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Thursday, 24 February 2011


JD - Hi everyone - have you missed us?

Max - Gosh, we've missed you all!! We've been visiting blogs as you know but there's nothing like having your own place to woof about life = don't you think?!

"Hello peeps!"

JD - FH sorta kinda tried to refrain from blogging but you know what - there are pups and kits out there who need our help so we're shrugging off all previous negative comments and we're gonna concentrate on those who NEED us....

Max - ..so here we are as we just couldn't keep quiet any longer! We're back - and with a bang as the most pawsome Richie and Ronniee need our help!

JD - They sure do! The Little Dog Rescue is struggling to pay their vet bills and poor Richie was denied treatment when he needed it last week!

Max - Now, we just can't have that! So we're coming together with Frankie Furter, The Slimmer Pugs, Mr Pip and Puddles to host an auction as well as a whole load of other fun fundraising events! It's gonna be pawsome and it means we'll be able to pay the vet - after all, where would we ALL be without our vets?!

Just a photo of us running - no real reason why!!

JD - We'll be adding to the end of the blog post tonight with actual details of these events - FH has to 'go to work' so doesn't have time to do it right now - such a feeble excuse!

Max - Yup - pathetic FH, pathetic!

JD - So please do check back later for details and start to think of items you could donate to the auction or of any fundraising events we could hold! We'll be back again soon.....