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Saturday, 28 August 2010

We officially announce Shelby's auction OPEN....!

Hi everyone - we're pleased to announce that Shelby's auction is now officially open!

Here's how to take part:-

1 - Browse through available items and bid on the ones you like by leaving a comment. If another pup has already bid you will need to outbid them to secure the item. Please don't feel bad about outbidding your pals - it's all for Shelby and that's the important thing!

2 - The auction will close at 5.00 am on Monday, 30th August, GMT. At that time the 'comments' section will be deactivated and no more bids can be made!

3 - By noon on Monday, GMT, we will publish who has secured the winning bid for each item. We will ask the lucky bidders to pay via the paypal 'donate' button already published on the auction site, with the request that they quote the unique 'TS' number of item(s) they have bid on.

4 - Once payment has been received we will contact the pup who donated the auction item and inform them how they can get in touch with the winning bidder and arrange for the item to be sent off!

5 - There are also a few 'buy it now' items which will be available to buy from midnight on Friday, GMT - if you wish to purchase one of these items just hit the 'paypal' button on the item in question!

6 - Please DO remind your blog pals about this auction! And if anyone has any questions at any point just let us know!

We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to EVERYPUP who has generously donated items to this auction as well as a huge thank you to EVERYPUP who has already placed a bid. And finally a big thanks to EVERYPUP who has helped us to spread the word about this auction - we couldn't have done any of this without you all!

Good luck and happy bidding!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

We're baaaack!!

JD - Hi everyone! We hope you're well - we're back from the kennels now!

Max - Well, DUR JD!!

JD - Humph - no need to be so RUDE Max!

Max - He he he - sorry bro'! Our humans had a GREAT time in Edinburgh - they were only there for 62 hours from touch-down to take-off, but still managed to pack in 15 shows during that time....

JD - ....they say they're still recovering! Well, so are we - we had a BLAST at the kennels! We mixed with some real cool doggies and were exhausted when we came home.

Max - "Gosh JD, I'm SOOO tired! JD? JD???!!!"
JD - "ZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ!!"

Max - We're afraid that our humans were so manic with shows during their brief stay in Edinburgh that they didn't take ANY photos of the city for us to show you. We apologise - we think we might need to employ some new staff, sigh....!

JD - The next few photos we have posted especially for Oskar! He is a master schnauzer nest-builder and has offered us much scholarly advice on this subject as we've been growing up!

Max - We wanted to show him how accomplished we have become at nest-building under his wise tutelage!! We have been nesting non-stop since we got back from the kennels trying to get our energy levels up again!

Exhibit A - Max snuggles into his 'Schnauzer property laws' cushion, whilst JD rests on his 'hammock-style' cushion-pile that he arranged earlier. Sadly you can't see it in this photo, but he's resting on top of the red and blue cushions that Oskar sent them last year - they're SO comfy!

Exhibit B - The boys REALLY show off their nesting skills in this truly impressive 'double-decker' combo! Max is snuggling into FH whilst JD has fashioned a nest around him with an oversized cushion direct from the sofa-back!

JD - We're going to try and catch up with all your blogs this week! We wanted to over the weekend but the humans were rather busy - something about having been married for 18 years and wanting to celebrate....

Max - ....such feeble excuses!! And now they're back at work - sigh!!

JD - We're also doing the count-down to Shelby's auction this weekend! We're SO excited, everyone has been so generous and we can't wait for the event! We'll be posting more information nearer the time.

Max - Items are still coming in so make sure you check it out and don't miss out on bagging yourself some pawsome items!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Out of Office!

JD - Hi folks! We're off to the kennels tomorrow for a few days whilst our humans go gadding off to Edinburgh for the festival.

Max - Sigh - yes, they're abandoning us again as they go on their annual jaunt. Sure, we love the kennels and get very well looked after (okay, spoiled!) but we feel that is HARDLY the point!

JD - We sure hope you don't forget us whilst we're away! When we're back we'll be updating Shelby's auction page first off as we'll be on our final count-down to the actual auction weekend - it's very exciting! But this does mean it might be a while before we can leave you all with proper 'woof-back' on your blogs...

Max - Please bear with us! In the meantime here is a photo of us having a snooze with our octopus - we just thought you'd like it!!

Dreaming sweet dreams of visiting all our blog pals in pupson!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Shelby's Auction - Quick Update!

JD - Hi everyone - I'd just like to quickly report that my paw is now completely healed and I'm able to scamper around and play FULL bitey-face and zoomies once more!

Max - It's fab to have a full time playmate again - I'm SO happy!

JD - I have quite a nifty scar now - I'm hoping I'll impress the ladies with it!

Max - Er, yes JD, whatever!! Anyway, we wanted to give you all a quick report on Shelby's Auction - we're thrilled with how it's all going!

JD - Firstly, we've been blown away by how generous all you pups and kitties have been with donations of items to auction - thank you all so much, there are some great items up for auction.

Max - Although the auction date is officially set for 28th/29th August bidding HAS now started. We made an official decision to open the items up for bids with immediate effect as we hoped this might help bring in more money for sweet Shelby!

JD - We're also considering changing the 'doggie romance pack' that we've putting forward from fixed price to an auction item as we've had quite a bit of feedback on it! As it's so popular we thought we'd try what we could to bring in more green papers for Shelby!

An unrelated photo of us showing off our ear flappage skills - just so you don't forget how cute we are!

Max - Also, we are thrilled to announce that one of the items that has been donated by Mona and her mommy has turned out to be a rare collectible - click here to view the details.

JD - An identical item is up for auction on E-Bay for $255.00! Mona's mommy suggested we start the bidding price at $150.00 but we're wondering if anypup has any ideas on how we can promote this item so that other interested parties can become aware of it? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Max - We'd also like to report that our pals Buddy and Ginger from India wanted to bid on an item but were concerned about us spending money on postage to where they live, so kindly agreed to donate but forfeit their package - isn't that kind?

JD - Buddy and Ginger even offered to give up their doggie noms for a year if they could help Shelby! We were so impressed that we've agreed to send them a special, surprise package for their donation that is extra light so that they don't feel guilty!

JD - "Hey Max, doesn't FH look a little windswept to you?!"
Max - "YIKES!! You'r not wrong JD! Blustery weather does not suit her!"

Max - Some of their friends are also going to make donations to Shelby's fund - sweet Shelby has touched so many people, it's simply wonderful!

JD - We're trying our hardest to keep up with the auction site and we think we're just about managing it! But we'd like to aplogise for sometimes not getting in touch immediately when we've been e-mailed with questions or donations. The time-zone difference adds a few complications too!

Max - We'd also like to thank everyone who has helped us with suggestions for auction design and for making grab buttons for us - it's really appreciated!

JD - As we type this message the total money raised so far from Shelby's Acution site from bids and pledged donations is $203.00! We think that's a pretty cool amount at this early stage in the auction!

Max - But we'd still like to urge you all to go and outbid all your pals - he he he!

JD - Oh yes - do it for Shelby!!

Max - Finally, if anypup has an item they'd like to add to Shelby's auction please let us know about it as soon as possible!

JD - Thanks everyone! We're sorry we haven't been leaving comments on your blogs recently as much as we'd like but it is because we've been busy with the auction and we're sure you all understand.

Max - We miss you all but we ARE still reading your blogs! Please bear with us until the end of August - we're trying to leave a few comments and we're still reading your blogs, we just haven't had the time to give you any woof-back.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

Amazing pressies from our best pal Gus!

JD - We have had SUCH a fun few days!

Max - It all started when our neighbours brought round a parcel they had taken in for us. They were very apologetic as they'd had it for nearly a week!!

JD - But the main thing was that we finally got it! Gosh, we were SO excited when we saw our names on it - who could it be from?!

Max - *Sniff! Sniff!* "This smells schnauzer-ish JD, I think it's from one of our blog pals!"
JD - "Oh wow, oh wow, OH WOW!"

Max - We opened the parcel and immediately pulled out a note! It was from Gus, our great and extremely handsome black schnauzer pal from across that big pond thingy!

JD - He explained that his FH had made some gifts especially for our FH and that he had paw-picked some gifts especially for us. Well, we were beside ourselves!

JD - "Oooh, doesn't Gus have wonderful paw-writing Max?!"
Max - "He's obviously a pup of many talents JD!"

Max - The first item we pulled out of the parcel was a bag of noms!

JD - Milk bone biccie noms - they smelled GOOD!

"Open, open, OPEN!!"

JD - "NOM!"
Max - "I want one, I want one, I WANT ONE!"

Max - "At last - NOM!"
JD - "Best just check for crumbs....!"

Max - FH always rations any new noms - sigh, she's SO militant!

JD - So we turned our attention to the next wonderful item out of the parcel - a new stuffie each!

JD - "FH gave me the goose that she said matched my collar!"

Max - "Ooh, ooh! JD, JD!! The geese squeak! They do, they really do! Go on, press it with your nose, it's really fun!"

Max - "Um, I think you'll find you've got MY goose there bro' - hand it over!!"

Max - "Grumble! I'm taking MY goose off the sofa so JD doesn't try to STEAL it again - humph!"

Max - There was also a new doggie tennis ball in the parcel for us!

Max - "S'alright JD - I'm QUITE happy to try the ball out for you. No no - no need to thank me!"

Max - "Surrounded by our new goodies - now THIS is living!"

JD - We told FH we were more than happy to check out her gifts too - we're kind like that!

JD - "Oooh, cool bag FH! Did you put our milk bones in here - hang on, just let me double-check....!"

Max - Look at this cute bag that Gus's FH made for our FH! FH can't even sew a button on straight so she's so impressed at how talented Gus's human is!

One side of the bag with a cute button and bow detail!

Max - "Here's me enhancing the button detail!"

The other side of the bag with a cute black doggie and bone detail!

Max - "And here's me enhancing the cute doggie and bone detail too, he he he!"

This detail proves that we have a 'Designer Gus' exclusive product! The black doggie with the red bow is so cute and look - Gus even had the bone engraved with the message 'best friend'! That Gus - he's SO cool! He's the best pal a couple of doggies could have!

Max - Gus's FH also made a cosmetic bag with some cute doggie material!

A close-up of the cute doggie material!

Max - "Eh? What do you mean it's a cosmetic bag and NOT a new toy for me? FH - you're such a spoilsport!"

JD - There was a also a glasses case made from doggie paw-print material!

You can't blame US for THESE pawprints FH, he he he!

Max - And finally Gus's FH had made our FH a really sweet tissue holder out of some really cool 'Java' material.

JD - It has a tie-up front and Gus's FH has suggested that we could also use this to keep our noms safe when we go out - we think this is an EXCELLENT idea!

JD - "Isn't the design brilliant?! I especially love the idea of this holding our noms in the future....!"

Max - We were thrilled to receive such wonderful gifts from Gus and his FH. Thank you so, SO much! We've been having so much fun with our new toys and FH has been showing off her new items to everyone!

JD - Yup, she's taken her new bag nearly everywhere with her since she got it, she absolutely loves it! Thank you SO much!

JD - "We're so pleased we get to have our photo taken with handsome Gus!"
Max - "Gus - thank you so much for ALL our goodies! You ROCK!"

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday - the tasty edition!

(Aside - we apologise for not getting round to leaving comments on your blogs as much recently - we've been overwhelmed by the generosity that's being shown for Shelby's Auction and we're spending our time updating the Auction site. If you'd like to donate something to be auctioned please pee-mail us at 'schnauzerandschnauzer@googlemail.com'. Anyhoo, we hope you 'bear with us' during this time and don't abandon us!!! Yours a tad dramatically - he he he! - JD and Max!)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Weekend wrap-up!

JD - Hi everyone - just a quick update today as we've been very busy working on Shelby's auction page - please do go over and have a nose around if you haven't already done so!

Max - We've got some great stuff coming in for it - we're very excited! We're also going to have a raffle - prize to be announced! - which will be picked out of a hat. Everyone who becomes a follower of Shelby's Auction Page will be entered into the raffle so make sure you become a follower!

JD - It's taking us a bit longer than we thought it would (like most things!) to get the page set up, what with having to link e-mails and add
PayPal buttons and that sort of thing but we think we've got a layout that works now! We just need to drop in all auction items now, so please keep your generous contributions coming in!

Max - Also, we've been a bit
pre-occupied because JD had his stitches out and his cone off on Friday - we had the GREATEST walk ever straight afterwards, but sadly JD started limping again on Saturday. FH and MH took him straight back to the Vets who couldn't find anything wrong with him. They were told that we might have overdone it with playing like maniacs straight after the removal of the cone and the stitches!

JD - I still can't walk very well - my paw is very sore but I'm not sure why. I just hope I don't have another seed in it that's going to fester and flare up. The humans can't see anything wrong on any part of my leg or paw and neither can I...

Max - ....I can't either and I've checked your paw a few times!

JD - I just know it hurts and I wish it would stop 'cos I wanna play
zoomies and bitey face again. It was SO much fun playing with you again on Friday! Here is a photo of us playing 'mad bitey-face' around FH's legs, he he he! We often play around her feet as it's our way of inviting her to join in, although strangely she never takes us up on the offer.

JD - "Take that Max, bwahahahaha!" Max - "Come on FH - join in!"

Max - It was wonderful! We were so fast we were a BLUR! I miss bitey face - sigh....!

JD - Me too Max. The humans know I'm not faking the limp as they've seen me do it on
puppycam (the indoor security camera they use to tune in on us whenever they have to abandon us to do un-puppy-related activity!)

Max - Before we leave we wanted to show you a photo of the type of horrible grass seeds that we get here that cause huge problems for us puppies.

These particular grass seeds are like darts and they're barbed too so once they've pierced the skin they can burry deep -ouch!

JD - Apparently, removing grass seeds is what pays the Vets mortgages during the summer in the UK, it's SUCH a common problem! They get in paws, noses, ears, armpits - it's horrible!

These seeds can be very large, as FH demonstrates here! They're particularly dangerous when they've become crispy in the sun as they are so dry they become as sharp as needles.

Max - Finally, here is a photo of a jellyfish we found on the beach on Friday, before JD started limping again.

JD - FH kept shouting as us to stay away from it. Well, considering it looked like something she' just sneezed up we were VERY happy to oblige!

"Atishoo! Bless you FH!! He he he!!"

Max - Yeah - as if I was going to put my nose into THAT! Sheesh - humans!!