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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Beach Bouncers!

JD - It got a bit wet here over the weekend so FH insisted on us wearing our raincoats - sigh...!

Max - But she does say we look like security pups when we wear them which I like, he he he!

JD - Halt! Who goes there? You want entry to this beach?
Max - So what's the password? We don't let anyone though without a password!!

JD - Hey, in case you didn't realise we were lucky enough to have the winning bid at Richie and Ronnii's auction for Khyra's pawsome Khanine Rescue Transport!

Max - We were SO excited! Click here to check out the amazing post her mom did about it and to see the wonderful pups that were rescued and are now on their way to a brighter and happier future!

JD - Thanks Khyra and your mom - the World is a better place because you are both in it!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Security breach!

Can you see why we're super excited? Biggify the picture to find out...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Birthday FH!

JD - Today is FH's birthday - she is 294 years old - good grief!

Max - We suppose she looks okay on it but we're just glad that WE'RE only in our early twenties, he he he!

JD - Anyway, because it's FH's birthday we especially wanted to thank her for all the great snuggles she gives us....

Max - ....and thank her for all fabulous walks she takes us on every single day.....

JD - ....and thank her for all the love that she shares with us! She says that her life is wonderful with us around but we just wanted to tell her that we love her too!

Max - Yeah - she's our favourite FH in our household!

JD - MAX!!!

Max - Oh alright then - she's our favourite FH in the whole world, he he he!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

UPDATED!! - Let's ROCK with PAWSBANG at the Kissing Booth Closure Pawty!!

JD - Hi everyone! The kissing booths are now officially closed with 371 smackers being purchased - wowwww!!

Max - Everyone was smooched several times but we'd like to announce that KING of the Kissing Booth was Levi Mac notching up 42 smackers - way to go dude!!

JD - As we paw this Pawsbang are playing a live gig for us to celebrate the kissing booth sucess - please join in the fun with everyone below. Um - Morgan? Would you care to dance.....?!

Max - For more pawty fun pop over to Pepsi's blog and carry on the celebrations there!!

UPDATE!! - Hi everyone! A quick update!! As PAWSBANG are obviously SO popular they now have their very OWN SITE so dedicated fans can follow them!! Click here for more exclusive pictures of the pawsome Kissing Booth Gig - and to meet the band!!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Let the PAWTY begin!!

JD - Hi everyone! We're kicking off a weekend of celebrations for Blogville's Crossed Paws Organisation to officially mark the end of a very successful fundraising event for Richie and Ronnii!

We're proud, proud, PROUD members of Frankie's cabinet! Our aim is to help out - one paw at a time!

Max - It's been a JOY to be a part of the fundraising, which has consisted of a prize door banquet raffle which raised $400.00....

JD - .....an amazing auction which raised $1,715.75 - please check to see if you're lucky enough to be a winning bidder as PayPal buttons have now been set up against each of the 76 items donated....

Max - ....and the kissing booths which will close tomorrow at midday GMT and which have so far raised a whopping $361.00!!

JD - Please note that the bake sale is an on-going fundraising project for pups and kitties in need so we are not including the totals in this event.

Max - Thank you to everyone who has donated recipes - we haven't had a chance to concentrate on this much because of the auction and the kissing booths but we plan on working in pawtnership with Oskar from PBU to run this site as well as a pet recipe cook book to raise money for pets in need so watch this space!! So if your recipe hasn't appeared on the site yet please bear with us - they will soon!

PBU - a pawsome site for pet bloggers!

JD - So, the grand total raised so far, including donations from some wonderful people out there (who wished to remain anonymous but you know who you are!) is....

Max - ....and this is truly stupendous!!!!....

JD - ......$2,501.75 - wow, wow, WOW!!

Max - So here's the 'finance bit'!! To ensure everyone is aware of what happens to all funds raised by Crossed Paws here is what will be happening with the money that you have so kindly pledged....

JD - Firstly, as we are using PayPal to collect all the funds we do need to remind everyone that 10% of everything donated is kept by PayPal - sigh! But as Frankie wisely said 'to make money sometimes you have to spend money' and PayPal is the most reliable way for us at Crossed Paws to collect funds.

Max - That does mean that our useable total raised is $2,251.58 - but we still say WOW!!!

JD - Now, the outstanding vet bills for Richie is $1,320.00 which means we can pay this off - YAY!!

Richie is ready to pawty, pawty, PAWTY!!

Max - This still leaves a whopping $931.58 raised for Richie and Ronnii! As you all know these two cute furballs have known health issues so we wanted to raise extra monies to hand (or should that be 'paw'?!) over to their vet to ensure mama Tea doesn't have to worry about the future.

Ronnii is catching up on some zzzzZZZs ready for the pawtying ahead!

JD - However, mama Tea is so kind and generous and knows that there are other pets in need out there. So she would like to pledge $425.00 of the monies raised to Miss Judy which she so desperately needs at the moment to help with her kitties - and hey, we're not speciest, he he he!

Max - Which would STILL leave mama Tea's vet with AT LEAST $506.58 in reserve. (We say 'at least' because of potential donations that could still come in!) This means we've helped mama Tea, her furbabies AND many kitties - wonderful! We sure do hope you're happy with how these funds are being used.

JD - So - onto the celebrations! Yeah!!

Max - We now officially declare the auction closed! So we ask those of you who have winning bids to use the PayPal buttons that have been set up against your item to pay - this makes it easier for us to keep track of your details to enable your item to reach you quicker!

JD - As a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has taken part in this event - which will be those who bought tickets for the raffle, those who donated items to the auction, those who had winning bids at the auction, those who were in the kissing booths and those who purchased smoochies from the kissing booths - we will be running a prize draw.

Max - The name of one lucky pup or kit will be drawn - by our very own Richie and Ronnii! - and will win a tag of their choice from Sugar's Paw House, which has been donated by the beautiful and huge-hearted Sugar!

One lucky pup or kit could soon be the lucky owner of one of these pawsome tags! (Click on the piccie above to find out more about the very talented Sugar's Paw House)

JD - We will be sending a list of names through to Richie and Ronnii and they will make the draw next weekend!

Max - Tomorrow we will be closing the kissing booths and to mark this occasion the hugely talented PAWSBANG will be playing live so please DO drop by for this pawsome gig!

PAWSBANG will be playing out the official closing of the kissing booths JUST for you - make sure you don't miss them!

JD - We LOVED the kissing booths - what an amazing idea that was of Frankie's! And to think that smoochies are STILL coming in - what a hot blooded lot you all are out there, tee hee!

Max - Oh gosh yes, that was a GOOD afternoon! We visited ALL the ladies for a super-smooch - well, it WAS all for a good cause, tee hee!

JD - I visited Morgan for smoochies twice - *blush!*

We crash out after a WONDERFUL afternoon at the kissing booths!

Max - And I visited Christmas and the Girls AND Minnie twice - *wistful sigh.....!*

JD - In total Blogville has notched up three hundred and sixty one smoochies - hubba hubba!! Well, it IS almost spring we suppose, he he he!

Max - Please DO swing by tomorrow for the kissing booth party - we can't wait to boogie along to PAWSBANG, he he he!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Excuse me.....

...... but I think you'll find that this is my tummy.......

Max patiently tries to train the humans in the skillful art of tummy tickling!

.....and it's available for tickling IF it's not too much trouble!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Great Blogville Bake Sale!

Max - Hi everyone! Now, have any of you noticed that my brother is - erm, how can I put this politely?! - FREAKISHLY large for a miniature schnauzer?

JD and Max - or as FH now calls them, the Little and Large show!

JD - Well, if that was the POLITE version I'd hate to know what you'd have said if you HADN'T held back bro'!

Max - Sigh - I'm just a bit envious JD! Is there anything I can do to grow as big and tall and strong as you?

JD - There sure is Max! You can visit Blogville's great Bake Sale and buy yourself some healthy and nommy recipes for seriously yummy nommies that will surely build you up!

Max - Oooh, sounds like a plan JD! How do I do this?

JD - You simply click on the picture below and the rest is easy. Each recipe is the bargain price of just $1.00 and all the proceeds go directly to the 'Crossed Paws Organisation' that is being run by Frankie's cabinet to help pups and kitties in need. And what's more, if you donate a recipe then we'll include a link to your blog in each one that is published - full (and easy!) instructions are on the site below!

Max - That's brilliant JD! I'm heading over there RIGHT now! See you there everyone.....!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The power of Blogville!

JD - Hi everyone - firstly an apology! The last post we did we promised to return in the evening to update everyone on the auction site for Mamma Tea and her furbabies as well as some of the other pawsome ideas that have been put into action to raise funds....

Max - .....but then we never came back! We're really sorry about this but the reason is you lot out there, he he he! We have been so inundated by items coming in for the auction that we've been totally knocked off our paws!!

JD - Yup - we're really sorry for not giving you any links or anything but we've been concentrating on the auction site - which you can find here!

Please copy this picture to your sidebar and link to the auction - thank you!

Max - Thank you everyone for your kindness in offering such amazing items (and they are all really AMAZING!) and for your generosity in bidding.

JD - Please keep those auction items coming in and please keep those bids rolling in - this is so much fun! If we don't get round to sending you a response e-mail for a few days or listing your items for a few days please bear with us! FH does insist on going out to work - sigh! - and there's so much stuff coming in that we're actually getting a bit behind!

Max - But because of this we advise you to check the auction site daily for exciting new items! Thank you everyone, thank you - we really can't say that enough!

JD - We're also going to be running an on-line bake sale - yummy yummy! - and we need your help for this! Please send favourite recipe to 'pawsofpeaceATgooglemailDOTcom' along with a photo of yourself that you don't mind us using on the blog (preferably one of you nomming the treats!)

Thank you everyone!

Max - We're setting up a special recipe page where we'll post your photo and title of your recipe and from there lucky pups WORLDWIDE can can buy a recipe for the bargain price of $1.00 each. Purchase of these items will be by PayPal.

JD - Frankie, Puddles, Minna Krebbs, The Slimmer Pugs and Mr Pip have also come up with the PAWSOME idea of a kissing both - va va voom!!

Max - Please click here for details of how you can take part - please do, we've been dreaming of certain lady doggies and oohhh, what we wouldn't give for a smooch from you!

JD - The kissing booth will work the same way as the bake sale - a special page is under construction as we type! - and you simply choose who you want to smooch, pay the BARGAIN price of $1.00 via the PayPal button thing and 'M'WAH!' - a great big smacker will be coming your way!!

Max - So what are you waiting for! Get those auction items in, get those kissable face photos in and get those recipes in!

JD - Thank you ALL. We are SO PROUD to be joint holders of the 'Help and Humane Services' with the pawsome Slimmer Pugs in Frankie's cabinet!

Max - We sure are bro'. Blogville is making a difference and that fills us with great joy!