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Friday, 3 July 2009

Phew - it's a scorcher!!

JD - It's been INCREDIBLY hot here in the UK.

Max - Too hot for comfort if we're honest with you. We're not used to it in this country, as you can see by this very sad story about a couple of police dogs who died as a result of the heatwave.

JD - Our female human has been quite worried about us - we feel the heat a lot because of our our dark coats. Norwood did a great post recently about how to spot heatstroke in dogs - if you haven't read it please swing on by there!

Max - We've been sleeping a lot - it's too hot to do anything else - and our lovely humans are draping us with cold towels at the moment to help keep us cool....

JD - I like the towel drape! It's really refreshing - ahhhh! - it really helps a pup achieve a decent snooze in this heat!

Max - We now wonder - how do our doggie and kittie pals in really hot countries cope?! We're just glad we live by the sea to help us cool down!

JD - Hey! Humans! My towel's getting warm....

Max - Mine too - fresh towels please! Oh, and a refreshing slice of water melon if it's not too much trouble....he he he!

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Diana said...

Maybe the two of you should shave bald to stay cool...hehehe...

Anyway, notice that we have tiled floors? Sleeping on the floor keeps us cool and we have fans and airconditioning whenever required.

Hope the hot weather will be over soon for you guys over there...

- Santa and Minnie

Anya said...

The towel can dry now .... LOL
Very funny shots :)

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Cezar and Léia said...

Okay, friends... When the temperature here goes to 35 °C (95 °C) I really get a problem with it! I feel much more sleepy (than I usually am...) and don't want to do anything else than lying on the floor and waiting for the night to bring a little refreshment, though in summer even nights are quite warm... I think I prefer winter time. Brazilian winter anyway. :)
purrs and love

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello schnauzer and schnauzer its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i think maybe they shud just dispense with the towels and cover yoo in watermelon slices wot do yoo think??? ok bye

Sasha said...

Hey boys

I have a cooling mat, I blogged on it earlier this year: http://pupalicious.com/2009/02/hot-puppy.html

It's very good. The other thing that is good to cool puppies down is to suck on ice cubes. They also make an amusing toy.

My puppy teacher said that a good way to keep a puppy occupied is to freeze some treats into an ice-cream container, and let the puppy try to lick them out, so that's like a giant ice-cube, with prizes! My human tried that with me, but I just let it melt into water with soggy treats.

The most important thing is to keep hydrated, and my human made sure I had an extra water bowl in the lounge room, and she put ice cubes in it to keep it nice and cool.

You're lucky you're so close to the beach, you can have swims to keep cool!

Puppy kisses

Bruce said...

We have lots of hot days here in Florida, but we're used to it so everybody has air conditioning. When I go outside where it's hot I make sure I am in the shade and when I get too hot I ask to come inside again. We also have a lot of rain here so that cools us pets off when we get wet. Hope it cools off soon for you. At least you have humans who are making sure you stay safe.
your pal,

The FOUR Musketeers said...

YOu guys may try to head to a pool or sea someday, it should help in the hot hot weather.


HI jd and max

I am honored that you linked to the heat information. I like your cold towel blanket. you look so peaceful. I get hot from my sprinting and chasing quite quickly. Mom always makes sure we are in a place with a pond, lake or body of water to cool off. Otherwise she wets me down before we go for a run. And it's only been 70 degrees..

parlance said...

Like Sasha, we use frozen food to cool down a bit when it's too hot - Kongs are good. I just pack a whole meal into a few Kongs and freeze it. Naturally, we can't use our normal chicken carcasses and such, because I'm rather scared of frozen bones. Noah and his friends often eat frozen fish heads, but Penny won't come at that.

We also have one of those little plastic shells in the shade outside, you know the ones kids use as a sandpit? That has water in it, fresh every day, because it can go off quickly in the heat.

We also use the wet towel idea, and practise tricks instead of going for a walk. In summer you will see many people walking their dogs at 11 p m. It's a wonderful experience, and would be lots of fun in Britain with your later sunsets, I reckon.

I get a bit scared for our planet when I hear about unsual weather. I was reading that the US, Canada, Greece and Spain, as well as us, are going to be in increasing danger of terrible summer fires in the future. At least British vegetation shouldn't burst into flames...I hope. Or do you have pine forests?

Brooke said...

the cold towel drapes are a great idea!

Tulip said...

how cute is your little dog. she's so adorable.

Sasha said...

Mmmm... alien poo... that sounds tasty!

I do hope you enjoy your cooling mat when it arrives, I know I'll be using mine when summer comes around again here - we don't have air conditioning!

Puppy kisses

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

awww--poor things--go to the beach!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ooh, sorry, am just catching up on posts and just realised that you answered my question in my comment on your last post, with what you said in this one! :-)

Poor things...you must really feel it with your furry coats. I don't like the heat too, even though I only have a very short coat - us giant breeds don't do well in hot weather at all and we overheat really easily.

That is such a sad story about those police dogs! I still see silly humans leaving their doggies in their cars (without even a window open!) sometimes here in the summer and it always makes my human so angry!

Honey the Great Dane