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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Chalk and cheese - Post 2, our outlook on life!

FH - Hi everyone! Firstly, apologies for not getting round to visit your blogs much this week - we've had a bit of trouble with our Internet connection, probably due to the volume of users on-line locally because we've had a general election. As I type this our country has no one in charge!! It's a hung Parliament - the next few weeks should be rather interesting! Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal broadband-wise so we'll be visiting again soon!

Secondly, when I set this little 'chalk and cheese' project up for the boys I had no idea that this was such a British phrase! I love what I learn from the blogsphere
- we've experienced this before when the boys did a post entitled 'elevensses' about their mid-morning snack!

Right, today's 'chalk and cheese' is about my boys' outlook on life. I thought it would be fun to ask them to both write a short account of the same day, entitled 'What I Did Last Saturday'! JD - over to you!

JD - Thanks FH! Okay everyone, here is my essay....

What I Did Last Saturday - by JD Schnauzer

Last Saturday Max woke me up at 5.30 am when he decided he wanted to play with squeaky chicken. Don't get me wrong, I love squeaky chicken as much as the next dog, but I suggested to Max that as it was the weekend our humans might appreciate a lie-in. He just laughed and started woofing loudly about FH
loving mornings. I did try to shush him, but when my brother gets something into his head it's pretty hard to distract him.

Some cute photos of us will be dotted throughout our essays to keep you entertained! Here's JD showing that his legs are about twice as long as Max's!

FH appeared about 5.40 and let us into the garden for our morning wee - I wait patiently for my morning cuddle which we always get just before she lets us out. She always cuddles me first - I'm not sure if Max has noticed this but it makes me feel very happy and waggy

FH always takes us out for our morning walk really early, so after she's put our leads on us she straps us into the backseat of the car and we set off to the nature reserve. Mind you, it took us about 5 minutes to get out of the front door on this particular morning because Max kept on wanting to go out before FH, so she had to keep on telling him to sit and wait for the release word. I waited patiently until he got it and then we both trotted to the car together.

Our morning walk was great! A bit wet as it was drizzling but we had some great rounds of zoomies round the fields and then we had a great exploring session on the beach. Because of the weather we didn't meet anyone else on our walk even though we were out for nearly 2 hours, which was a shame as I love meeting new people and new doggies.

JD smiles for the camera!

When we got back home we had a rub down with the towel monster followed by a yummy breakfast and a lovely nap. As it was a bit chilly FH
tucked us up with some blankies - ooooh, it was comfy!

We woke up briefly when MH
came down - he'd slept in a bit later as he'd been working late the night before. He played tug with us and gave us a biscuit each - we've got the best MH in the whole World! MH then needed to do a bit of work in his office so I kept him company for a few hours, supervising him and making sure he was okay by doing things like keeping his lap warm by snuggling into it every time he sat down! Max popped in a few times but didn't stay.

At about 3.00 pm FH
gave us a bowl of natural yoghurt with a spot of local honey stirred in - I suffer from hayfever you see and I find local honey really helps this. Plus it's super-yummy!

At about 4.00 pm FH
asked if we fancied another romp at the nature reserve - we sure did! It had stopped raining when we got there but it was still cold and windy. To our delight Abby was there - she's a great pal of ours, a gorgeous golden retriever and - I'm not sure if Max knows this - I'm totally in love with her! I knew she was at the reserve when she was about 3 fields away because of my amazing nose so I just ran and ran and RAN to meet her! Max tends to hang back when we meet people and dogs so I figure it's down to me to be the sociable one. Abby is SUCH great fun, we played and wrestled and romped - oooh, it was great!

Let the wrestling begin!!

When we got home, after another session with the towel monster both me and Max settled down on the sofa for another snooze - we were both very tired. I dreamt about running around with Abby!

I was woken up by Max barking - MH's
brother had come round and Max didn't seem to want him to come into the house. I really hoped he would as I was sure he would make a lovely fuss of me. Sadly, MH and his brother both went straight into MH's office and I wasn't allowed in this time which was a shame. Max was still barking and getting himself rather stressed so I brought him over to the sofa, sat him down and started to groom his ears as I know this really relaxes him. After about ten minutes he fell asleep so I snuggled up next to him and before long was snoring myself!

We snoozed through most of the evening and when it was time for bed I settled down straight away in the corner of the sofa, ready for a wonderful sleep. FH tucked me in, told me I was her 'good boy' and her 'handsome boy' and gave me a goodnight smooch. It had been a great day!!

Max - Is it my turn, is it my turn, is it my turn? Gosh, you took SO long JD! Right, here's my essay about last Saturday....

What I Did Last Saturday - How I Saved The World! - by Max Schnauzer

Last Saturday I awoke, as I usually do, around 5.00 am. I did a quick security check of the the lounge perimeter to ensure everything was in order. I then did a toy roll-call and realised that squeaky chicken was challenging me to a fight! Well, as everypup knows a challenge like this can not be ignored, I needed to teach squeaky chicken who was boss! I'm aware that JD tried speaking to me at some point but I was so engrossed with squeaky chicken that I'm not really sure what he was wittering on about!

Max and JD enjoy the plumpness of their favourite pillow - it's big enough for both of them!

FH appeared about 5.40 - I was SO excited to see her that I kept on jumping and squealing and jumping some more. I was trying to tell FH that, once again, I had saved her from oversleeping and being late for work by selflessly barking her awake. She muttered some such nonsense about not working on weekends but I think she was simply didn't want me to get embarrassed by admitting what a huge hero I am! I notice that whenever I'm leaping around in the mornings, reminding FH how amazing I am, she'll always make an immediate fuss of JD, who's just sitting about doing nothing, and only fusses ne when I've stoped bouncing! I reckon she does this so he doesn't feel bad that he's too dopey to wake her up!

A spot of rock-climbing!

After trying (but sadly failing) to train FH on the correct way to leave the house we set off for the nature reserve. It was wet and I'm not a fan of wet things - I ask FH to turn the rain off but she pretends she doesn't understand what I'm on about. I therefore decide to carry out some security checks. I ensure all the seagulls are cleared away, I check the hedgerows for dangerous looking bunnies and I stay close to FH for the duration of the walk in case anything I disapprove of gets too close to her.

Can you spot the schnauzers?!!

When we get back home we are both attacked by the towel monster - I valiantly fought back to ensure everyone was safe. I then carry out a quick security check of the premises to make sure nothing untoward has happened in my absence and then I settle down for a nap.

When MH appears I get so excited I leap straight at him. He is so delighted to see me that he gives me a biscuit and then plays tug with both me and JD - I suppose he doesn't want JD to feel left out so has to include him in our game too. MH then goes into his office to work for a bit. JD scampers in after him leaving it to me (as per usual) to ensure the house is safe. I carry out frequent security checks, popping in to see MH at regular intervals to give him a status update, I know he really appreciates my diligence!

Around mid-afternoon FH gives us a delightful snack of natural yoghurt with a touch of local honey - my brother has allergies you see but I find this particular allergy rather rewarding, he he he! An hour later FH took us for our afternoon walk - I was pleased to note that she had remembered to turn the rain off for this one!

Max smiles for the camera!

Abby was at the nature reserve with her humans - JD went running straight over to her leaving the security detail to me, as usual. Even though I know Abby and I know her humans you can never be too sure - I hung back and double checked that they all were who they appeared to be before I felt comfortable enough to join in. We had a great time although I had to pause briefly in the middle of a particularly good wrestle to woof at a passing cyclist who looked extremely dodgy - it's a good job the humans have me around to keep an eye on everything!

Max and JD wrestle with a gorgeous blonde!

When we got back home I tried to warn JD about the towel monster but he was too slow and whilst I was trying to defend him the towel monster got me too!

After carrying out my security detail I settled down with JD on the sofa for a snooze - he was obviously having a dream as he kept on kicking me! If that wasn't enough I was disturbed further by MH's brother turning up - he looked a bit iffy to me so I woofed at him to let him know that I was in charge! Amazingly, he took absolutely no notice of me whatsoever and went into MH's office - the NERVE! I strutted around outside woofing and snuffling in disgust until JD came over and persuaded me to come back to the sofa for an ear chew. Now, if there's one thing I'm rather partial to it's an ear chew, so I reluctantly relented.

We snoozed for most of the evening before being let out for our night time wee. I was still patrolling the garden to ensure danger was not lurking behind our rose bushes when FH started calling me in. I insisted on finishing my patrol before I returned to the house - JD was already tucked up and half asleep when I got there! FH snuggled me into a blanket, told me I was her 'brave little boy' and her 'cute boy' and gave me a goodnight smooch. I believe that my continued vigilance successfully averted any possible disaster - for another day at least!

JD - Well, that's a summary of our outlook on life - we hope you liked our stories!

Max - Ooooh, before we go, we'd like to share with you our Pawdance Festival entry! We're so excited about it that we can't keep it a secret! Please CLICK HERE to view our action packed video and let us know what you think - we're very nervous!

JD - We hope you like it - please let us know what you think of our short film and we hope you vote for us if you get a chance!!


Anonymous said...

JD and Max! Me and my mom thoughts your movie was spectacular!! My mom said she fell asleep during the first Chariots of Fire but she stayed all the way awake through yours! How did she put it? Oh yes...she said - THIS Chariots of Fire wasn't boring. Huzzah!

Also, I very much liked your accounts of your day. You both have oh-so-important jobs and you both do them real good. Your mom is SO lucky to have you both around to help out like you do.

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. Have I told you boys how cute you are? Cuz, well, you're CUTE!

scotsmad said...

JD, you and I are the same....except for the allergies and long legs. I'm always the ambassador. Max sounds like Bella. (Kendra is just an old grouchy fuddy-duddy).

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

WeeS: We use 'chalk and cheese' and wee, too. But we call 'elevenes' 'morning tea' or smoko.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oooh, boys - I LOVE your movie!!!! And I agree - this is a much better version of 'Chariots of Fire'. Talk about "action" - wow! :-) And as I always say - what an AWESOME beach you boys have!! I will certainly be voting for you!

And that was just the most wonderful write-up of your day - me and Hsin-Yi enjoyed it SO much!!! Hsin-Yi says she thinks it is so clever of FH - er, I mean, you boys - to tell the story of the same day in 2 such different and entertaining ways. And it really gives us an insight into your characters.

Sorry to hear about your internet woes - my humans have been following the election news on the BBC website and Paul says it's the first time in a long time that there might be a joint government (whatever that means). Hsin-Yi can still remember when she first arrived in the UK and the first time she experienced "election fever" - and that funny man on TV with his "Swingometer"...By the way, we loved it when you read "Englishisms" on your blog - it's like a little trip down Memory Lane for my humans and reminds them of their lives in the UK.

Honey the Great Dane

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How pawesome!

That film is simply inkhredible!

Thanks fur sharing your days with us too!

PeeEssWoo: That Abby has a furry nice tail!

Noah the Airedale said...

Wow your film is pawesome. That's a winner for sure.

Gosh we havent heard of Chalk & Cheese down here.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you are so lucky!!! You get to run around off leash on the beach and the rocks!! Betsy envies you!
The movie is absolutely fantastic. It is joyful, hopeful, peaceful and just just beautiful!!! Good job!!!

We love Luna said...

Hi boys, I think you have the most amazing adventures in your weekends!Here I like to wake up mommy Léia early in the morning but this weekend ( in special Mother's day) dad gave me an idea to stay calm and lets mommy rest in her bed a little bit more.
I'm jelous about your morning walking there, I would love to do the same and see the beach, friends and all lovely birds around...
Maybe someday I can visit you there! wow it would be great!
Hugs and always love
Luna -

Santa and Minnie said...

What a long post and an interesting one. You two have your own personality and with your "chalk and cheese" we get to know you guys better.

Your movie is great. We just love to watch the way you guys play zoomie in that vast field and beach. You two are just so lucky and you get to go out twice a day!

Anya said...

You have always such a wonderful adventures, I sit only in my house.
I wish I could also jump and play outside !!!
Loved you video its really cool...

Hugs LOve from Kareltje =^.^=

Cocorue said...

shoot, i can't watch your video! either this computer goes or mumster will!!!

love your looong post and you're lucky to have that beautiful beach to run in.

happy mumster's day and i trust you spoilt your mumster rotten today!


Cocorue said...

shoot, i can't watch your video! either this computer goes or mumster will!!!

love your looong post and you're lucky to have that beautiful beach to run in.

happy mumster's day and i trust you spoilt your mumster rotten today!


the booker man said...

hihi JD and max!!
okie dokie, for starters, i think your movie totally rocks!!! i loved all those super awesome zoomies and exciting bitey face scenes! i kept telling mama that your beach and your field were so so pretty, too. i think ya'll have a really good chance of winning at pawdance. oh, and by the way, i think it's totally cool that ya'll got to do all of your own stunts. teehee. :)
next, i totally dig your individual essays! it's fun to see how the two of you think differently about your adventures 'n stuff. max and my big sis asa are so much alike! they could patrol everythingie and save the world together! i'm more like you, JD. we are the meet 'n greeters! :) oh, and i think your girlfriend, miss abby, is very pretty! i love the picture of you two wrestlin'!! heeheehee!!
happy mother's day to your mommy!
the booker man

pee s -- thanks a bunch for sending good thoughts to asa. she's the bestest sister i could ask for!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

jd is looking exceptionally big these days. but boy, the 2 of you are handsome with such nice beardies and furnishings!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

crap we just watched the video and it is the best. i can't believe how fast you guys run and tear around in circles. we are exhausted just watching it! well done elite athletes!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hi there JD & Max,

We loved reading your different views of your day.... it sounds like it was a very fun day! :)

We also loved the video and the music choice. :)

Thank you for your comments on out blog, our human is often deleting a photo as she tries to get rid of the annoying spaces. Then when she re loads it on there are even more spaces....It is so frustrating! lol

Have a great week!

Clive said...

Hi JD and Max

Loved the video - loved the descriptions of your day!

take care
Clive and the NSLM

parlance said...

I think your film is a winner! Loved those zoomies.

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Mayzie again. I just wanted to tell you that where my mom works, she has an erasey board and she always puts up the "word of the day." And yesterday she decided to put up "chalk and cheese" (even though that's actually more like 3 words) and peoples were just fascinated! Mom's gonna see if she can work it into conversation sometimes.

Oh, and also - just wanted you to know that mom and dad really didn't make me walk around with pointy things in my paw but I still limped like I had a broken leg cuz I didn't want to walk up there anymore. And you know what? It worked! heehee!

Wiggles & Wags,

Amber and Nala said...

I loved hearing your different viewpoints on the day boys! So, chalk and cheese refers to differing viewpoints? As for the elevenses...if anyone has seen Lord of the Rings then they should know that...hehehe! ;) Great action flick...I especially enjoyed you running on the beach.


HOPE said...

You two...have my MP (mom/person) oohing and awwing again!! She just LOVES you two..and got such a fun over your zoomie video...

I'd sure love to do a romp like that one by the ocean...

Paws UP!

Oskar said...

Oh we love your Pawdance entry. We think it's much better than mine. My mom person kept waiting for your FH to talk so she could hear her accent! I don't what she's talking about.

Oskar said...

Oh & my mom person didn't know about chalk and cheese either. Why would chalk & cheese be together? Do you eat the chalk? Do you draw with the cheese? It does seem very confusing.