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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Our summertime fun!

JD - Hi everyone - we finally got our female human to finish our 'catch-up' post.

Max - Sheesh - she took ages to sort out our photos! We might have to sack her, he he he!

JD - So here it is - there are a lot of photos so it's kinda long, but
we hope you enjoy seeing all the things that we've been up to over the past couple of weeks.

Max - And hey, who wouldn't want to look at loads of photos of us?! *snigger!*

JD - About a month ago our female human found out about a be
ach that dogs are allowed on year round. It's only a 5 minute drive from our front door - how lucky is that?!

Max - It's a great place, especially since there is a small nature reserve that backs onto it - it's called 'Holland Haven Country Park'.

"Holland Haven Country Park -this park is situated on the coast between Clacton and Frinton and is managed to conserve the landscape, coastal grazing marsh and wildlife quality of the area whilst providing for the quiet enjoyment of visitors. In addition to some interesting breeding birds in summer, the Country Park is an important point for Spring and Autumn migrants. The SSSI designation recognises the rare and varied fauna."

This park is usually very quiet and peaceful - we're often surprised that we don't meet more people or dogs when we're over there!

The park at sunset - isn't it pretty?

JD - We feel lucky to have found such a great place to walk.

We love the park - so many interesting things to sniff!

Hey - male human! Stop playing with the flashy box and come and join us!
That big thing we're walking towards is the radar tower that is used by those out at sea.

Max - One thing I really like about this park is the rabbit poo - ooh, it's everywhere! Mmm - it's yummy! I always pretend I can't hear when my humans shout at me to 'leave it'.....

Mmmmm - rabbit poo!

JD - As you can see from most of the photos we've been having great weather in the UK recently so our female human takes us down to this park most evenings as we like to have a dip in the sea to cool off.

"....so I said to her, I said 'I don't care if you're coming too - I'm only getting in the car if you're taking us to the beach'....!"

The start of the park - behind the fence that runs along the back of this picture is the beach that dogs are allowed onto all year round - this is now JD and Max's favourite place!

"The sea, the sea - we can see the sea!" And if you look very closely you can just about make out the wind turbines that make up Gunfleet Wind Farm that is being built just off our coastline - you can see them better if you 'biggify' the picture!

Here's a close-up of the wind-turbines - our female human got this photo from the Internet, she didn't swim out to take it!!

Max - So our time recently has been spent romping with our pals in the field close to our house on our morning walks, sleeping our way through the heat of the day and then going for a cooling splash in the sea in the evenings.

"Oooh, oooh! We can see the sea, we can see the sea!" Note from female human - Max gives us heart failure at this point by wandering close to the cliff-edge and peering over! We are now training them not to stray quite so close to the edge - for the sake of our sanity more than anything else!

"Come on human, come on - keep up!"

"Nearly there - hooray, hooray!!"

"Finally! Ahhh - we love the sea!"

"That's it JD - you test out the water temperature and I'll just wait here and - um - protect the humans....!"

"Hey - Max! You coming in or what?!"
"Yes - um, give me a minute, I'm just - erm - getting my paws used to it....!

"Right-oh! I'll keep on going then if you're just behind me....!"

"Yup - I'm RIGHT behind you bro! You keep wading right in there!!"

"Ahhhh - this is sooo refreshing! The sea ROCKS - he he he!!"

"Umffff - that was a bit of a big wave....!"

"Hey Max! What do you think of the Loch Ness Monster impersonation that I'm doing with my tail? He he he!!"

"Ooh, you've made it look like such fun, I'm coming in too!!"

"Right - I'm now wet enough to officially become a 'nutty puppy' -*splosh! splosh!* Rarrrrr!"

"Rarrr! Rarrr!" Two wet Schnauzers = two nutty puppies!

JD dries off on the grass as he trots back to the car.

JD - So, we've been having a good time recently. Mind you, it has been a disruptive week for us.

Max - Firstly, our humans went away last weekend and left us! It's true - we couldn't believe it either!

JD - We were left at a lovely house with a great chap who took very good care of us - but still! It's simply not on!

Max - Indeed! It's just not cricket!!

JD - Still, that's all behind us now and we're sure our humans will never, ever leave us again....

Female human - Erm, er - how can I put this boys.....?

Max - Yes, they wouldn't ever be that cruel again would they? *glares at female human!* Also, over the past week our humans had some work done in our house.

JD - They had the lounge carpet replaced with a new hardwood floor.

Max - Something to do with a certain puppy chewing the carpet, which meant we couldn't be trusted to be left in the lounge on our own.

JD - As if we would! We kept on telling our humans that it was another, bigger puppy that wandered in, chewed the carpet and then ran away! But they don't believe us.

Max - It's not fair - especially since this rogue puppy looked JUST like me!! Anyway, we're not too sure about the new floor just yet - it's a bit slippery!

"Wooahhh!! Where are my brakes?! This new floor is a bit slippery....!"

JD - We keep on skidding on it. Because of this we're staying on our cushions and doggie sofas and our humans seem to really like us doing this - humph!

Max - It IS nice and cool though which is soothing, especially in this weather.

JD - Yup - it's been incredibly hot here recently. And we hear that next week the temperature is going to hit the 90's - whatever that means.....

Max - ....I just know that it makes me really sleepy! I can't even manage a long walk any more, I have to keep on finding a nice cool hedge or some long grass to go and lie down in to try and keep cool.

JD - So our female human took us to the groomers for our first ever grown up Schnauzer hair cut.

Max - She's wanted us to have this cut for quite a while but our male human wanted us to stay looking fluffy and cute.

JD - But our female human won this time - he he he! - and now we look like big, grown up Schnauzers! This is what we looked like at the begining of the week....

Before - fluffy puppies!
JD - ....and this is us now!

After - smooth and sleek, beautifully groomed puppies!

Max - Our female human was so excited by how handsome we looked that she treated us to some lovely new collars.

"Mmmm - snuffle! This new floor IS nice and cool to snooze on....zzzzzz!"

JD - I got a nice denim-look collar with some cute bones stiched into it!

Max - And our female human knows that red is my colour so I got a new red collar - with that same cute bone design.

JD - Phew - it's been quite a week! I'm really tired....

Max - ....me too! Struggling to stay awa.......zzzzzz!

JD - Zzzzzzzzz!


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Friday, 26 June 2009

New Toy!

JD - Our humans are working on a nice long 'catch-up' post that we'll publish over the weekend. We've got loads to tell you - about work that's been going on in our house, about the beach we've found that dogs are still allowed on, about the nature reserve we've discovered that we can enjoy walking in, about how we've had our first ever 'grown-up' Schnauzer haircut....

Max - ....but in the meantime look at this great new toy our humans got for us!

"Wowee - look at the size of my great new toy bone!!"

JD - We suspect it's a 'guilt offering' for leaving us when they went away last weekend....

Max - ....but even if it is I still love it! It's squishy and fun and it makes a great rustling noise when you chew on it.

JD - It's also makes a really good pillow - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

".....mmmm, comfy!! Snuffle....!!!"

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, 22 June 2009

We're back!

JD - We're back!
"Coo-eee!! Have you missed us?!"
Max - Finally!!

JD - Our humans had lots of problems getting the broadband connected again - sigh....

Max - ....so we've got loads to tell you, not least of which is about how we were unceremoniously abandoned over the weekend just gone!

JD - It's true - we were discarded! Cast aside! Left bereft and alone! Oh, okay then - admittedly we were discarded at a very nice house, which had a very nice garden and with very nice people who made a huge fuss of us and looked after us really well....

Max - ....BUT notwithstanding all that - we were ABANDONED by our humans none-the-less!! So we wish to make them feel guilty for daring to do such a thing to us - humph!

JD - We have LOADS to tell you, but for now we're a bit tired....


Max - We've missed you all lots and lots! So we're just going to hop on round to see your blogs over the next day or so....

JD - ....and then we'll do a proper catch-up post in a few days time!

Max - Ah, it's good to be back!! Let's hope the humans can keep the broadband connection actually connected this time!!

JD - Wise words Max, wise words!!

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Friday, 12 June 2009


JD - We've lost our broadband connection at home!

Max - It's not right!

JD - Which means we won't be able to blog for about a week....

Max - It's not fair!

JD - ....and we won't be able to visit your blogs either!

Max - There should be a law or something!

JD - We're going to miss catching up with you all - still, it's only for a week I suppose....

Max - Something should be done!!

JD - Anyway, please don't forget us, we'll be back soon!!

Max - I'm off to start a protest about this right now!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Good puppies!

Max - Sometimes I like to show what a good puppy I am by climbing onto our male human's lap to help him with his paperwork ....

Max considerately 'helps' his male human with his paperwork!!

JD - ....whilst I prove what a good puppy I am by staying off the furniture - he he he!!

'Just Dog' just having a snooze!

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

There was Thunder.....followed by Pudding!

JD - We had a great day yesterday!

Max - Busy, busy!

JD - Our humans took us on a very long walk in the morning and we met up with our usual doggie crowd that we love to play with on our morning walks.

Max - We have some good news for you - our spaniel pal Archie is a lot better now after his eye operation.

JD - He has to be kept on his lead for a little while as he's not supposed to get over-excited, but his eyes are so clear, it's great to see! Well done Archie!

Max - Our morning walks are great fun! Yesterday there were 9 of us romping around the field together - and we also met a few other pups who came over to say 'hello' to all of us!

JD - When we got back home we barely had time for a quick snooze before we were put into our car harnesses and were loaded into the car.

Max - We were taken on a long journey. Although we travel in the car most days yesterday's trip was about an hours drive which is the longest we've ever been in the car! Our humans said we did very well!

JD - Well, naturally! And when we got to our destination guess what....?!

Max - We got to meet two really coooool doggies! Here they are....

JD - They seem to think one of their humans is hiding a snack about his person, he he he!

Max - They're called Thunder and Pudding and are a couple of gorgeous labs! Pudding (on the left) is a chocolate lab and Thunder (on the right) is a black lab!

JD - Um, our readers have probably figured that out all by themselves Max....

Max - Humph! Don't be so rude JD!

JD - Thunder and Pudding were GREAT fun - and were very gracious ladies about letting us young pups play in their garden.

Max - We had SO much fun - our humans took so many snaps that we thought it best to put them into a slide show, otherwise this post would have felt like it's never going to end!

JD - So, without further ado, here is a slide show of our two new friends - just place your mouse over a picture to pause it and to read our witty captions, he he he!

Max - Hey, don't their humans have a fab garden? We hope you enjoy....

JD - When we got back home we slept and slept and slept!!

Max - We hope you've all had a good weekend too!

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Thursday, 4 June 2009


Max - Poor JD's been stung on the lip by a bee and is having a bit of trouble eating. He's feeling a bit under the weather and is being a little clingy with the humans as a result, so I've been looking after him by been cleaning his ears (he likes that!) and have let him have all the best sleeping spots. Here's a picture of him snuggling on our sofa....

Max - Initially he was resting his head on our male human's lap, but our male human eventually had to move, so he kindly moved the pouffe along to prop JD up instead!

Max - If JD still isn't eating by tomorrow our humans have said he'll have to go to the vet - eek!

JD - Zzzzzzzz.....!

Max - PS - please visit Charlie's blog to read shocking news about dog-meat trade and find out how you can help stop this awful thing happening to our brothers and sisters - thank you.

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