviting nubbins! Makes us want to sing to the tune ....I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go......."

3 - Brutus from "Brutus The Frenchie"
Nellie & Calvert - "Tails need not apply for this handsome guy. On and off the obstacle course Brutus has it going on"

4 - Benny from "
Doggy Days"
JD & Max - "This nubbin is so cute we just wanna bite it!! Benny - your nubbin is like a cherry on a cake, simply delicious!"

5 - Oskar from "The Daily Oskar"
Santa & Minnie - "We recognised this one. Though this is a puppy photo but he looks just the same now - CUTE! Oskar has a nubbin for a tail, we do too. A nubbin works just the way any other tails do with an additional bonus, it doesn't get in the way of anything outside or coming out from inside...hehehe...!"

6 - Angel Stephy from "The Schnauzer Blog"
JD & Max - "We all miss Stephy so much - she's romping with Uncle up at Rainbow Bridge. Her daughters Fatty and Ally wanted to honour her by entering her cute little nubbin' into the 'nifty nubbin' category. We think that this is one perfectly formed little nubbin that sets off her generous behind most delightfully!"


1 - Elliot from "Dip-Dip & The Bridge"
Nellie & Calvert - "Ladies and gents, at not quite six months old, “Cotton Fluff Ball” Elliot is our youngest doggie entrant. Just stay away from the kitties if you know what’s good for you… meow…!"

2 - Dory from "Dory's Backyard"

JD & Max - "Hey, now this is impressive! We're talking three loads of floofiness here - floofy pantaloons, floofy AND swirly tail (that's talent - floofing AND swirling!) and floofy - erm - undercarriage too!!"

3 - Sasha from "Pupalicious!"
Santa & Minnie - "Look at that fluffy tail, it seems to have a personality of its own! Sasha and her tail look like they are having a difference in opinion as to which direction to go?"

4 - Bilbo from "Dory's Backyard"
Nellie & Calvert - "It’s a bird (ah… no) it’s a plane (duh!… no again) Oh it’s Bilbo the Lion. Just look at that beauty, you can practically hear it R-O-A-R… grrrrrr"


1 - Shasta from "Home of the Beaglebratz - mom too"
JD & Max - "Superb play bow from Shasta here - you can almost draw a straight line from the nose upwards to the tip of the tail! It's textbook stuff - Shasta is obviously a pro!"

2 - Brutus from "Brutus The Frenchie"
Santa & Minnie - "Oh my, Minnie, do you see what I see in this? That nubbin of a tail leaves a good view of ....mmm...mm...yummy chunky drumsticks! Minnie....one, two, three! Let's sink our teeth into them! Very nice drumsticks there, Brutus, and all thanks to that nubbin of a tail!"

3 - Sasha from "Pupalicious!"
Nellie & Calvert - "If there was ever any doubt as to who’s on top, this “Bossy-bootie” will set you straight. Looks like she’s pinned down her opponent (don’t think he’s complaining) - poor pup, never stood a chance!"

4 - Virus from "The WriggleButts"
JD & Max - "An amazing entry from our kitty friend - just look at this tail, it's almost twice as long as the kitty in question! It looks like it's being used as a counterbalance to keep Virus upright - this is indeed a great shot!"

5 - PeeWee from "Mango's Great Adventures"
Santa & Minnie - "That's a beautiful "bottoms up"! It must have been to say that he is in full control of his captive."

6 - Oskar from "The Daily Oskar"
Nellie & Calvert - "So round, so firm, so fully packed! Oooh Oskar, you’re complete from front to back!"

7 - Honey (& her boyfriend Ombre) from "Big Honey Dog"
JD & Max - "A wonderful joint entry from Honey! Honey and Ombre are totally focused on determinedly digging through to Europe, making Ombre's cute little butt the star of the show here!"

8 - Lily from "Doggy Days"
Santa & Minnie - "Hey, who's bottom is showing? Looks like she is camera shy. C'mon, show us your face! You do have a beautiful bottom there! Santa, I just feel like giving that bottom a pinch! Want to join me?"

9 - Cobi from "A Dash of Salt & Pepper"
Nellie & Calvert - "Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride, Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no I got to keep on movin"

10 - Bridget from "Dip-Dip & The Bridge"
JD & Max - "We can only look on at Bridget in awe and amazement. She simply THRUSTS her derriere in the air and DEMANDS that we notice her stance! Beyonce, watch out, you've got stiff competition - that's all we've got to say!"

11 - Benny from "Doggy Days"
Santa & Minnie - "Hehehe....this bottom looks so inviting like a soft cushion. Maybe we should put our bottoms on it to feel how soft it is!"

12 - Bajas from "The WriggleButts"
Nellie & Calvert - "Rock rock… Hooz there, bet, bet woo... Bet ya didn't know a bootie could be this bootiful."
13 - Fatty & Ally from "The Schnauzer Blog"
JD & Max - "Or should this be 'up periscope'?! We're not quite sure what Fatty is up to in this photo, but from the look of her jaunty tail we reckon she's having a lot of fun under that blanket!"


1 - Oskar from "The Daily Oskar"
Santa & Minnie - "Oskar, we are coming, we are coming! Doesn't that bottom looks like it's sending out a message that he is having fun?"

2 - Ally from "The Schnauzer Blog"
Nellie & Calvert - “Miss Ally believes that hiding her head 'just so' will make her invisible. Little does she know that her snuggly-bootie always gives her away.”

3 - Sasha from "Pupalicious!"
JD & Max - "We simply had to add this photo of the most gorgeous pup in the World! Okay, okay, we know we're biased as we're completely in love with Sasha, but have you ever seen a more 'sophisti-bootie' photo?! No - we thought not!"

4 - Brutus from "Brutus The Frenchie"
Nellie & Calvert - "Hey Brutus! Whatcha lookin’ for, huh? Oh wait, could ya be lookin’ for the pants ya missin’?! If you can’t find them, no worries mon… commando is the way to go!"

5 - Fatty from "The Schnauzer Blog"
Santa & Minnie - "Oh, that tail curls beautifully! Doesn't it look like a question mark? Fatty must be very inquisitive, it shows in her tail!"

6 - Fatty & Ally's Daddy from "The Schnauzer Blog"
JD & Max - "He he he - we couldn't resist entering Fatty & Ally's daddy when we saw this photo! You know how the humans have that odd saying about 'owners looking like their dogs?!' - well, we think this photo of three booties sums it up nicely!"

7 - Jasper and Lily from "Fold n Unfold"
Santa & Minnie - At just 14 weeks old, these two are already displaying their "bootie-liciousness" in this cute 'bootie-to-bootie' shot!"
Max - We sure hope we haven't missed anyone off! If we have we apologise - please get in touch and we'll add you right away!!

JD - So - what are you waiting for?! Get voting now!!

Max - And if you've entered please grab this button to put onto your blog to let your your friends, relatives and neighbours know to vote of you!!

JD - Don't forget to vote for each of the 5 categories (a few of you have only left votes for one of the categories!) GOOD LUCK everyone!!

Wordless Wednesday - night night, sleep tight!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back home, 'Bertie goes BAD!!', wonderful gifts and last call for 'bootie-licious' entries!!

JD - Hi everyone - we're back home!

Max - Which is more than Bertie is! We have sad news everyone - Bertie's gone BAD!! He was last seen in the streets of Luxor, Egypt, hanging around coffee shops and smoking sheeshas!

Bertie - "Honest - I never inhaled!"

JD - We're quite shocked - we hope he finds his way back soon.....

Bertie - "I feel strangely relaxed.....!"
(Don't worry everyone - the sheesha is simply an Egyptian 'mild cigarette' - no dodgy stuff was smoked by Bertie or Naggar!!)

Max - We had fun at the kennels, but it sure is good to be home again.

JD - For example, we've missed having a human around to take a kip on!

Max - Hmmm - it's strange, but female human seems to be EVEN squidgier than before, we can't quite understand it.....

JD and Max catch a quick snooze on female human (who was VERY tired after the previous days travelling!) and appreciate the extra upholstery that she now seems to be sporting for them, he he he!!

JD - And very excitingly when we got back home there was a message telling us that a parcel had been delivered for us and was awaiting collection at the Post Office!

Max - So we sent female human out forthwith to collect it!

JD - We were SO excited!

Max - It was a parcel from our bestest bloggie buddy Oskar - we love him and his mom person!

Oskar shows off his expertise at nesting - what a pro!

JD - Oskar - who is an expert at the art of the 'Schnauzer nest' - sent us a special cushion each!

Max - "What's in there JD, what's in there?" JD - "Oooh - such good things Max!"

Max - He said that now we're allowed on the couch it was time we became skilled at the art of Schnauzer nest building!

Max - "Oh WOW - huge cushiony comfiness!!"

JD - We LOVE our new cushions! They're even colour matched for us - red for Max.....

Max - "Red cushion - MINE I think!!!"

Max - ....as I'm the alpha dog, naturally!!

Max - "My cushion, my cushion, MY cushion - mwahahaha!!!"

JD - *rolls eyes!* ....and blue for me - it brings out my eyes, he he he! Max needs a bit of practise in nesting - he treats the cushions like a stuffie at the moment and runs around playing with them!

JD - "Blue cushion - MINE I think!!"

Max - "You sure Oskar didn't send them BOTH for me?!" JD - "Oh yes Max, QUITE sure!!"

Max - "Rarrrr! The cushion is mine I tell you, all MINE!!" (Note Flea in the background of this photo - Flea is our favouritest toy and came with us to the Kennels to keep us company!)

Max - Well, they're fun! And they smell of Oskar - brilliant!

Max - "You SURE I can't have this one too JD?"

JD - "Um, no Max!"

JD - Whilst I have taken to nesting like a duck to water! Ahhhh - comfy!!

JD - "First you line up a cushion in front of you....."

JD - "..... and one behind you - ahhhh! Sink into that comfy snugness!"

Max - Oskar's mom produced a fabulous card for us - female human adores it! There's a photo of Oskar, looking his usual dapper self, waiting by the door, looking quizzically up at the flashy box with the question, "what do you mean I can't deliver this to JD & Max myself?"

JD & Max - "Oskar's mom is so talented - this is a great card!"

JD - It's wonderful! Thank you SO much Oskar and your mom person! You're the best pal a couple of Schnauzers could have!

JD & Max - "We love you Oskar and your mom person!!"

Max - Yeah - you rock! Thanks also for the great and yummy snacks included. Unfortunately, the humans didn't get a photo of us eating them as - erm - they were very, VERY yummy.....*burp!* He he he!!

JD - Before we sign off we'd just like to remind everyone to get their 'bootie-licious' entries in by the end of Monday. We've been putting the competition post together and we'd like to say thanks to everyone who has entered so far - the photos are fantastic, it's going to be a fun competition!