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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mirror Image Monday

Amon Ra - ancient Egyptian Sun God

Amon 'Ruff' - modern Clactonian Sun doG

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Get well soon Scampi!

JD - As FH takes us on quite a few walks we're fortunate enough to have quite a wide circle of doggie friends.

Max - Every evening a great group of doggies bring their humans to the nature reserve to take them on a fabulous walk - us doggies are kind like that!

JD -
Because FH is never sure what time she's going to finish work each day (because she's lucky enough to love her job which means she'll often stay a bit later) we don't often get to join them for the whole walk which is a shame. BUT we do frequently meet up with them at some point during the walk which is always GREAT fun!

Max - Here are some photos of our pals....

This is Frodo - he's a super-fun spaniel, we enjoy playing bitey-face with him!

The beautiful Lily - she is such a gorgeous GSD girl!

Our feisty pal Scampi - he's a Jack Russell/Westie mix and is into EVERYTHING!

Max politely asks Scampi if he'd care to play chase!

Lily and Scampi check out an interesting sniff!

JD - On Tuesday evening we were very excited because we got to the nature reserve in time to meet up with our pals, so we knew we would be joining everyone for the whole walk - woop woop!

Max - It started very well - we all played chase and the humans fed us some treats and then Lily, Frodo and Scampi had a swim in the sea whilst we watched encouragingly from the shore!

JD - We walked further into the reserve, along the river and round the fields. We LOVE the nature reserve, it's an amazing place, we're very lucky to have such a great place to walk that's close to us and is open to dogs!

We check out the river - no fish here, boo!

We LOVE to play zoomies in the long grass!

We also love playing zoomies in the not-so-long-grass too, he he he!

Max - Scampi was bounding around the long grass - he knows how to have fun! But suddenly he started to scream - we were very concerned.

JD - FH admits she turned to jelly, but luckily Lily's MH and Scampi's FH got to him within seconds. Poor, brave little Scampi had been impaled on a piece of railing that had been thrown into a ditch.

Max - Lily's MH picked him up - he was in shock. There are no roads in the nature reserve so we had to get back to the car park as soon as we could with him, which was several miles away.

JD - We felt quite helpless as he was whisked away to the vet and anxiously waited for news. We heard the wound was flushed out and he was sent home, but he had to go back for an op in the morning as the wound had swollen and got a bit weepy overnight - he sent us this photo of himself looking EXTREMELY brave, along with the message that we've included below....

Scampi - "Look at my 3 stitches and bruise, I'm not allowed walkies for 2 weeks. This is my miserable face."

Max - Get well soon buddy! We're gonna miss seeing you bounding around but you'll be back in no time!

JD - We've put together a little 'care package' for you and we'll drop round to visit you on the weekend with it. We asked FH to get a few things to help keep you occupied whilst you're banned from walkies!!

Max - We also think it would be good for FH to learn some basic canine first aid so that she will cope a bit better in the future!

JD - Lily's MH went back the next day and found and removed the railing - Scampi was actually fairly lucky as it could have been much worse.

Max - We'd love it if you could leave our little buddy a get well wish here (as he doesn't have a blog) as we know it would help him feel loads better!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday catch-up - the attack, an award and tag!

JD - Hello everyone! FH wants to witter on for a bit again, so before we hand over to her we just want to show you a photo of us that was taken on this morning's walk.

Max - We thought it would help you make it through FH warbling on and on and on.....

JD - We rather like this photo! Look at the blue sky - this was taken at 6.00 am so we had the whole nature reserve to ourselves which meant there were loads of bunnies to chase, it was ACE!

Max - We rather like this photo as it shows how compact and sporty I am.....

JD - ....and how tall and leggy I am!!

"Can we go chase the bunnies now please?"

FH - Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my last post about JD and the pitbull, they were so helpful.

My boys have had a few disagreements with other dogs in the past but it's always been a lot of noise about nothing! Once, Max needed to be taught some manners by a Mastiff when Max wouldn't take 'no' for an answer when he wanted to play chase - he was pushed to the ground and was pinned by the Mastiff's jaws. It lasted about two seconds and certainly taught Max not to push his luck! Twice JD has had to be reminded by
Neo the pitbull that he doesn't like to be rushed at when he's greeted - both times he knocked JD over and gave him a loud warning growl, JD now understands! JD has also had to teach a Jack Russell not to boss him around - again, lots of loud posturing and flinging to the ground before the Jack Russell submitted. The Jack Russell's owner was perfectly fine with it - he said he realised his dog had a tendancy to bully if he wasn't put in his place early on.

In all these previous situations if I didn't know a bit about dog
phycology I might have thought it was an attack and got a bit freaked out. Thankfully, having two dogs has taught me a lot about canine body language and how dogs interact and I know it's very important for the dogs to sort situations out themselves wherever possible - usually problems only occur when humans get involved! As the Poupounette's wisely stated, it's all about a proportionate response.

In fact, I have had one owner shrieking at me in the past when JD and Max approached her pug from the side (as dogs do), screaming that they were ganging up on her dog. She scooped her dog up, shouted some more (which obviously made my boys bark at her) and then she ran away, still carrying the pug - now, don't try telling me that that poor pug isn't going to end up with emotional problems!
Can you imagine her reaction if one of my boys had needed to correct the pugs behaviour for something - I'd have probably been arrested!!

I've come a long way since we first got the boys and I learn more about dogs every day. I remember when we first got JD and Max, ringing the breeders in a sheer panic on day 2 saying "they keep on fighting - and they're making the most horrendous noises!" The breeder calmly explained to me, a complete novice, that they were in fact playing and that I'd better get used to some of the noises they made! Even then I wasn't convinced but I look back now and realise I was a complete twerp!

I really did think that the only reason that JD didn't get hurt the other day was because the owners of the pitbull got her off him in time, so I'm really grateful for Hsin-Yi's comments. JD's collar got a bit ripped in the fracas but that's all - if she'd wanted to do some damage I realise now that she could have done, even in just a few seconds. I also realise that what I was probably reacting to was the owners panic more than anything. (By the way, I also meant to say in my previous post about giving a dog a daily stimulant as opposed to specifying a daily walk. JD and Max get their daily stimulant as a walk, but a training session or agility session has the same effect. The pitbull in question hadn't had anything for a week - as Mango said no wonder the poor thing went 'cracker dog insane'!)

Now, before I hand over to the boys I'd like to show you a couple of photos from yesterday's walk. If you're anything like me you'll look at these two (not particularly good quality - sorry about that!) photos and possibly get a little teary eyed at just WHAT we can learn from our dogs about living in the moment (as Khyra wisely stated) and not hanging onto the past. Please take a look at JD and Max - playing with Tasha, the very same pitbull that attacked JD the day before!

Tasha - "Hey, Max! Wanna play chase with my stick?"
Max - "Why, I don't mind if I do Miss Tasha!"

Tasha - "Tag! You're 'it' JD!"
JD - "Aw, no fair! Abbey has me by the back paw, you girls are ganging up on me!"
Abbey - "He he he - well, us girls have to stick together, eh Tasha?!"

FH - I met up with Tasha's owners on yesterday's walk and we discussed Hsin-Yi's comments - they were very interested (and relieved) and are going to find out some more about Ian Dunbar. As the dogs were very relaxed with each other when we all met up we spent about 10 minutes together - and Abbey the gorgeous Goldie joined us too! I applaud Tasha's owners, caring for a rescue dog with known issues is a wonderful thing to do and they're doing an amazing job!

JD - Right, back to US now I think!

Max - Quite right! Now, before we go any further we want to boast about an award we got!

JD - It's the 'happy 101' award from The Booker Man! Thanks Booker!

Max - With this award we have to tell you 10 things that make us happy. So here goes:-

1 - Cuddling with the humans! It's our most favourite thing in the whole wide World!
2 - Eating - oh gosh, we so LOVE to eat! We love cheese, chicken kibble, real chicken, biscuits, horse poop, discarded chips,
doggie choc drops, chews, bread...well, you probably get the idea!
3 - Going on walks. We get so grumpy when it rains as it means our walks are cut short, or even (sob!) cancelled - we say 'phooey' to the rain!
4 - Sleeping - especially in a patch of sunlight!
5 - Playing
6 - Meeting up with and playing with our friends. It makes our walks like a million times more fun!

7 - Having toys! JD likes rope toys and Max's favourite is squeaky chicken - he's had squeaky since the first day he got here and (amazingly!) squeaky is still in one piece, despite being played with every day!
8 - Cushions - need we say more?!
9 - Paddling in the sea - wonderfully refreshing!
10 - Visiting our friends blogs - it makes
FH happy which means that it makes us happy!

JD - Thank you SO much for this award Booker! We think all our pals already have this award, but if you haven't please feel free to take it as we'd love to know what makes you happy too!

Max - We've also been tagged by
Santa, Minnie and Honey to play a game!

JD -
Oooh, we LOVE games! The rules of the game are the Photo Tag Game are:

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it

Max - Here's our photo - we'd only lived with our humans for about 2 weeks at this point!

JD - Actually, it's a rather happy coincidence as this photo nicely fits in with FH's comments earlier about not understanding us at ALL when we first arrived! You can see our puppy play pen in the background, the new rugs that FH had bought for us, the fact that everything is piled up on the table because we chewed everything that wasn't nailed down when we first arrived - and if you look rather closely several damp patches on the ground where FH had mopped up after us as we were still being house trained! (These rather stinky carpets are now long-gone, he he he!)

Max - In this photo we're having a marvellous game of bitey face - we were really hyper and were 'grrrrll-ing' at the top of our voices! A few seconds before we had been sitting nicely and then we suddenly launched at each other! At the time this photo was taken FH and MH were wondering what on earth they had taken on - and they were actually wondering if they were going to be able to cope with it all! Thankfully, they stuck with us and - in FH's words - came through the other side!

JD - Thanks for tagging us Honey, Santa and Minnie - if any of our pals would also like to play this game please do - it's a fun way to look back and remember!

Max - Before we sign-off we'd just like to thank Miss Twix for hosting such a pawesome date night. Whew - we had SO much fun!

JD - We sure did! Thanks Miss
Twix - our paws are still sore from all that dancing!

Friday, 16 April 2010

A terrifying incident - (narrated by FH)

Tonight JD - my beautiful, gentle 'big boy' - was attacked by a pitbull whilst we were our on our evening walk.

It all happened so quickly. One minute I was walking along the side of a field with the two boys, the next second JD was viciously pinned under a strong, slavering dog, who was just focused on biting and biting.....

Now, before I alarm any of you too much please be assured that - amazingly - JD is fine. He's curled up on sofa next to me, snuggled into his brother and snoring gently. It's me that's a bit of wreck!

My boys love meeting other dogs whilst they're on their walks and I find that the majority of dog-owners are like-minded - after all, we all want our dogs to be well socialised and friendly don't we?! Plus, it's nice for us dog owners to get together and have a bit of a chat too during the walk! So, as my boys get a minimum of 2 walks a day they have a very large circle of friends, which always makes our walks a very enjoyable occasion.

However, I'm also well aware that not all dogs are well socialised. And I realise that there are many reasons for this - for example, a rescue dogs can be very nervous. And some owners simply aren't confident with their dogs, which rubs off on the dog! So whenever we come across a dog on a lead in an open area we will always stay away as we know there is probably a reason why the dog is being kept tethered and there is no reason to court trouble.

I also know that there are a lot of breeds have a bad reputation such as Staffies and Pitbulls. But I tend to get rather angry about this as it's usually the owner and not the breed that's at fault. One of my boys best friends is Daisy, who is a Staffie - they love her to bits and she's got the sweetest nature of any dog I've ever met.

Bit of a blurry shot I'm afraid, but this is JD with one of his most favourite dogs ever, Miss Daisy the sweet and wonderfully behaved Staffie!

Another great pal of theirs is Neo, the pitbull. He can get a bit grumpy if he thinks anyone is showing an interest in his tennis balls, but it's all a front! My boys really look up to him.

JD has a chat with Neo over the serious business of whether Slazenger or Wilson tennis balls are the best!

Now, both Daisy and Neo have very responsible owners. They realise that they own powerful breeds so they give them long and enjoyable daily walks, they ensure they socialise them with other dogs and people and of course they always ensure they do regular obedience training. And the end result is two delightful dogs. I really think this is great as I like that my boys are confident to socialise with many different breeds.

What was probably surprising about the pitbull that attacked JD tonight is that she was a dog that my boys know. Know and love in fact. She is a rescue dog who does not get on with many dogs, but she has got to know JD and Max over the past few months and we've joined her and her owners for a walk a few times.

Her owners are very responsible. They know that their dog is nervous - and strong! They keep her away from other dogs but do try to socialise her as much as possible without trying to frighten her. I was very proud that my boys were helping this dog overcome her fears and always enjoyed it when we met up on a walk.

I realise now that what happened tonight was due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances. I believe that this pitbull attacked JD because of three things - firstly, the owners had been on holiday for a week and had left their dog with a house sitter who hadn't walked her - at all. Secondly, we were just coming out of a field when we met them, which meant that we rounded a corner and took them 'by surprise'. And finally, the field that we were coming out of just happened to be on higher ground and I think the pitbull took my boys being higher than her as a threat.

JD is always the first of my two boys to greet another dog (or person!) so he was the one she went for. I believe her attack was due to a combination of pent up emotion through a week of no walks, the surprise of 'coming across' us without her expecting it and what she saw as an implied threat of JD being higher than her. But it was so fast! And it was terrifying - JD started screaming and was pinned right under her.

Her owners were amazing. In a matter of two seconds they were on her, one had her by the hind legs, the other by the neck and front legs and they lifted her off JD before I had even moved! I'm aware that I shrieked JD's name a couple of times - whenever he's upset or is a bit unsure about something he'll just stop what he's doing and look at me (or my husband) for us to help him out. We've always loved that we're his 'go to' option, that he puts his trust in us so completely to 'make everything better' for him. I knew he was looking at me, from under the pitbull and I hated that I couldn't get to him.

But thanks to her quick-witted owners she was removed from JD before her teeth made actual contact - I was mesmerised by her slavering and drooling as they held her aloft, squirming and fighting to get back to my boy. We parted company pretty quickly - I think they were as shook up as me, none of us had expected it.

This happened at the beginning of our walk - after it had happened I just wanted to scoop JD up and cuddle and fuss him and then go home. But as JD had not been hurt I knew that I couldn't make too much of it as I didn't want either of the boys to feel fretful. Plus, I knew that they'd wonder why their walk had been cut short, so I carried on going. Amazingly, JD didn't even break stride! Within 10 minutes we met up with 4 other dogs that we knew - JD went romping straight towards them and a great game of chase ensued! Dogs really can teach us about living in the moment!

The reason I'm sharing this is because, unlike JD, I'm not so good at living in the moment! I keep on replaying the moment that JD was pinned down and wondering what could have happened if the pitbull's owners hadn't been so quick. Basically, I'm shamelessly touting for a bit of comfort from my good pals in the blogosphere!

I'll leave you with a photo of JD, taken just a few minutes ago. As you can see, he's none the worse for his adventure!

JD - "ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!"

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Twix's Date Night!

Hi everyone, FH here! You know, ever since Sasha said 'yes' to my boys escorting her to Miss Twix's date night....

I can't do a thing with them.....

......I wonder what they're dreaming about??!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

For Sasha - with love!

Max - Whatcha doing with that little stick bro'?

JD - I'm writing a message in the sand Max. Just a sec, we'll pose next to it in a minute....

Max - Oh, GREAT message JD! I shall sit right here proudly declaring my love for Sasha!

JD - Er - you're sitting on your name bro'......

Max - Oops! Hang on, I'll just shuffle over a bit....

JD - Hmmm, not bad, but we're casting a bit of a shadow. I think a message as important as this needs to be as clear as possible!

Max - You're SO right JD! Let's both shift to the other side....

JD - That's better!

Max - Oooh, is that a crab over there....? Oh dang, I wasn't looking into the flashy box!

FH - Sorry Max, the flashy box battery is now dead! But don't worry - I think Sasha will get the message!

Max - Awww! Well, I hope so! *Wistful sigh!*

JD - If you don't know Sasha yet please pop over to her blog and find out why we're both so smitten, *Lovelorn sigh!*

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bertie goes to Manchester, bonding with human pups, Easter foodables, cardboard chewing and an award!

JD - Hi everyone - we've got LOADS to tell you about!

Max - We sure have! First up is that our humans abandoned us AGAIN, to go to yet ANOTHER concert - sigh.....

JD - Oh, we didn't mind really did we Max? After all, we got to have a night away at the kennels, where we always get fussed loads!

Max - Shhhh - don't let the humans know that! I thought we could sulk for a bit to possibly elect sympathy and foodables.....

JD - Oh, right - good plan bro', he he he!

Max - Anyway, we WERE slightly miffed because our humans got to visit cousin Ronnie and cousin Carol in Manchester. We were due to visit them just after Christmas, but because of the really bad weather in the UK it had to be called off.

JD - We were very sad as we really want to meet them ourselves, knowing how much our humans love them! So because we couldn't go this time either we did the next best thing and sent Bertie, our minniature schnauzer stuffie, to meet them instead!!

Bertie snuggles up with Carol as all the humans say cheese!

Bertie continues enjoying Carol's attentions as the female humans pose together!

Max - Carol is a bit of a celebrity in Manchester! We don't think there's anyone she doesn't know - one of the reasons why Bertie wanted 'in' on the photos with her, he he he!

JD - For instance, here she is with Sir Alex Ferguson!! (We apologise for the picture quality - it's a picture of a picture).....

Carol with Sir Alex - look at those other hangers on, all wanting their photo taken with Carol too (he he he!)

Max - We could go on listing a whole realm of famous people Carol and Ronnie know, but we don't want to turn this post into a 'who's who' - plus, Carol and Ronnie know these people because they like them, not because they're famous, so we thought we'd respect that by not going starry eyed and ga-ga about it (although we would like to mention that FH does sometimes gets a bit excitedly tongue-tied about it all!)

JD - Carol and Ronnie both do so much good work just to make the world a better place for all of us. They're prolific fund raisers as well as being personally involved with dyslexia awareness and Carol really enjoys her theatre involvement - please do take the time to check out Celebrity Pigs (FH recommends everyone watch the film 'Flesh and Blood').

Max - So we wanted to personally say 'hi cousin Ronnie and hi cousin Carol!' on our blog - we can't wait until we get to meet you in pupson!

JD - Next up on our list of news is our ongoing training with human pups.

Max - Hmmmm, I'm always a bit suspicious of human pups - they usually move really quickly and are incredibly LOUD!

JD - Oooh, no - I simply LOVE human pups!

Max - Sigh - I know bro', I know! But then you are a lot more laid back than me!

JD - As we don't live with human pups FH is very keen that we nevertheless get used to them so that we can be as comfortable as possible in any given human-pup scenario! So, at least once a week FH takes us on a walk to the local supermarket. Not to shop, but to wait outside for about 20 minutes.

Max - At first we thought she was completely mental! Supermarkets are crazy - there are so many people everywhere, cars and motorbikes revving up, shopping trolleys trundling past making strange noises, children running around screaming or whooshing past on roller skates or skateboards, lots of people shouting into their mobile phones - seriously, you humans are so NOISY!

JD - But after a few weeks we got used to it and now we're really relaxed about it.

Max - And the best thing is that whilst we're patiently waiting around FH is usually approached several times by a hassled looking parent with children, asking if they can 'pet the doggies'.

JD - I LOVE this part - my tail nearly wags off! I let the human pups do whatever they want with me - they can pull my ears and tug my tail and shriek as loud as they want, I remain gentle and happy.

Max - I'm not quite so keen - I usually hang back whilst JD gets the initial attention. But then I get a bit jealous so I move in for some fussing myself!

JD - FH will always tell the human pups how to interact with us and how NOT to approach a doggie, so even if they started by pulling my ears they soon stop. But I don't mind at all - those human pups can do anything they want to me without me getting grumpy....

Max - ....unlike me! But this is why these sessions are so good, as the human pups learn and I'm get more confident each time.

JD - Mind you, there is one human pup who we both adore - meet N, the granddaughter of one of our puppy sitters....

Max enjoys a back rub from N - mmmm, nice!

JD settles down for an afternoon of delightful ear scritches!

We love N - and we're such lucky boys because she loves us too!

Max - Now, we know Easter is over but we want to quickly show you the yummies that our humans let us have!

A scrummy Easter egg and bunny chewie each - mmmmm!

JD waits patiently for his treat, like the good boy that he is....

....whilst Max just can't help himself and leans in for crafty nibble!

"Mmmmm - super scrummy!"

JD - One other photo we wanted to quickly share with you is one of us having a good old chomp on some cardboard!

Max - When Honey mentioned recently that Hsin-Yi used to save up cardboard tubes for her to have a chew on we had to laugh because that's exactly what FH does for us!

JD - "Okay Max, assume the position - then rip that baby to shreds!!"
Max - "Hey JD, you look like you're chomping on a cigar, he he he!"

JD - Now, before we go we just want to show off our latest award! We have to apologise as FH has been dreadful at posting our awards over the past few months - sob!

Max - But we were SO proud of this award that we had very stern words with FH to ensure she posted it for us!

Thank you so much Tessa!

JD - Not only is Tessa a real cutie she's also a really amazing and inspirational doggie. At a tiny 5lbs she nevertheless appears huge in our eyes, as she's a medical assistance doggie for her mom.

Max - Thank you so much for this award Tessa - we are delighted to accept it and we're displaying it with immense pride! There is nothing to "do" for this lovely award - Tessa passed it onto us for being 'kind and wonderful' - *blush!*

JD - Thank you SO much Tessa and your mom - you rock!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Blog update and Sunday snuggles!

JD - Hi everyone - we hope you're having a great Easter - we are!

Max - Yes, we've been having great fun! We really like having the humans around all the time to cater to our every whim, he he he!

JD - They've finally got round to updating our blog - at last! We've been on at them for AGES to do this!

Max - Too right - we've had problems for MONTHS with our followers tag, our tweet links and our woof-box. FH finally got off her backside and sorted it out for us - about time FH! After all - as every dog knows - why have a human and walk yourself?!

JD - However, FH did drop a clanger we're afraid. She lost all the blogs we had listed on our blog-roll - noooooo!

Max - We THINK we've remembered and re-listed all our pals, but please DO let us know if we've accidentally missed you off so that we can add you again - we'd hate to miss out on your adventures simply because FH had a useless moment, sigh....!

JD - And now that our 'followers tag' is working again please do add yourself if you haven't already done so! Plus, FH has set up a Facebook page for us so we'd be really delighted if you become a fan - the link is on the right hand side of our page!

Max - Anyway, enough about our new layout, what we would like to share with you today is some photos of us snuggling up together.

JD - We admit we got the 'Sunday Snuggles' idea from The Poupounette gang - their 'Snuggles on a Sunday' are always one of our favourite posts of the week!

Max - We wanted to show these photos because we want to show what good friends we are. So many time FH has been told 'oooh, you've made a mistake getting two males from the same litter' - well, you know what we say to these people? We say 'phooey!'

JD - Admittedly, FH really didn't know anything about doggies when she chose us and she's not sure she'd recommend anyone else getting two males from the same litter herself - but she says that's because she couldn't 'do' having two puppies at the same time again (apparently it was very hard work, he he he) and nothing to do with worrying about us not getting on.

Max - You see, FH and MH deliberately chose us two because we had (and still have!) completely different personalities!

JD - I'm very laid back - one of the main reasons for my full name, 'Just Dog'! I like nothing better than kicking back and I tend to go with the flow. If my bro' wants the toy I'm playing with that's fine by me! If my bro' wants the treat I'm eating I don't have a problem with it! I like to groom Max's ears as I know it relaxes him and I'm happiest when we're snuggling together!

Max - I'm the alpha dog who's always on the go - one the main reasons I'm called Max as I like to push everything 'to the max!' My favourite food is whatever JD is eating and my favourite toy usually happens to be the one he's just picked out! When JD grooms my ears I can fall asleep immediately and I'm also happiest when we're snuggling together!

JD - So without any further ado, here are some photos that prove just that....

One of FH's favourite photos of us having a snooze! One you're probably familiar with as we also like it and have opted to keep it in our blog header!

We published this photo of Max usig JD as a pillow a couple of weeks ago - it proved very popular!

And here's a photo of JD using Max as a pillow!

A little bit of mirror image snoozing in this photo!

Two tired lads crash out in their bed - check out JD's impressive eyebrows in this shot!

The boys sink into the plumpness of their favourite cushion - ahhh, big enough for two!

Two exhausted pups on the sofa!

JD uses Max as a pillow again - ahhh, you can't beat a fluffy tummy for comfort can you?!

Max - So, as you can see, we are the best of buddies!

JD - Our humans know they're fortunate that we get on so well - apart from just before our 'big boy op' last year we've always got on. We never fall out and we can't imagine that we ever will!

Max - Mind you, we like to snuggle with our humans too! So we'll leave you with a photo of us doing just that....