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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Please help!

JD - Hi everyone! We're sorry we haven't been around to visit you recently but it's because we've been busy on something very important!

Much as we like to spend most of our time at the beach we have recently been working on other things too!

Max - Yup! Our beautiful pal Blueberry recently had surgery for cancer and the huge hearted Frankie Furter had the wonderful idea to hold a Christmas Auction to help raise funds for her treatments.

JD - Frankie and the Slimmer Pugs got chatting about this and asked if we'd host the auction page, as we did for Shelby's auction earlier this yer.

Max - Well, we were honoured to be asked and immediately agreed so we've been spending the past week setting up the auction site.

JD - It's now live so please check it out by clicking on the piccie below!

Max - We need your help to spread the word about this, to bid on items if you can and to donate items for it if you're able!

JD - We've already had some AMAZING auction items donated - the kindness that's out there in the dog-blog community is just PAWSOME!

JD cosies up to his beautiful GSD pal Lily! Just like the dog-blogging community Lily is very generous too - she recently donated some items to Shelby's Christmas Raffle. Don't forget to buy some raffle tickets - click on the picture above to link to the amazing prizes you could win! Closing date for Shelby's Christmas Raffle is 4th December.

Max - We're hoping to add items to the auction fairly regularly so please do keep on checking back. Why struggle with busy shops for your Xmas shopping when you could buy something amazing at Blueberry's auction?!

JD - One thing we'd like to ask is that you check out the 'thank you' page of the auction site as it's our shout-out to everypup who has made this wonderful event possible - we think you're all great!

Max - Blueberry's Christmas Auction will run until 12th December so we probably won't get a chance to blog much ourselves until then as we'll be concentrating on the auction site. But being part of the auction is great fun so we don't mind!

JD - Oh! Before we go we just HAD to share how excited we are that we've gone into triple figures with our followers for 'Schnauzer and Schnauzer' - wowzers!

Max was so stunned to find that 'Schnauzer and Schnauzer's' followers had gone into triple figures that he keeled over, he he he!'

Max - 100 followers - we're beside ourselves with excitement! Seriously - our tails nearly wagged OFF when we realised!!

JD - In the meantime please DO check out Blueberry's auction. You can help by spreading the word or by bidding or by donating items. Everything helps!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The sun always shines on the righteous - he he he!

JD - Hi everyone! We wanted to share some photos with you that FH has been taking of us over the past couple of months.

Max - As Winter draws in the days are getting shorter and we now have to go for our walks in the dark - boo!

JD - However, before this happened FH and us really enjoyed watching the sunrises so she took lots of snaps to remember how beautiful the start of each new day is, er, was!

We wait patiently for FH to take our photo!

Even though we're just small silhouettes in this photo (when we should be the featured stars of the show!) we still really like this photo of low tide and the pier

A bit of a 'windy woozle' situation in this photo!

FH LOVES this silhouette photo - just look at how blue the sky is! JD is enjoying an early morning paddle on this very clear, very COLD morning!

The boys take a brief breather as we all wend our way home after a very enjoyable morning romp!

This was one of the last sunrise photos that FH took of us - we were on our way home and more than half of our walk had been in the cover of darkness. Two weeks later FH took the photo below, in the EXACT same spot at the EXACT same time....

....obviously, we were facing in the other direction for this moonlight shot, but it is the same place (well, okay, we were at the bottom of the hill in this photo, in the one above we were at the top of the hill!) As FH says - the World turns, same time, same place, different season!

And to finish we leave you with a sunset photo, just for a change, he he he!

Max - And hey - we've started to notice a strange phenomenon in our photos, which is that in 90% of them my brother JD is ALWAYS on the left with myself, the handsome (and modest!) Max, ALWAYS being on the right.

JD - It's not ALL the time. For impromptu snaps, like our last Wordless Wednesday, we mixed it up a bit with Max on the left and myself on the right! But it seems that whenever we're called upon to pose for a photo we insist on ME being left with little bro' right!

Max - Well, people and pups often say they can't tell us apart - even though my brother is practically a GIANT....

JD - Hey!

Max - ....so we thought this would be a good way to help everyone to identify us, he he he!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A happy and uplifting photo story

Hi everyone - JD and Max here! We asked FH if we could please do a cheery, uplifting post as we notice there seems to be a lot of sadness and pain out there in the blogging World just now. So we'd like to share this with you - it's a great story without a word being said apart from the dialogue at the end.... you might have already seen it but even so we think it's great and worth seeing again and it may just bring a happy tear to your eye...

It was a German tourist who jumped in and saved the dog. Upon getting back up on the bridge he checked the dog out and told the owner "zer dog is okay and vill be fine!" So the owner asked if he was a vet?

He replied "Vet? VET? I'm soaked!"

Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Christmas Raffle for Miss Shelby!

Hi everyone - JD and Max here with a VERY quick update! Work is still going on at our house and FH has informed us that it's probably going to be another 2 weeks before we can start blogging again properly - phoey!

"Hi everyone - how YOU doing?!"

Anyway, in the meantime we wanted to alert you to a very exciting event that we hope you'll pawticipate in if you're able to - it's Shelby's Christmas raffle!! Please click here to find out ALL about it - and if you wouldn't mind could you please also help us to spread the word!

Thank you everyonel!