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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Crossed Paws Chrismtas Auction

JD - Hi everyone! We just wanted to check in to let you all know that we're SO excited about the Crossed Paws Christmas Auction that we've published the current auction index to give you all a sneak peek of just what's available at the moment!

We bet you really, really wanna see what's available at the Crossed Paws Christmas Auction - are we right or are we RIGHT?!!

Max - This auction is going to be GREAT! And a huge success! And it's all going to be because of you wonderful blogville pups and kits out there!

JD - Also - don't furget the great raffle - just LOOK at what you could win!

You could be the lucky winner of this great pendant - although it would have YOUR photos etched on as opposed to ours of course!

Max - We bought some tickets for some of our pals! I bought a ticket for the most beautiful security gal in the World, my gorgeous Maisie!

JD - And I bought a ticket for my sweet and beautiful and lovely Izzy!

Max - And we bought a ticket for our US little sisfur Tessa!

JD - And we bought a ticket for our US big schnauzer bro' Oskar!

Max - And finally we just HAD to buy a ticket for our BFF Syd - he'd love to win it for his human!

Introducing our BFF Syd the greyhound - isn't he pawsome? Don't we just make the most handsome trio you've ever seen?!

JD - Please DO go and check out the Auction - it opens for bidding on 19th November so go and have a browse!

Max - And if anyone has any items they'd like to donate just e-mail The Crossed Paws organisation at 'crossed-paws@gmx.com' with a photo, a brief description and the starting price you'd like the bidding to start at!

JD - Thanks everyone - woof soon!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Long time no woof.......


We're still here!

How YOU all doing?! As the title says - long time, no woof!

OMD - we miss blogging and we miss our pals - we sure hope you haven't forgotten all about us!

We hope to be back to blogging properly soon - this is just a little 'teaser' to say 'hi' and to pass on a very, VERY impawtant message....

....about the 're-launch' of Crossed Paws!

It's very exciting stuff - there's going to be a Christmas Auction and there's a fabulous re-launch raffle!!

But we need your help to ensure that Crossed Paws continues to be the success it has been up to now and to ensure that pups ad kits in need continue to get the help they deserve.

So please DO go and check it all out right HERE - right NOW!! And please spread the word and share the link to the new site!

And we'll be back at 'Schnauzer and Schnauzer' with a full post before Christmas!

Woof soon!

In the meantime - JD just wanted to declare that he's TOTALLY in love with Izzy!!