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Friday, 29 May 2009

DJ to the Max!

Max - Our male human really likes something called 'sounds' and has several of these funny looking boxes which have lots of interesting looking buttons and switches on with long snakey things coming out of them. When he's 'mixing his sounds' he usually connects one of our 'pooters via the long snakey thing to one of these funny boxes. He used to do this in a special room in our house but since we've been living here he often does this in our lounge as we're not allowed upstairs - and he misses us! I like that he does this because it means I can considerately give him a helping paw. He calls me 'Maxy-Max' when I do - and 'DJ JD' sometimes wanders over, but he's not as into these 'sounds' as me and our male human! Mixing sounds is tiring work though .... zzzz .... I try to be as helpful as I can for as long as I can .... snuffle .... but I'm finding it hard to stay awa .... zzzzzzzz!!!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Our 'plus one'!

JD - We were very excited to be invited to Lady and Scooby's wedding!

Max - It's all very romantic.....*wistful sigh!*

JD - The invite also included a 'plus one'....

Max - ....so, we plucked up our courage....

JD - ....and nervously asked the gorgeous Sasha if she would be kind enough to accompany us.

Max - To our delight (and relief!) she accepted our humble offer.

JD - So we thought we would show off our wedding outfits!

Max -
Sasha is simply beautiful - *another wistful sigh!* - look at how gorgeous she is going to look for the wedding....

JD - Please nip over to her blog to let her know how thrilled we are to be escorting her! We thought we'd try to scrub up a bit to do her proud.

Max - So this is what we'll look like on 26th June....

JD - We can't wait for the big day! Contragulations to Lady and Scooby - ahhhh, ain't love grand?!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Take time to smell the roses!

JD - We'd like to tell you about how we came to be with our humans!

Max - We're the result of a change of lifestyle - how cool is that?!

JD - You're jumping ahead a bit Max....!

Max - Ooops - sorry!

JD - Anyway, for 22 years our female human worked in a place called 'the big smoke'. But our humans didn't live there because apparently it costs a lot of money to own a property there.
We have no idea why it's called 'the big smoke' - it looks pretty smoke-free to us!

Max - It would cost many, many bags of doggie biscuits even for a tiny studio
apartment - sheesh!

JD - And our humans liked the sea so much that they decided to live in a place on the coast which was 75 miles away from where our female human worked.

Max - This meant that she had to commute to work by train every day - 2 hours there, 2 hours back!

JD - Wow! That's a lot of
train time! And that was on a GOOD day apparently, when the trains were actually running on time.
Train running times have not improved at all
since the introduction of the railways to the UK...

Max - Which we gather was sort of rare....

JD - ....she told us that as the train pulled away from the
station every day she used to look out of the window into the passing fields at the folks walking their dogs and feel really envious. She would wonder what they did for a living and wish that she could do the same so that she could have time to have a dog.

Max - Now, our female human loved her job, but hated her lifes
tyle. She had to leave home at 6.00 am every day (frequently earlier when she had a very busy day scheduled) just to get into the office at a reasonable time, and 7.30 pm was usually the earliest she could get home. That's a long day....

JD - ....especially when you consider she also used to have a Crackberry....
Crackberry addiction can start early in life -
be on the lookout for early warning signs!

Max - ....um, don't you mean
a Blackberry JD?

JD - He he! Well, that's the official name for it, but our female human told me she 'sold her soul' for the price of this gadget and now always refers to it as a 'Crackberry' because of its addictive nature. Our male human told me he used to think it would have to be prised out of her cold, dead hand as she was ALWAYS on it catching up with work e-mails when she was at home. She ran a global project you see, so would often receive e-mails from lots of far away places such as Beijing, Sydney, Bangkok, Jakarta - her global network covered 24 countries - at various times of the day and night - and always tried to respond to them the second they came in.

Max - She also used to work remotely at weekends and would also log onto her work account most evenings when she got home. She ended up hating what she was doing simply because she was 'left to it' with no support, recognition or help, which was a shame.

JD - Anyways, she had wanted a dog for a long time - many years - but knew that she would never have the time if she carried on doing what she was doing.

Max - But she was so involved in her job she didn't have the courage to walk away from it herself.

JD - And she didn't have the money to just up and leave either, she was in a difficult position.

Max - She used to say 'I'm not simply walking away - I've worked there too long, they can pay me off!'

JD - And then finally one day late last year - she got a call, THE call. Like so many others...

Max - ....she was called into a meeting room and told that due to the 'current financial climate' her job was 'at risk' and she was facing redundancy.

JD - She had seen many good friends where she had worked being laid off over the past 18 months and during each wave of redundancy she had hoped it would happen to her - and now it finally had!

Max - She told us that she felt a bit guilty because she had got what she wanted, but loads of people in the same position as her were devastated.

JD - But she had to be honest to herself. In fact she practically skipped o
ut of the building!

Max - She rang our male human and he was so pleased that he booked a long holiday in Egypt for the two of them. They jetted off soon after and spent their time on the banks of the Nile, discussing what she would do next.
Our humans enjoyed a relaxing few weeks on the banks of the Nile....

JD - Top of her list was to get a dog! But she was scared....

Max - ....she wanted to get a local job as she had already got a bit bored at home (humans are strange!) so was worried that if she got a dog straight away it might get in the way of job hunting. So she suggested getting a dog for when she turned two hundred and eighty years old in a few months time....

JD - ....but our male human knew that getting a puppy then - when she would probably be working again- would be bad timing. He w
isely knew that if she wanted a dog she should get one whilst she had a bit of time on her hands. He also thought that if she took a bit longer than expected to get a job then having a dog would give her something else to focus on which could only be a good thing.

Max - So when they got back home, just before Christmas, they located a breeder of Miniature Schnauzers a
nd were delighted to discover that they had just had a litter of 4 boys.

JD - They had never had a pet before so had done a lot of research. Our male human has allergies to pet hair so they needed a dog that didn't moult....

Max - ....and our female human is a little scared of large dogs so they needed a breed that was small-ish. She also wanted a br
eed that had quite a bit of energy as she likes running and being outdoors so wanted a dog that would be happy to join her. They decided upon Miniature Schnauzers - hooray!

JD - The day before they came to view us our female h
uman told our male human that she wanted TWO dogs so they would be company for each other.

Max - He was a bit stunned! He has admitted that initially he wasn't too keen on getting any dog and was only doing it for her - humph! Of course, he's now smitten and denies all of this - he he he!

JD - So they came to view our family. Our female huma
n sat on the floor at the breeders (sigh - we can't take her anywhere....he he he!) and I though 'oooh - comfy lap!' so wandered over, climbed up and settled down for a lovely snooze. So that was me chosen!

Our first day home - showing off our 'lap snooze' technique - we were so small!!

Max - Shortly after that it was meal time. Sigh.....I remember all that time ago - we used to get four meals a day - FOUR! Yummy!

JD - So our breeder got our meals ready - I was comfy so stayed where I was....

Max - ....whilst I started doing a pogo-stick impression against the cabinets to get first dibs on the food. Yummy - I used to love our puppy food....

JD - ....quite! But our male human was instantly impressed with you. He really liked your confidence and forthright nature so that was it - we had been picked!

Max - And what a relief! Because the next day th
e other two pups were chosen by two other families.

JD - Two days after we were chosen our female human had an interview for an office job that was based 5 minutes away from where she lived. 20 minutes after leaving the interview she was offered the job - she's convinced we're now her good luck charms!

Max - The job started two weeks after we were due to come home which was ideal. She told the folks that she was working with about us and arranged to come home every lunchtime to see us. She now gets a pupp
y-sitter on the days she's too busy to make it.

Our first day home - comfort testing one of our beds!!

JD - Her job isn't permanent - but paws crossed it might become that way as she's really enjoying it.

Max - She's been there 5 months now, which means that we've lived here for 5 months and 2 weeks. Our female human sometimes walks us in the field where the railway runs in the mornings so she
can wave at the train she used to take- he he he!

JD - She says that she can't believe how good life is now. She's now living the life she used to dream of when she gazed out of the train window every morning. When she worked in the 'big smoke' she says she never had time to appreciate her life, but now she says she's happier than she's been in a long, long time.

Max - And it's all because of us!

JD - Well, I think it's more because our femal
e human has completely changed her lifestyle and now has a bit of time to actually appreciate and therefore enjoy her life!

Max - So that's the story of how- and why - we came to live where we do.

JD - We're so happy that our female human was made redundant, he he he!

Max - Yup! Because - as our female human says every day now - life sure is sweet! Just make sure you have enough time every day to really appreciate what you've got.

JD - We love that we remind her of the moment her life changed for the better - we feel extra special because of it!

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Mirror Image Monday!

JD - Hello! Welcome to mirror-image Monday!

Max - About a week ago I noticed that I have the same sleeping style as the super-cute Yuna....
Max - ....the old 'one leg in - one leg out' snooze position is often overlooked for its comfort factor, but trust us, it's super-comfy!

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Extreme handsomness!

JD - Being Miniature Schnauzers means we are blessed with good genes.

Max - Which obviously translates as - we are both incredibly handsome!!

JD - We're
not being vain or anything, we're simply stating facts - he he he!

Max - Ho
wever, it does mean that we have a standard to maintain....

JD - ....and sometimes - sigh! - we need a little help. We informed our humans a few days ago that we were feeling a litt
le shaggy - I mean, LOOK at me!!

JD - I insisted that I get taken to the groomers IMMEDIATELY to bring my handsomeness to the fore once more....

JD - ....ah - that's better - I can SEE again!

Max - I hear you JD! It's can be hard being such a fluffy puppy - I was starting to suffer from 'bed hair' after each snooze....

Max - ....so I also demanded an IMMEDIATE make-over at the groomers....

Max - ....and now I look gorgeous again!

JD - We LOVE the groomers! We go to 'Clippers and Combs' and Sue and Tony take real good care of us....

Max - ....they fuss us and spoil us and tell us that we're handsome boys....

JD - Naturally!

Max - ....so we really look forward to our visits there. In fact we run in without so much as a backward glance every time we go! Last time we got a new toy and loads of treats....

JD - ....and this time we ALSO got a new toy and loads of treats!

Max - We love Sue and Tony!

JD - Our hum
an was organised enough to take some photos of us at the groomers yesterday. Here's a photo of us with Tony - he just about made the photo, he he he!

Max - Tony is an expert with the clippers and scissors and he's really gentle with us.

JD - I always ask him if I can have my beard cut like his as I like his goatee! We still haven't gone 'full schnauzer' yet as our humans keep on hanging back on that decision....

Max - ....they can't quite let go of us being puppies so at the moment ask for 'half schnauzer'!

JD - Maybe next time we'll manage to get the grown-up cut. Sigh, our humans need to realise that we're growing up....

Max - Here's a photo of JD telling me to sit down and look at the camera - he was so busy telling me what to do that he forgot to look at
the camera himself, he he he!
JD - Don't we look lovely and smart in our seat belt harnesses?

Max - I started getting a bit bored posing so I started asking Sue if I could have another treat. Please Sue, please - how can you resist these puppy dog eyes.....?

Max - ....ah, I think it's working! Yes - yes! She's going to the treat jar.....

Max - CHOMP!!

Max - Yummy! Thanks Sue!

JD - So - that was our trip to the groomers. We were there for nearly 4 hours!

Max - That's because we enjoy it so much so we always ask if we can stay until it closes and Tony and Sue can never resist our pleas, they are putty in our paws - ha!

JD - The rest of the day we spent helping our humans tidy up the house and then we joined them in the car for a few hours as they had some chores to do. We got a quick walk every time we stopped - it was fun finding all the
se new places to sniff.

Max - We even got to eat our dinner 'al fresco!' - mmmm

JD - It was late when we got back home and we hadn't really had a chance to sleep all day! We were pretty tired!

Max - So today we're just kicking back....

JD - ....chilling.....

Max - .....zzzzz - snoozing....

JD - ....zzzzzzz!

JD performs the 'superflomp'!!
(You can see how long his legs are in this photo!)

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

Mirror-image Monday!

JD - Hi everyone! Today's Mirror-image Monday is an easy one really....

Max - ....well, it would have to be if it's being demonstrated by you JD, he he he!

JD - Hey! Anyway, it's all about optimum comfort whilst sleeping, a subject close to the heart of all doggies and kitties

Max - So here it is - JD getting down to snoozeville - just like the gorgeous Sophie and the sweet Luna (number 6 in Luna's post)....

JD - Ah yes! Us doggies and kitties surely know a comfy snooze position!


Max - Oooh - we're very excited! Sweet Santa has played today too - check out her super-comfy snooze position here!!!

JD - And now cute Stephy has joined in too - thanks ladies, great pictures!!

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rain rain - go away!

JD - It's been wet and rainy here this weekend....

Max - ....stoopid rain!

JD - We got very wet on our last walk....

Max - ....so had to be dried off when we got in. I felt cold and damp so I climbed onto our nice soft sofa to warm myself up....

Max - ....and my humans even tucked me in to keep me nice and snug. Mmmmm - comfy!

JD - I tried to get comfy on the floor....

JD - ....but the sound of Max snoring soon alerted me to the fact that the sofa was the best place to be!!

JD - Ahhh - that's better! Hope it's warm and sunny where you are!

Max - Zzzzzzz!

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Our friends - part 2

JD - We've got so much to tell you all!

Max - Firstly - we're everso excited because we actually came third in Scottie's naughty pup contest!

JD - We're really proud - but completely stunned! There were a lot of amazing entries - wow, we were impressed, we have much to learn, he he he!

Max - Secondly, the funny, entertaining and excessively handsome Oskar is going on vacation shortly....

JD - ....and he's asked us if we'll do a guest blog or two whilst he's away.

Max - Wow!

JD - Double wow! We're so honoured!

Max - We're a bit nervous though - Oskar's blog is always brilliant, we hope we don't let him down!

JD - Please do pop over to read it over the next week to give us - and the other guest-bloggers - some support!

Max - Now - a few of you were very worried about us when we informed you that our local beach is now closed to dogs for the next 5 months.

JD - We really miss it - sigh.....! BUT - look at this new place that our female human found for us instead....

Max - ....pretty isn't it? And look what it opens out into!

JD - It's a great place to romp! Loads of room....

Max - ....and loads of fun doggies to play with!

JD - We'd like to introduce you to some more of our friends. There's a great little gang of Cairn terriers that we love to hang around with whenever they're there....

Harry looks into the distance whilst Pippa poses for the camera!

Millie, Archie (see below for Archie), Harry and Pippa all graciously
wait for each other to take first pick of the tennis ball!

Max - ....they're very friendly and we enjoy romping round the park as part of a cool terrier gang!

Max tries to infiltrate the Cairn inner circle - do you think he's managed to remain incognito?!

JD - And here's Archie - isn't he lovely and smiley?

Archie poses for the camera - what a handsome Spaniel!

Max - He's a Spaniel and is happy all the time - he has a little docked tail and his cute nubbin is always wagging! His owner says if it was hooked up to a generator it could help solve the World's energy problem - he he he!

JD - Archie loves playing ball....

Max - ....and he always lets us play too! Isn't that nice of him?

JD looks on whilst Max and Archie decide whether to play with the ball or the bottle - oooh, decisions, decisions!

JD - Archie's going into hospital next week to have an operation on his eyes because he doesn't see so well at the moment.

Max - We'd like to wish Archie all the best - we'll miss playing with you buddy whilst you recover, get well soon.

JD - This next photo we dedicate to Finn! This is our pal, Kyle the Alsatian....

JD and Max excitedly say hello to their handsome pal Kyle

Max - ....he's really handsome! He's a rescue doggie - his owner (who's sitting on the bench in the background) got him when he was three years old, he's now seven. He had been starved and was a walking skeleton when his new owner gave him a forever home - poor Kyle.

JD - But look at him now - he's stunning - and incredibly happy and social! Yay to his amazing owner who devoted all that time to care and nurse Kyle back to health and happiness. His owner told our female human that the second he saw Kyle he knew that this was an amazing doggie who just needed to be given a chance.

Max - We especially like him because he's kind enough to share his biscuits with us whenever we meet him - yum!

JD - Finally (for this post at any rate!) here's a photo of a very special young pup....

Max - ....this is Dillon, the Tibetian terrier - isn't he cute?

Dillon smiles for the camera whilst Max sidles up for a friendly sniff!

Dillon finishes posing so that he can say hello to Max!

JD - So - that's it for our post today - we hope you enjoyed meeting some of our pals, we think they're great and we love it when we get to play together whenever we're out!

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