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Saturday, 23 April 2011

The BEST day EVER!!

JD - Hello everypup! We've had just the BEST day!

Max - We're absolutely exhausted now, but we just HAD to show you some snaps of us at Ronnii's barkday pawty!

JD - We could feel Angel Richie and Molly watching over us, there was so much love in the house!

Max - We were really lucky that the roads were so clear as it only took us about 2 hours to get there which was fortunate as today has been SOOOOO hot in the UK!

JD - We've never been on such a long car journey before and it was very exciting - there was so much to see that we refused to sleep!

Max - And then we were there - at Mama Tea's house!

JD - After FH and Mama Tea had hugged and hugged for what seemed like furever (he he he!) we finally got to meet the most gorgeous Miss Ronnii.....

Beautiful Miss Ronnii, proudly hugging her popster! She wanted us to know that he's HER popster and she would have no popster-hogging in her house - tee-hee! We think the popster is amazing - he's the ONLY person we've ever met who knew the origin of JD's name - how COOL is that?!

Max - She was most gracious about having a couple of nosey boys in her house!

JD - She followed us around to make sure we knew where everything was - she showed us her garden but it was a bit too hot out there so we all came back inside.

Max - FH was delighted because when she crouched down to get something out of her bag little Miss Ronnii snuggled up against her legs!

Miss Ronnii is the master of the snuggle! FH thinks she is adorable - well, she IS!

JD - We were so hot and I was starting to pant a bit so Mama Tea whipped out some super-delicious frozen yoghurt and peanut butter noms for us - OMD it was so GOOD!

JD nommed his frozen treat on the couch - he absolutely LOVED it!

Max slurped his frozen treat on the floor - he dragged it out of the bowl and licked it all across the floor but Mama Tea and the popster were very kind and didn't mind!!

Miss Ronnii tried to bury her treat on the couch - FH thinks she's really smart as FH likes to hide her favourite treats too, he he he!

Max finished his treat first and kindly offered to help JD eat his - it's what brothers are for!

Max - The treats were absolute HEAVEN! We've never had anything like that before so we've told FH in no uncertain terms that this is the type of treat we'll be expecting from now on!

JD - Then it was time for a little posing for photos! We LOVE this photo as we're all in it with the two mamas! Just LOOK how much I'm smiling as I've got the PRIME spot on the sofa and I'm enjoying ear scritches from BOTH the mamas! Am I a smart pup or what?!

Say 'cheese'! JD looks VERY pleased with himself!

Max - As I was in the mood for posing I did a little photo shoot of my own and 'worked it' for the camera....

Am I a handsome pup or what?! He he he!

JD - I was very tired - I'd woken up at 5.00 am because I was SO excited about the visit today and I hadn't slept since I'd got up so I remained curled up looking cute on the sofa....

Cute puppy alert!

JD - ....and my cute 'act' sure worked on the popster, who couldn't resist coming over and giving me a bit of a fussing....

JD had the popster wrapped round his little paw, he he he!

JD - ....and even Miss Ronnii wanted in! She hopped up on the couch and gave me a little snuggle!

Max - I was snoopervising the whole time and I'd just like to reassure Mr Pip that this next photo was just a photo opportunity for the blog!

A bit of a snuggle between Ronnii and JD - just for the cameras though, Mr Pip has nothing to worry about!!

Max - It was too much for me - I wanted in on the photo TOO!!

Max hams it up for the camera! They both loved all their fussing from the popster!

JD - And then - it was time for CAKE!

Max - And OH!! WHAT a cake!!

Miss Ronnii's most pawsome barkday cake!

JD - We had never seen anything like it before - and when we were offered a slice it didn't take us long to tuck right in....

"Nom, nom, nom......!"

Max - All too soon we had to leave. The whole visit was wonderful and we had SO much fun!

JD - We simply collapsed into the car and snored the whole way home! What a fabulous day!

Max - We can't thank Moma Tea and the popster and sweet Ronnii enough! They made us all feel so welcome....

JD - ...and FH says thank you VERY much for the yummy human noms. She sure polished off that chili sweetcorn and chocolate eclair very quick, he he he!

Max - We can't wait to visit again, it was great!

JD - Before we leave just a reminder to leave a comment on our 'commentathon' post below if you haven't already - thank you!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A story of friendship and love and the power of the paw

There was a full moon on the night of Monday the 18th April but at first we didn't notice it because we were both feeling very sad. Our good friend Richie had gone to be with his sister Angel Molly at the Rainbow Bridge and we were both missing him like MAD.

Cute Richie and his teddy - we miss you little guy!

FH had been trying to cheer us up and had just given us a special treat of a really nommy biccie but our hearts just weren't in it.

"We're sorry FH but we're just not hungry." we told her.

"What are you on about?" she said. "You've just eaten your biscuit!"

"No we have NOT!" we exclaimed indignantly.

"But it's not there any more." she pointed out. And you know what - she was right. We were perplexed. Perhaps FH had dropped it? We knew that WE hadn't nommed it - so we set about looking for it.

Suddenly, we heard a happy crunching sound complete with muffled giggling coming from the garden so we rushed outside to investigate and there, in the silvery light of the moon, we saw Richie and Molly munching our biccie with obvious relish!

We love the moonlight as we know it is magical!

"JD! Max!" woofed Richie wagging his tail excitedly. "Boy, are we glad to see you guys!"

"Tasty nommy!" interjected Molly, who looked absolutely beautiful in the pale moonlight, "I've always been partial to a really crunchy nom!"

"But, but, but.....!" we spluttered.

"Hey, I know, I know, it's a bit of a surprise!" said Richie, skipping around joyfully (his legs really were strong and springy!) "But we just HAD to visit you guys to tell you that I'm okay. You see, I did try so hard to hold out for the barkday pawty on the weekend but you know, when the call comes from the Bridge it's just too sweet for any pup to ignore."

"He's right." said Angel Molly. "I've been waiting for some time now for Richie to join me here and today was his time. Oh JD and Max! It's so wonderful here! There's no pain or sickness and LOTS of our pals are here. We run and we play and we never get tired and we all watch over those we love - we're never far from your sides."

Our tails were now wagging furiously.

"But we miss you so much here!" we exclaimed. "Did you really have to leave us?"

Richie and Molly looked at each other when we said this. "Oh boys!" Molly said softly, "You're both so young and we know you find it difficult to understand, but it's the circle of life."

"That's right!" said Richie. "We were lucky enough to share our lives with the most amazing momster and popster when we were down here and they looked after us and showed us what it is to live and to love. But sometimes a pup just has to leave - it's just the way it is."

When the Rainbow Bridge calls its beautiful siren song is impossible to ignore

Our tails had stopped wagging so Angel Molly said, "Please don't be sad boys! Just look at us! Look how healthy and happy we are! We'll always be watching over you. And - um - if you don't mind leaving out one of those delectable biccies from time to time too we'd really appreciate it!"

By now the patch of moonlight on the grass was starting to wane. "That's our ride!" said Richie, "We have to be leaving you now boys, but before we go we have a special message for you."

"That's right!" said beautiful Molly. "We wanted to tell you how amazing Crossed Paws have been. You have done so much for our wonderful momster - she had been so stressed about the vet bills and how she was going to afford them - I could feel her worrying all the way at the Bridge and it was awful just knowing she was so upset!"

"But then Crossed Paws stepped in to paid the vet bills." continued Richie, "which meant that my last few weeks were pain-free because I was able to be treated. And it meant that our Momster didn't have to stress any more about us because our wonderful vet could be paid. After all, what would any of us be without our vets?!"

They were now skipping up the stream of moonlight as they made their way back to the Rainbow Bridge.

"Please continue the good work at Crossed Paws!" they both shouted to us! "It made all the difference to us and we know you can make a huge difference to lots of other pups and kits!"

And with that they were gone!

Well! We looked at each other in disbelief. "That DID just happen, didn't it?" we asked. But the evidence was there in front of us - the biccie crumbs!

As we made our way into the house we started discussing what we could do next for the Crossed Paws organisation.

"Hi boys!" said FH suddenly appearing in front of us. "Hey, do you want to put this photo on your blog?" We looked at what she was waving in front of our faces - a photo of two extremely British cushions and a very British doggie toy!

A couple of cushions - for you or your humans - plus a doggie toy (stuffie union jack heart with rope) could by YOURS!

"Eh?" we asked.

"Well, it's the Royal Wedding next week!" she exclaimed. "I thought you could run a competition on your blog with these as the prize!"

"Ooooh!" we said excitedly! "What's the competition?"

"Well," said FH, "it's simple really. All anyone has to do is leave a comment on this post and if they do they'll be entered into a prize draw for these items. And for every comment left I'll donate £1 to the Crossed Paws fund - up to a total of £200! What do you say?"

We looked at each other and our tails started wagging furiously. We knew that Richie and Molly would approve! "We like, we like!" we said!

So everyone - that is what we are doing! Please help us to raise £200.00 for the Crossed Paws organisation. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you COULD even end up with a prize by doing so! We'd love it if you could also spread the word - we're not sure if we can get 200 comments on one of our posts but we're gonna give it a go - we have until 29th April to achieve this as we'll draw the winner on the actual day of the Royal Wedding. So please help us help carry on some good works at Crossed Paws by dropping us a comment - easy-peasy!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Back home!

JD - Hi everyone! We're all back from our holidays now!

Max - We had a GREAT time at the kennels! Unfortunately, the humans didn't have such a great time in Egypt.....

JD - It started off well apparently, but then they both got violently ill and spent the last 4 days in the bathroom - bleugh!

Max - FH said to us that next time THEY'RE gonna go to the kennels and we can go off travelling instead, he he he!

We're fine - shame we can't say the same for the humans!

JD - They're only just back on their feet, it really did knock them sideways and apparently the journey home was - erm - challenging to say the least!

Max - FH says she has LOTS of people and pups to contact as we had lots of amazing goodies arrive whilst we were all away. She apologies for being so behind and she'll be in touch with all you wonderful folks very, very soon - it's just that she's found it difficult to even get out of bed so just hasn't been able to manage it before now!

JD - But we'd just like to say that WE'RE fine and we had a BLAST at the kennels! And we're terribly excited as we're now counting down to next Saturday when we get to meet Richie and Ronnii IN THE FUR!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

FH speaking! (Now with photos!)

Hi everyone - FH here! Greetings from Egypt!

Now, I didn't want to take over the boys blog with my holiday witterings so this quick post is to say that if anyone wants to read about my trip to Luxor you can do so by clicking on the photo of me and my boy Ramses below! (I finally got the photo uploads sorted!)

We're having a very relaxing time although I'm missing the boys a bit. They did their usual of running off without a backward glance the second they got to the kennels - in fact, the moment we turned into the road where the kennels are they were trying to get out of the car they were that excited! But I'm pleased they're like this otherwise I'd have a dreadful time every time we went away worrying about them! Mind you, I AM counting down the days to my next schnauzer snuggle, he he he!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Out of office

JD - We're off to the kennels in about an hour - woo hoo!

Max - The humans are off to Egypt again and we've told them that Egypt is a bit too hot for us so we asked if we could holiday at our favourite kennels instead!

JD - FH finds it very hard when we go into the kennels as she misses us so much. She stands there trying to act all brave, but we're SO excited about being there....

Max - ....as we get three walks a day, hand delivered treats every night at lights out and morning and afternoon play dates with the pretty kennel girls.....

JD - .....that we simply dash in without a backward glance the second we get there. Um, sorry FH, it's just such a fun place to be!

Max - Yeah - and wouldn't it be worse if we didn't want to go in?!

"See you soon!"

JD - We'll see you all when we're back from our holidays!

Max - Take care everyone - we'll woof soon....!!