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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Apologies for our absence....

Hi everyone! We're sorry we haven't been around for ages - we've got some 'stuff' going on here that the humans need to work through which means no time for blogging so we won't be around for a while, although we DO hope to be back by the fall. The humans are fine and we're fine - it's just that human 'stuff' can be quite tiresome and time-consuming - sigh!!!

What do you think of our pawmanship?!

In the meantime we are still proud members of blogville's Crossed Paws organisation and have been a part of this weekend's amazing 'Picnic in the Park' - please check out the dunk tanks and sack race here and offer your support to this amazing event!!

So in the meantime, (as Arnie used to say!) - 'we'll be back!'
(If you really, REALLY miss us please 'like' our 'schnauzer and schnauzer' page on Facebook as FH updates it regularly - she's able to do this during our walks on her smartphone, although we admit it's not the same as having our own blog!)