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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Visiting the YOU-ESS!!

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't blogged for ages and AGES but we're afraid we've been.....

.......behind bars!!  *GASP!**

Well, actually, no, not really!  These are just some new security railings that our local council have erected along our coastline (and a right eyesore they are too if you ask us!)

The FH has been ridiculously busy at work and has been doing crazy hours - when she's home she spends her time walking us and doesn't have time blog also.  Sigh.....

We're still enjoying our coastal walkies!

But we wanted to do a quick blog update to let everyone know that we're both well and happy - and that plans for JD and Izzy's wedding in October are going well!

We miss our bogging pals - we hope you haven't furgotten us completely!

And we also wanted to let you know that our humans are VERY excited as they're going to be in the YOU-ESS in a few weeks time - they're going to visit a place called NEW YORK to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary.  Wowzers - they're OLD!!

Us with some of our best furiends and one of our favourite human friends!

They are extra excited about this trip as they're going to meet up with our blogging friends from Schnauzer-tude!  Which means they'll get to cuddle - IN-THE-FUR!! - our four great pals!!  So, much as we're going to miss them whilst they're away we're also very excited for them!

We probably won't have time to blog again before they go away but we'll make sure that FH updates our blog after their journey and let you all know how it went!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Impawtant announcement!

JD here!
And if I look like I've got a HUGE and HAPPY
smile on my face it's because
I am indeed a VERY happy hound!


And the reason that I am SO happy is
because my beautiful, smart and gaw-juss fiance and I
have now set the date for our wedding!

So please make a note in your diary for
Saturday, 6th October!
Izzy and I have great pleasure in inviting you ALL to attend
so please remember to RSVP in the comments below!

Oh my gosh, there is SO much to organise!
I've been considering what to wear - I'm a traditional pup
at heart so favour a tux - what do you think?


 Anyway, there will be more announcements shortly!
Max wants to arrange an engagement pawty in May so watch this space!

In the meantime Max wanted to at least appear in this post
so here is a photo of the two of us
demonstrating that in the You Kay Spring has finally sprung!

Woof soon!  JD and Max

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hats for Hope for Miss Judi

Today, we're proud to join paws with our furiends to honour Miss Judi


We want her to know that we are all thinking of her and sending our love over the miles - we are sad that she is not feeling well and we are sending all our love to help her feel much better!

So, as this is a 'hope for hats' blog-hop here is a photo of us keeping snug in our woolly hats, sending lots of snug love to Miss Judi!

Feel better soon Miss Judi - we're thinking of you!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Remembering the amazing Fearless Five.....

'Crossed Paws' held a raffle just before Christmas to win a personalized pendant from Personalized Dog Tags & Gifts. We didn't do a blog post about it because shortly after our PayPal account was hacked and we were spending our time sorting that out - then Max was ill and then FH was ill..... 
 BUT - long story short, it was won by a friend of ours in the UK who had bought a few tickets. She told us there was only one pendant she wanted - one that we could give to the Houston Pittie Pack as a memento of the Fearless Five.
We waited a little while until we asked Personalized Dog Tags & Gifts to produce it - we didn't want to do it too soon as we wanted it to be something that would make Sandra smile in remembrance of her amazing dogs. But now here it is....

We hope you like it - it is sent with much love. The fearless five will live in our hearts forever, we will never, ever forget them.
 Sandra, can you please e-mail us at crossed-paws@gmx.com and let us know the best address for it to be sent to? Thank you!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Izzy Miyake.....

JD - ".....this is JD - YOUR JD! Since the moment I first saw you my heart was yours - your sweet eyes and most gaw-juss ears made me melt and your sweet nature captivated me totally. I dream of you at night, I think of you during the day and I drive my brother up the wall by talking about you ALL the time!!"

Sweet, sweet Izzy!

Max - "Oh, he does Miss Izzy, he DOES!!"

JD daydreaming of Izzy!

JD - "Max - please! I'm nervous enough without you interrupting me!"

Max - "Sorry bro'!"

JD - "Izzy - as you know The Crossed Paws 'All In The Name of Love' auction goes live tomorrow - we are SO excited about it! There is so much love in the air - lots of auction items are coming in and everyone is showing just how much they care - which is a LOT! It is wonderful!"

Max - "Sure is!"

JD - "MAX!"

Max - "Well, will you PLEASE get to the point JD as you're, like, taking FUR-EVER.....!"

JD - "Okay, okay - but I'm nervous, this isn't easy you know......"

Max - "You're doing great JD! Come on - keep going, just like we practised, you're nearly there...."

JD - "Right! *Cough!* Izzy Miyake - you mean the World to me. So on the eve of The Crossed Paws auction, where we show ALL of Blogville just what love is all about, I would like to say to you....

I want to lie with you in green pastures,
Swim with you in fresh, blue water.
I want to hold you until all times end,
I want to know you forever and be your friend.
Kiss me, love me, my love for you never dies
Like a candle that never goes out,
My love for you burns on and on.
Please say yes as I ask you this,
Sweet Izzy, my soulmate, pure precious dove,
Will you MARRY ME my love?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Quick Auction Update!!

Don't forget the Crossed Paws 'All In The Name of Love' auction

30th January to 6th February

For a SNEAK PEAK at all the exciting items that you can bid on

click HERE!!

We need more items to make this a huge success for our friends

The Houston Pittie Pack

and to help sweet Ava have a life of love that she deserves

PLEASE contact us at 'crossed-paws@gmx.com' with your auction items


Sunday, 22 January 2012

A very belated Happy New Year!

(This post has also been published on the Crossed Paws site!)

Hello everypawdy! We are very sorry that we haven't posted for ages and AGES but 2012 hasn't so much started with a bang for us but with a whimper!

Hello everyone!

Since Christmas we've had our Crossed Paws PayPal account hacked and money stolen - it is now all sorted and thanks to our insurance we've got all the money back but as you can imagine this took quite a lot of time - and we didn't really want to mention anything until it had all been sorted.

Linked to this we also had a virus wreck our Crossed Paws e-mail (AND our personal 'justdogandmax@gmail.com' e-mail) so we've lost all the mails we got after the auction - plus all our contacts! It's been a nightmare (and we feel so rude as we got some lovely pressies from pals overseas for Christmas but we don't know their e-mail to let them know just HOW much we loved them!) So if anyone has mailed us and was wondering why we haven't responded this is the reason. Our mail accounts are now secure so if you DO need to get in touch with us please do so via 'crossed-paws@gmx.com'.

We've also had a bit of palaver at home!! Some bad storms took out some trees and fencing in our garden and we're sure you realise how long these things take to clear up.

Also, poor Max has been very ill - it involved a mad dash to the emergency vet and him being kept in on a drip, having tests and generally being a very unwell boy. He's fine now thankfully but it was all very scary at the time. And then just after that JD needed some dental surgery - he's okay and did very well, but it's been a worrying time all round!

Max being brave with a drip in his leg!

And - probably as a result of the stress of all this - last week our FH came down with shingles - on her FACE (ouch!) She's feeling much better now but still looks a bit hideous, he he he! We're sorry FH, but you DO!!

So, all in all the start of 2012 has been a bit of a faff and this is the reason why we haven't had a chance to post until now. Anyway, things are getting back to normal so - even though it's about a month later than we intended - we want to announce a new auction!

Now, most of you know about the heartbreaking tragedy that our friends The Houston Pittie Pack endured just before Christmas. We were SO proud to be a part of Blogville as we witnessed how everyone came together to help.

So we want to run a new auction with 2 aims which means that the money that we raise will be split in two as follows - firstly, we want to raise some money to add to the donations that have already been pouring in for The Houston Pittie Pack.

And secondly, to honour the memory of sweet Shelby, who sadly lost her life in the tragic fire, we wanted to raise money for another bait dog who so desperately needs help, just as Shelby needed help all those months ago.

So we would like to introduce you to Ava - she was rescued in Chester, SC. This precious little girl, only about 18 months old, was rescued by the wonderful people at Noah's Arks Rescue.

Sweet Ava - victim of cruelty by the hand of man

Poor Ava's face has been shredded to the point that a large part of is completely missing. Her sinus cavities have punctures and her throat is torn. Her entire little body show the ravages of the attacks from the fighting dogs who were being trained to kill another dog. She is emaciated from starvation. Yet through it all, Ava only wants to be loved. She never stops wagging her tail and wanting to show that love, even in the face of the excruciating pain that she is in. This beautiful spirit reminds us so much of our beautiful Shelby. We could not think of a better way to honour her memory than to raise money for Ava. After all, if it wasn't for sweet Shelby, Crossed Paws would not even exist!

So, down to business! We would like to run an 'All In The Name Of Love' auction - because we love The Houston Pittie Pack, we've totally fallen for Ava and we love Blogville! The auction will open on 30th January and will close one week later on 6th February - that way we can also put some romantic items into the auction so that everyone can hopefully get their items in time for Valentines Day!

'All In The Name Of Love' Auction!

So - we need your help! Crossed Paws is only a success because of Blogville! Do you have something you can donate? Can you design a badge for the auction? Can you spread the word about the auction? Do you have any birthdays coming up that you need to buy for - why shop when you can bid?! Everyone can help - and your help makes such a difference!

Let's show The Houston Pittie Pack. how much they mean to us, let's give Ava a chance to live the life she deserves and let's all have some Blogville fun with an auction that is all about love!

If you have any items to donate please e-mail a short description plus a photo to 'crossed-paws@gmx.com' (we promise it is all secure now!) Please also let us know if you're able to design a badge - and can we please ask you to promote this auction as much as you can!

Many thanks everyone - with much love from JD and Max!