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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Our weekend

JD - We LOVE weekends!

Max - Yup - they're brilliant! Firstly, our humans stick around and fuss us for most of the day.

JD - And secondly we always get to meet up with our 'gang' over at the park!

Max - During the week we go out for our morning walks about an hour earlier you see, so we often miss seeing some of our pals - sigh!

"Come on female human, come ON! Our pals are waiting for us.....!"

JD - Here's a photo of our most favourite human EVER!

Female Human - Hey!

JD - Oh! Um, sorry! Obviously, we mean our favourite after you and- erm - male human of course!

"Hello 'M', hello!" "Pat me first!" "No, me!" "No, no, me...!"

Max - Can you see us in the group? See how all the doggies gather round 'M', like the birds around St Francis? She's great - I've even tried to follow her home once too......!

"Oooh, did we hear the rustle of a treat bag being opened?!"

"Oooh, we did, we did!"
Max - '"M' obviously likes ME the best! I got the first treat - ha!"

Max - "I just wanted to show you a close up of how gently I take a treat from M, aren't I a good puppy?!"

JD - "Well, 'M' likes me too! Look, she's making sure I get an extra special treat here...."

JD -" ....and here's a close-up of ME being a perfect gent as I politely accept 'M's offer of a biscuit - yummy!"

JD - We love walkies on a weekend - our pals are so much fun to play with!

Max - Here's a photo of Pippa - she's three years old and always invites us to join her in a game of zoomies. She's great fun, and certainly holds her own against the two of us!

Pretty Pippa - always triumphant at zoomies!

JD - And here's a photo of her big brother Harry! He's eleven but still has moments of 'pure puppiness', like when he's chasing squirrels!

Harry always shows the squirrels who's the boss!

Max - It's been so warm recently though, even when we set off on our morning walks really early. But the humans always bring a drink along for us doggies - having a human CAN sometimes be beneficial I suppose!

JD stops for a mid-walk drink - "Mmmmm, rather a nice H2O vintage that.....!"

JD - Thanks to everyone for all your keep cool tips - we've tried out a few. Our personal favourite is the ice-cube tip from the lovely Sasha.

"Oooh - all tingly on our tongue!"

Max - Oooh, ice-cubes are fun, we like to throw them around the room, he he he!

"Now, if I throw this ice cube just right I'm sure I can hit one of my humans with it...."

JD - Thanks everyone, we appreciate all your comments, it really is brilliant to have made such good blog pals - you're the best!

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Sasha said...

Glad you like the ice cubes, boys, they're lots of fun, and cooling, too.

Your treat lady looks awesome! Sometimes we have treat ladies in the park, too - you can always tell when treats are about, because all the dogs sit... it looks like you have the same system we have here in Australia!

Puppy kisses

Bruce said...

Wow, you two really have fun on your walks with all those other doggies & especially the treat lady! Stay cool!
your cat pal,

Diana said...

Oh, 'M' is such a sweet lady...I love her too as she has treats for everyone. Oh yes, ice cubes are fun. I love them too. I always get a piece whenever the human makes a cold drink for herself.
Lots of licks,

i beati said...

lots of pals

Sylvia K said...

You have lots of friends! The best thing about you guys is that you look like me!!!Any time you'd like to come to Seattle, I'll be happy to show you my neighborhood!

Sam Schnauzer

Dennis the Vizsla said...

We have that same portable dog water bottle -- two of them, in fact!

Anya said...

You had really fun,
we can see that !!!!
Enjoy .....

Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow so many dogs and a fun day ...great photos on here...hope you had a lovely weekend.

Joy said...

You guys sure have a lot of buddies!

Dianne said...

that treat lady needs to make home vists! I'm an indoor cat

glad you had so much fun


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

of course we can pick you out in the group because you are the cutest ones!!! weekends are fun huh! sounds like you guys have your humans figured out to a T!!!! hehehe.

magiceye said...

hey you guys sure are having a fun weekend!!
thank you for sharing the fun with all of us at Pet Pride


jabblog said...

What a lovely time you've had. I'm glad it's cooler in the UK now - but very windy.

Sasha said...

Hello boys!

It does so happen that I have cultivated a very specific bark when I need to bring to my human's attention the fact that she is neglecting me for some spurious reason - often something as selfish as eating her dinner! (Difficult to believe, isn't it, that my human could actually put her own eating needs ahead of my playing needs...)

I also talk a lot - to the untrained ear it may sound like I'm growling, but I'm actually talking. I often talk to my human's socks, giving them the chance to leave her feet of their own accord. They don't usually answer me, though - quite rude, her socks.

Anyway, I must be off now - my human has given me an *enormous* chewbone - she thinks she's keeping me quiet, but it's what I wanted in the first place...

Puppy kisses

Bruce said...

Thanks for visiting again & again & again JD & Max! I love you guys!
your cat friend,

Jimbo said...

Hi lads, your treat lady looks lovely, does she do requests? Wish I had a treat lady - you're lucky things! BFN - Jimbo.

Eduardo said...

What fun at the park! I want to play too!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

HOPE said...

WOW..love all them pals with you...what a great group..and NICE lady!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment for my mom/person...you made her day!! She says I'm her best photo subject! hee hee...

I think you have great pics on your blog!! of course you can't mess up a good subject like you two! Lookin good with that new groom cut!

Thanks again for being my Paw Pals..

Paws Up!

Oskar said...

It looks like you have wonderful friends.

I like ice cubes too, but when I don't finish them all the way they make puddles & my mom person slips sometimes.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Max & JD -

What a great weekend! And that lady sure looked like a "Pied Piper" of doggies, the way all of you were clustered around her...what on earth was she feeding you all that was so yummy? :-) It's so nice to see you all queuing so nicely, with no fighting, to get the treats!

Is it really hot where you are? My humans told me that the faraway place where you live - called England - is usually never very hot but I guess strange weather has been happening in recent years! That's a neat idea with an ice cube...I must try that next summer!

Honey the Great Dane

Anne said...

Great pics from your weekend. Kaiser loves ice cubes too! He runs to our feet everytime we open the freezer door!

Anne from goschnauzer.com

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

we think you live in a most fantastic place too!!!!thank you so much for the nice comment!

Charlie said...

At the sound of my mom getting ice cubes from the fridge, I run from wherever I am hiding just to beg her for one or two of those cold treats.

There are soo many dogs, looks like a fun weekend boys!


Abby said...

I love the park too and making new friends! I'll be visiting your blog again! Woof, woof!