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Saturday, 26 June 2010

My cool new hidey-hole - by JD Schnauzer

Hi everyone! JD here - I'm sneaking a quick post in whilst my brother has dramatically collapsed from heat exhaustion! It's SO hot here, we really don't like it! All a pup wants to do is sleep.

The humans have been quite good we suppose - FH is getting up extra early to take us on long walks just as the sun comes up so that we can get a good romp in before the real heat of the day hits. And MH has been preparing us our own 'doggie smoothies' by mixing up crushed ice with fresh pineapple - oooh, they're scrummy and really help to cool a pup down!

Early morning beach-romp - around 5.30 am in Clacton! Ahh, the sea water is cooling on the paws!

Max is really milking it at the moment, theatrically falling on the floor in various places around the house - he's such a drama queen!

Max is too exhausted to make it onto the sofa!

Max can't even manage the short stagger to the kitchen...it's so sad!!

Fortified by a MH special pineapple smoothie Max ALMOST makes it back to his cushion!!

However, being a more laid-back doggie I have taken the time to think this heat situation through and I have devised a rather splendid cooling nap-time-strategy. At the moment Max pays me no heed but I'm sure he'll realise what he's missing, given time.

You see, I realise that one of the coolest places to nap is on the tiled floor of the kitchen - right in front of the fridge! This also kills two birds with one stone - I remain cool whilst also being close at paw whenever the humans need to take any foodables out of the fridge!

I know I complained that this floor was cold on my paws during the winter, but right now it is wonderful!

Ah yes, the kitchen floor is a pup's best friend in the summer!

But that's not all! The other week I found myself a wonderfully dark and cool new hidey-hole! Oooh, it's marvellous and it's quickly becoming my favourite place in the whole house! Here it is....

Hiding under the towels, in a cool, dark corner of our house. It's cool, it's quiet - it's BLISS!

When I first found this great new spot I caused a bit of a panic as it took the humans nearly half an hour to find me, he he he! It's a corner of our house where FH stores the towels and sheets - it's situated on our first floor landing and I have to crawl under the hanging towels to snuggle into the small, cool space that's behind them.

Well, the first time I discovered this fabulous new snoozing spot it was MH who spotted me peeping out over the banisters when he was coming down the stairs - FH was already searching up and down the street for me as she was convinced I had escaped. As if I would!!

Well, we hope all our doggie pals out there are managing to keep cool. I'm off for another snooze now - I wonder where Max has collapsed this time......!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Making a new friend!

JD - We made a new friend today!

Max - Here she is - isn't she gorgeous?

JD - We were out for our afternoon constitutional when she came dashing over to see us....

Max - "Why hello Miss Husky! I'm Max - delighted to make your acquaintance!"

JD - "Oooh, wait for me, wait for me! I wanna meet gorgeous Miss Husky too - and look at how she's rushing over to see me, she's obviously a lady of impeccable taste, he he he!"

Max - "Why Miss Husky, you're so pretty!"
JD - "Oh Miss Husky, I love your flouffy tail!"

Miss Husky - "Boys, boys! Calm down - I think you're BOTH cute!"

Max - We played chase on the beach after these photos were taken - she was so fast we couldn't keep up with her so FH failed to get ANY photos of this - humph!

JD - We are very lucky to have a dog-friendly nature reserve near us. There are miles and miles of beach and field and areas of trees and a little river, all with NO roads - everything has to be got to by foot or paw. Which means that doggies like Miss Husky can safely go off-lead as they can run and run and RUN completely safely!

Max - And run and run and RUN she did! She left us shortly after - we saw her owners in the far distance (they had two other huskies on leads with them - I think Miss Husky was the only one they trusted to come back!!) so sadly we never got to know gorgeous Miss Husky's name.

JD - It was like a fleeting romance! She arrived in our lives like a beautiful whirlwind, she flirted with our hearts and then - as quickly as she had appeared - she was gone again. Sigh....!

Max - ....sigh! Are all huskies such heartbreakers?!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Siamese Schnauzers!

(Can you tell where one schnauzer starts and the other schnauzer finishes??!!)

Monday, 14 June 2010

Manly Monday - Studmuffin Version!!

JD - Hi everyone - this post has a x-rating! He he he!

Max - Oh yeah baby! Just set the "wacca wacca waah waah!" music and enjoy....

JD coyly turns turtle!

Whereas Max immediately lets it all hang out!!

JD relaxes into the moment!!

JD and Max sure know how to kick-back!

In a more' family-friendly' photo Max shows the best way to use your brother as a pillow!

JD - Well, since we've both had the op the photos aren't really that shocking we suppose, he he he!

Max - Hey, before we go we'd just like to apologise for not getting round to visiting your blogs over the weekend. FH wasn't well - she had a migraine that totally wiped her out and she only managed to get out of bed yesterday afternoon. We had a fun weekend with MH - all boys together!! - but it means we've fallen behind with you all.

JD - FH is now rather grumpy. She was muttering about 'a waste of a weekend' as she headed off to work this morning. Poor FH!!

Max - Poor FH?? POOR FH?!?! What about US? We're missing all our blog pals - I say it's 'poor JD and Max!!!' HUMPH!!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Flowery Friday!

JD - Hi everyone! Today's post is mainly photos!

Max - And the theme is 'poppies and puppies'!

Max - "Ahhh, smell that sea air bro'!"
JD - "Life doesn't get much better than this Max!"

Lone poppy enjoying the Clacton sun

Max - "Can I go run on the beach now FH?!"

Poppy close-up - such a beautiful red!

Max - "Aww, come on FH - I wanna go run on the beach!"

We love the overall effect of this photo, with the poppy in the foreground looking ENORMOUS!!

Max - "Aw FH - enough of the flashy box, I wanna go join JD and have a paddle!!"

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Schnauzer, Schnauzer......and Cairn!!

JD - Hi everyone! We didn't mean for there to be SUCH a long gap between our last post and this one....

Max - ....so we apologise for the extra long 'teaser' on 'the third doggie!

JD - We've had a bit of trouble with our Internet connection again! But we're back on-line so without further ado we are delighted to introduce you to our feisty sister...

JD - "Arghhhh - I submit, I submit!" Max - "Wow - she's GOOD at wrestling!"

Max - This is Puddles! Er - we mean Pip! He he he!

JD - She's a Cairn Terrier and is 4 years old. She's a beautiful platinum blonde and as you saw from our last post FH loves her to bits. She's got FH wrapped round her little paw already - she's GOOD!

Hello - I'm Pippa and I'm the boss!

Max - But there is a twist to this tail - er, we mean tale!

JD - As some of you guessed there would be! Yes, Pip is our new sister but she doesn't live with us YET!

Max - You see, Pip currently lives with M, our lovely treat lady. As Pip is quite young M worries about who will look after her if/when the day comes that she's no longer around.

JD - We have a bond with Pip that we don't have with any other doggie apart from each other - the second we met her we KNEW she was special!

Max - We see Pip 2 or 3 times a week. We often visit each other too - we like to pick out toys for her that we think she'll like and she's always quick to remind us that she's in charge!

JD - But we don't mind - we adore her! And whilst we hope M is around of years and years we're delighted to have a sister - even if it is a sister-in-waiting!

Pip settles on the boys sofa with a toy they've paw-picked for her. But notice they make sure their message pillow is prominently displayed, he he he!

Pip shows the boys the comfiest place on her sofa!

Max - AND as an extra little treat for us FH gave us a big surprise a few days ago! She's sponsored a doggie on our behalf!

JD - So - we'd like to also introduce you to Kira - hasn't she got the greatest ears you've EVER seen?

Hi - I'm Kira - do you like my bunny ears?!

Max - After a tough life poor Kira is too nervous to be re-homed so we're helping to keep her in a safe place where she'll feel settled. We're going to give updates on this little beauty from time to time.

JD - So there you go - these are the two new ladies in our lives! Sigh - we're probably now going to become doggies 'under the paw'.....

Max - .... and we think we're going to love every minute of it, he he he!!

The third doggie - sneak preview!

JD - Max, Max! Just look at her getting all OUR tummy tickles!

Max - Humph - women! They're ALL the same bro'! Manipulative, that's what they are - MANIPULATIVE!!

To be continued.....

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Presents from Norwood!

JD - Hi everyone - oooh, we are SO behind with our blogging! There is loads that we want to tell everyone about, but our administration staff - erm, we mean FH - has been falling WAY behind - sigh....!

Max - Yes, we're sorry that we've been tardy with keeping up with your blogs recently, we're going to try to visit everyone to catch up again this weekend!

JD - The heat isn't helping either! Oooh, it's SO hot here right now, all a pup wants to do is sleep!

Max - FH has been good with this point we suppose. She's been taking us out for our morning walk extra early so that we miss the real heat of the day and we've been getting ice cubes, cold carrots, cold cucumber and cooling watermelon to eat to cool down!

Nom, nom, NOM! Ooooh - chilled watermelon is SO refreshing!

JD - Anyway, the most exciting bit of news is that we got a parcel the other day from Norwood! It was our prize for coming first in the Action Fick section of his pawsome Pawdance Film Festival. We've been nagging FH to take photos of it ever since it arrived - gosh, we were everso excited when it turned up!

JD - "Ooh, Max! There's a froggie sticker on this parcel!"
Max - "Well, that can only mean one thing bro' - it must be from the super-cool Norwood!"

JD - "Sigh! We're posing like 'nice boys' FH - can we open our parcel now??!"

JD - "Oh WOW Max - we got a trophy, with our names on and everything!"
Max - "It's got two stars on the trophy, obviously! 'Cos of course WE'RE two stars!"

JD - "Hey Max - MY name is on the trophy FIRST - ha!"
Max - "Sure, JD, but the SECOND star on the trophy is the BIGGEST star - so THERE!"

JD - "This is the coolest trophy in the World!"
Max - "It sure is JD! But I feel tired just remembering all the running about we did for our 'Chariots of Fire' flick - I just need a little lie down for a sec.....!"

JD - "And here's the certificate we got!"
Max - "Oooh, we get to have our photo taken with Norwood - neat!"

JD - "We also got a doggie calendar...."
Max - "....yeah, for about two minutes! FH has taken it into work - humph!"

JD - "Um, you can't see our goodies very well in this photo - we also got a really fun bubble set - very green and frog-like...."
Max - "....and there was a cool 'magic towel' - it was very tasty, you can see me chewing it here, before FH took it off me. She's SUCH a kill-joy!"

Max - "And finally, our favourite bit - nommy paw-baked biscuits. These are SO yummy - but our mean FH is rationing them -humph!"

Max - "NOM!!!"

JD - "Gimme the biscuit, gimme the biscuit, gimme the biscuit....!"

JD - "NOM!!"

JD - Thank you SO much Norwood - this was such a surprise, we LOVE all the goodies and the trophy is simply pawsome!

Max - Oh yeah! FH has taken the trophy with her everywhere and has been showing it off to everyone. We don't think there's anyone left in Clacton who hasn't seen it, he he he!

JD - We had SO much fun with the Pawdance Film Festival - we certainly didn't expect prizes!

Max - In other exciting news Miss Mayzie's exciting Dee-En-Ay contest reached its conclusion earlier this week, with pups from all over the blogsphere joining paws to help those less fortunate than themselves.

JD - We were proud to make a donation to Dog's Trust on behalf of Miss Mayzie and this morning FH made a transfer of £123.50, which was 50 pennies per Dee-En-Ay guess that came in !

Max - Mariah's Promise and All Paws Rescue also benefited from Miss Mayzie's contest - isn't Miss Mayzie just the most lovely doggie ever?

We were proud to have been involved in Miss Mazyie's Dee-En-Ay contest!

JD - We have some very exciting news that we're going to tell you about in our next post....

Max - ....it's to do with a 'third doggie'! Can you guess?!!

JD - Anyhoo - before we leave we just wanted to post this photo of us that MH took yesterday after our morning walk with FH.

Max - It's us trying to persuade FH not to go to work! We thought that if we weighed her down she couldn't abandon us......

Max - "Okay JD - I'll lie across her lap and pin her down, if you could just position yourself across her shoulders and hold her down that way....!"
JD - "....I'm on it bro', I'm on it! She can't possibly leave us now, surely??!!"

JD - .....but sadly it didn't work. She still left, muttering some excuse about having to earn money to buy doggie biscuits and cheese - sigh!!!!

Max - It's so sad how FH keeps on abandoning us! Do you do anything to try to keep your humans at home too?