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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Visiting the YOU-ESS!!

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't blogged for ages and AGES but we're afraid we've been.....

.......behind bars!!  *GASP!**

Well, actually, no, not really!  These are just some new security railings that our local council have erected along our coastline (and a right eyesore they are too if you ask us!)

The FH has been ridiculously busy at work and has been doing crazy hours - when she's home she spends her time walking us and doesn't have time blog also.  Sigh.....

We're still enjoying our coastal walkies!

But we wanted to do a quick blog update to let everyone know that we're both well and happy - and that plans for JD and Izzy's wedding in October are going well!

We miss our bogging pals - we hope you haven't furgotten us completely!

And we also wanted to let you know that our humans are VERY excited as they're going to be in the YOU-ESS in a few weeks time - they're going to visit a place called NEW YORK to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary.  Wowzers - they're OLD!!

Us with some of our best furiends and one of our favourite human friends!

They are extra excited about this trip as they're going to meet up with our blogging friends from Schnauzer-tude!  Which means they'll get to cuddle - IN-THE-FUR!! - our four great pals!!  So, much as we're going to miss them whilst they're away we're also very excited for them!

We probably won't have time to blog again before they go away but we'll make sure that FH updates our blog after their journey and let you all know how it went!