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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(JD and Max fell asleep during a game of tug! Now, let's just have a little close up of Max, who appears to have opted for 'the bunny' snooze position....)

(...now THAT'S what we call relaxed!!)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

The conjoined Schnauzers

JD - Yikes! What's this? These poor puppies are joined at the the head! Their life must be hard - the appear to only have 3 ears and 3 eyes between them - how sad....

Max - Um, JD.....

JD - Shush Max! I'm feeling the pain of these two poor pups....

Max - But JD - it's us!

JD - Eh? Whassat?!

Max - Don't you remember? The other day when you thought my head would made a good pillow so you flumped down for a snooze right on top of me?

JD - Oh yes! You were everso comfy!

Max - Well, the humans thought we looked 'quite funny' apparently so they took a photo of us.

JD - The nerve of those humans! Still, it DOES make a rather odd picture I suppose..

Max - It does a bit. I know we're very close and I'm always happiest when we're snoozing together, but I must admit I'm glad we're NOT actually joined at the head!

JD - Yup - I can't disagree with you there bro!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

They seek him here, they seek him there....

JD - Hi everyone! Now, we don't want to alarm anyone but.....

Max - Look out!! Watch your backs! And your fronts! And most definitely keep watch on all your paws!!

JD - Um - way to go to keep everyone calm Max!

Max - [Proudly] You're most welcome!

JD - [Shaking his head....!] Quite! Anyway, as I was saying, we don't want to alarm anyone but we DO have some rather alarming news.

Max - That's right! Do you remember a few posts ago I got blamed for chewing up a credit card!

Exhibit A - A munched credit card!

JD - Most unfair!

Max - And then only this week you were busted for allegedly digging a hole in the garden....

Exhibit B - The mysterious garden hole!

JD - ....when all I was doing was simply looking at it and wondering who had dug it. Seriously!

Max - We kept on telling our humans that it was a rogue puppy who kept on coming into the house, doing bad stuff, and then running away...

JD - ....but would they listen?

Max - [to himself] Would YOU before you suddenly got the blame for digging a hole....

JD - Pardon?

Max - Oh - um - nothing.....

JD - But anyway, we've started to notice a rather alarming trend recently.

Max - That's right! It would appear that this dastardly puppy has now gone - gasp! - international!

JD - You see, his work has been spotted in various other locations.

Max - A few weeks ago the paw print of this rogue puppy was spotted in Singapore in the form of a chewed shoe....

Exhibit C - A tasty looking - erm, we mean - a chewed shoe!

JD - ....and it was poor, innocent Vodka who got the blame!

Max - We mentioned this rogue puppy to the lovely Sasha from Australia - she is such a wise puppy and knew immediately that we were most probably up against the elusive Scarlet Puppynickel!

JD - Yes indeed. We gather that poor Sasha often ends up with an empty dinner bowl when she hasn't even snarffled a morsel of her food - it's obviously all down to this Scarlet Puppynickel!

Exhibit D - An empty dinner bowl!

Max - The Scarlet Puppynickel has also visited the US, where he got another upright citizen - the always obedient Oskar - in trouble by digging a hole in his yard and scarpering....

Exhibit E - Signs of Puppynickel digging in a back yard!

JD - The NERVE of this Puppynickel!

Max - So we thought we'd best issue a puppy information bulletin for everyone!

JD - That's right! After all, every pup and kitty knows the famous Scarlet Puppynickel song....

They seek him here, they seek him there!
Those humans seek him everywhere.

Is he a big doggie or is he little?

That damned elusive Puppynickel!

He meddles with the things the humans own,
Popping in and out each week,
Chewing lots of stuff around their home,

La, what cheek!
They seek him here, they seek him there!
Those humans seek him everywhere.

If you should see him, please don't be fickle!

Tell everyone you've seen the Puppynickel!

They seek him here, they seek him there,

Those humans seek him everywhere.

Oh, Puppy, how the humans do implore you,
Simply to stay home asleep!

With all your interference,

It's hard to keep their homes neat!
They seek him here, they seek him there!

The ladies seek him everywhere!

He gives the humans nothing but frustration!

Goodness! He's a spoilsport!

He can chew an item to complete annihilation,
With just one snort!

They seek him here, they seek him there!

Those humans seek him everywhere!

Is he a big doggie or is he little?

That damned elusive Puppynickel.

Max - Obviously, this Puppynickel figure is VERY elusive so we have no real idea what he looks like.

JD - But we think it might be something like this....
Artist's impression of what the Scarlet Puppynickel might look like!

Max - Be careful good friends - these are obviously dangerous times for us all!

JD - Indeed! The next time any evidence of Scarlet Puppynickel daring deeds appear around your house make sure you direct your humans to this puppy information bulletin so that they will immediately know who the true culprit is!

Max - And please report any Scarlet Puppynickel activity to us so that we can continue to report on it!

JD - Stay strong everyone - together, we can overcome!!

** UPDATE!!**

JD - Friends! After posting this puppy information bulletin we have received information about further sightings of the Scarlet Puppynickel! His activity appears to becoming more rife with each passing day!

Max - That's right! Check out Gus's blog to find out how this dastardly puppy trained up innocent and trusting Maggie, landing her in trouble as a result.

JD - And head off to Schanzuer-tude to read an exclusive interview with Calvert, a brave puppy who witnessed first-paw the devastation that the Scarlet Puppynickel can cause.

Max - And maybe most alarming of all - gasp! - the work of the Scarlet Puppynickel has been spotted in the home of The Island Cats, leaving a trail of chewed wires and shoe laces!

JD - He has now crossed over from puppy to kitty trouble making - he MUST be stopped!

Max - Please keep your updates coming - we can get through this!

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Me and my boys!

(Scruffy old clothes, scruffy young schnauzers (!) a big field to romp in and a ball to play with, all after an enjoyable days work - BLISS!)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Goodbye gorgeous girl

Female Human - I'm taking over the boys' blog as they are very sad just now - as am I. We all found out a few minutes ago that Stephy, one of our our beautiful, fun, cute and gorgeous Schnauzer blog friends, sadly and very tragically passed away today - she was only 5 years old. We're all glad we got to know her and our thoughts are with her family at this very sad time.

We would like to send a white rose of remembrance to this very special little girl and let her know that we loved her from the moment we first saw her.

We would like to ask that you please take the time to leave a kind message with her sweet little Schnauzer daughters Fatty and Ally and her loving humans at their blog to help them through this painful time as they must be feeling so sad just now.

RIP little Stephy - you will be sadly missed by everyone who knew you.

Friday, 17 July 2009


JD - Now that we don't have carpet any more our domain during the day when our humans are at work has grown!

Max - Yeah! We're now allowed in the lounge AND the conservatory as well as the kitchen!

JD - As you all know our humans miss us so much when they're not around....

Max - Naturally!

JD - ....so they installed a puppycam a few months back so that they can have a sneak peak at us at any point during the day. They have a few cameras installed now so can watch us in different areas of the house.

Max - So we thought we'd show you a few of the highlights from this week! Here's a back shot of us in the lounge having a bit of a natter....

JD - Does my butt look big from this angle?
Max - Um - er - I can neither confirm nor deny that JD....!

JD - ....and here's a front shot of us in the lounge - he he he!

"Stop fidgeting JD, you're rucking up the rug!"

Max - As you can see our humans still pen us in - sigh! It's SO not fair! Something to do with a certain puppy who can't be trusted not to chew things that are squidgy AND not to 'dig' on the furniture!

JD - *Glares at Max!* Quite! I wonder who that could be then?!

Max - I've told you before JD - it's that rogue puppy that runs in, does stuff and then runs off again!

JD - Oh, right! The one that looks just like you?

Max - That's him! He's a pest!

JD - Hmmmm....! Anyway, here we are again, sleeping in artistic formation....

"Max - put your left paw in a bit....a bit more....little bit more.....that's it, perfect!"

Max - We like to vary where we snooze - it's a serious business you know! So here's me attempting the 'solo forward diagonal' snooze position....


JD - ....whilst I try out the 'inter-bed flomp' position in the kitchen.

"Mmmmm - comfy! Nice cool floor.....zzzz!"

JD - But then I started to wonder if I could do the 'solo forward diagonal' position as good a Max so I thought I'd give it a go....


JD - What do you think? Can I pull it off the way Max does?

Max - Not bad JD. But I think you'll have to try VERY hard to beat my 'super-snuggled-corner-cuddler' position, as demonstrated in our doggie sofa below - I was rather proud of this, even if I DO say so myself....

"Sigh....! It's SUCH a hard life being a puppy - snuffle!"

JD - Very cute Max! We do love our snoozing, but a pup has to wake up when there are other serious matters at paw, such as a human turning up to give us a lunch-time snack. Our male human witnessed this earlier in the week - we were just about to be served natural yoghurt with a smidgen of local honey stirred in (local honey on a daily basis can help a pup overcome his hay fever - I can highly recommend it!)....

"Oooh - is that yoghurt? It is, it IS! Well, hurry up human....!"

Max - We're glad our humans have got puppycam, but obviously we'd rather they were here in person to keep an eye on us.

JD - True Max, but remember - they need to work to earn enough to keep us in doggie biscuits, doggie beds, doggie toys....

Max - Sigh....! I suppose so JD, I suppose so!

"Sigh! When do you think the human are coming back JD?"

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Where we live

We dedicate this post to our lovely kitty pal Kareltje (and her human Anya!) from the Netherlands who earlier today did a post about the Dutch sea which has inspired us to post the following snapshots....

Sunrise over Clacton beach....

Sunset over Clacton beach....

Happy puppies meeting a new pal on Clacton beach....

"Oooh - hello! Fancy a game of zoomies?!"

We all love living so close to the seaside!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

New cushion!

JD - Although we've now got the hang of the new hardwood floor, our humans thought they would nevertheless treat us to a new cushion.

Max - They thought it would be nice for us to have another soft area in the lounge to 'flump' ourselves down on!

JD - That's right - after all, until they bought us this new cushion the only place we had to lay our weary, puppy heads on was our big doggie sofa....

Flumping JD, hidden Max! Max snuggles in tightly to the corner of their big doggie sofa!

Max - ....our small doggie sofa....

JD loves his little doggie sofa!

JD - ....our donut doggie bed....

JD snuggles into his donut - but still makes sure he can keep a look-out 'just in case'....!

Max - ....our winter doggie bed (that our humans have now put away for the summer!)....

JD and Max snuggle into the fluffiness that is their winter bed!

JD - ....our small doggie duvet....

JD and Max enjoy their doggie duvet!

Max - ....our doggie mat....

Max takes full command of his doggie mat!

JD - ....and our fluffy doggie mattress....

JD moves his doggie mattress to the corner of the kitchen for a peaceful snooze!

Max - ....so really, as you can plainly see, hardly anywhere at all for two handsome Schnauzers to snooze and relax!

JD - But we now have this fabulous new cushion. Oooh, it's really plump and snug!

"Ooooh, plump and snug!"

Max - It's wonderful! A pup can really relax when he sinks into the snug depths....*contented sigh!* Hey JD, you've really got to give this a go - come and join me!

JD - Well - you DO look really comfy, so I don't mind if I do.....

We heart our new cushion!

Both - Ahhhh - bliss!

JD - "Budge up a bit Max!" Max - "Eh, whassat JD?"

Both - Snuffle, snuffle - mmmm, nice......!

JD - "Ah, that's better - you have a very comfy tummy Max!" Max - "Zzzzz...!"

Both - Zzzzzzzzz............!

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

There are now four of us.....!

JD - Our humans brought 2 new doggies home the other day!

Max - They didn't even consult us beforepaw - how rude is that?!

JD - We're not quite sure what to make of the situation. I mean, these two other doggies seem nice enough we suppose....

Max - ....but they're a bit aloof. For example, they don't join in with us when we play zoomies in the garden....

"Hi guys - fancy a game of zoomies....?"

JD - ....and they don't like to play 'bitey face' either!

"No? Um - how about a game of bitey face then? Not that either? Sheesh- you two are hard to please....!"

Max - Sigh - they're hard work! Still, at least they don't eat any of our treats!

JD - Yup - that's a very good point bro!

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Our weekend

JD - We LOVE weekends!

Max - Yup - they're brilliant! Firstly, our humans stick around and fuss us for most of the day.

JD - And secondly we always get to meet up with our 'gang' over at the park!

Max - During the week we go out for our morning walks about an hour earlier you see, so we often miss seeing some of our pals - sigh!

"Come on female human, come ON! Our pals are waiting for us.....!"

JD - Here's a photo of our most favourite human EVER!

Female Human - Hey!

JD - Oh! Um, sorry! Obviously, we mean our favourite after you and- erm - male human of course!

"Hello 'M', hello!" "Pat me first!" "No, me!" "No, no, me...!"

Max - Can you see us in the group? See how all the doggies gather round 'M', like the birds around St Francis? She's great - I've even tried to follow her home once too......!

"Oooh, did we hear the rustle of a treat bag being opened?!"

"Oooh, we did, we did!"
Max - '"M' obviously likes ME the best! I got the first treat - ha!"

Max - "I just wanted to show you a close up of how gently I take a treat from M, aren't I a good puppy?!"

JD - "Well, 'M' likes me too! Look, she's making sure I get an extra special treat here...."

JD -" ....and here's a close-up of ME being a perfect gent as I politely accept 'M's offer of a biscuit - yummy!"

JD - We love walkies on a weekend - our pals are so much fun to play with!

Max - Here's a photo of Pippa - she's three years old and always invites us to join her in a game of zoomies. She's great fun, and certainly holds her own against the two of us!

Pretty Pippa - always triumphant at zoomies!

JD - And here's a photo of her big brother Harry! He's eleven but still has moments of 'pure puppiness', like when he's chasing squirrels!

Harry always shows the squirrels who's the boss!

Max - It's been so warm recently though, even when we set off on our morning walks really early. But the humans always bring a drink along for us doggies - having a human CAN sometimes be beneficial I suppose!

JD stops for a mid-walk drink - "Mmmmm, rather a nice H2O vintage that.....!"

JD - Thanks to everyone for all your keep cool tips - we've tried out a few. Our personal favourite is the ice-cube tip from the lovely Sasha.

"Oooh - all tingly on our tongue!"

Max - Oooh, ice-cubes are fun, we like to throw them around the room, he he he!

"Now, if I throw this ice cube just right I'm sure I can hit one of my humans with it...."

JD - Thanks everyone, we appreciate all your comments, it really is brilliant to have made such good blog pals - you're the best!

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