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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Camera Critters - Mud Glorious Mud!!

JD - Hi everyone! Now, we had quite a confusing day yesterday!!

Max - We sure did! Do you remember the exciting parcel we got from Singapore?

A parcel all the way from Singapore!

JD - Well - this is what it contained.....

Ooooh - a pot of dead sea mud - excellent!

Max - It's dead sea mud - a special spa treatment for us doggies!

JD - Our great pal Cobi sent it to us after we commented that JD suffers a bit from itchy skin. Isn't Cobi - and his humans - wonderfully kind and generous?

Max - He's the best! Anyway, yesterday our humans decided it was time to try it out!

JD - So they scooped some into a bowl....

JD and Max - "Sniff, sniff! Oooh, can we eat it?!"

Max - ....and then mixed it to a lovely, sticky, muddy consistency with some water....

Gooey messiness - doggie heaven!

JD - .....they took us outside - and proceeded to slather it onto us!!

JD and Max - "Are you SURE we can't eat it?!"

Max - To say we were confused was putting it mildly!

JD - You see, only the other day we rolled in something equally muddy and got told off very sternly!

Max - So why, a few days later, are THEY rubbing this glorious mud into our fur!

JD - So, let me get this straight.... When we do it, it's WRONG. But when THEY do it, it's perfectly okay? You know Max - sometimes I think I'll NEVER understand humans....

Max - Oh - I hear you bro!! Anyway, this mud stuff was wonderful! It felt so good!

JD - It sure did - you can't really see it very well in the photos below - for some strange reason our humans didn't want to get too close to us after we'd been slathered....!

Max - "Aw, go on female human - let me run into the grassy part of the garden and roll in the leaves! I'm sure it'll make this mud pack even more organic!!"

JD - "Sniff, sniff! Why Max - you smell divine! He he he!"

Max - Our humans took us directly to the groomers wearing our mud packs - they said it was quite hard to wash off, he he he!

JD - We now look wonderful - our coats are so shiny and we feel great! We can definately recommend this 'being pampered' malarkey - thank you SO much Cobi - we feel everso stylish and everyone we've met since has told us how soft and shiny our coats are!

Max - We also want to show off the GREAT present we got from our wonderful groomers for our birthday. Look.....

Exciting birthday presents from our groomers - our humans are delighted at just how squeaky the toys are, he he he!!

JD - Look, look! Two squeaky toys and a MASSIVE bag of doggie chews - how lucky are we?!!

Max - We LOVE our groomers!!! We're not allowed to play with our toys until tomorrow as it's not our birthday until then.....sigh! Our humans are so strict with us......humph!

JD - BUT - one thing that female human did today was bake some cakes for us and our friends.

Max - Yup - male human couldn't believe what he was seeing! Female human doesn't 'do' kitchens, apparently, so for her to actually bake - well, needless to say she must obviously love us VERY much!

JD - She used the recipe that Oskar posted and baked a big cake and lots of little ones for us to share with our pals....

Scrummy peanut butter and honey individual birthday cakes - super yum!

Max - They smelt SO good that we DEMANDED to try them! Well, we wanted to make sure they were definitely okay before we served them to our pals...

JD - Yes, we were only thinking of our friends.....

Max - ....we're good like that you see, he he he! In the photo below we are snarfling them down at about one hundred miles an hour - oooh, they were fabulous!! You can't even see one crumb on the floor - we didn't want to miss a tiny piece!

JD and Max - "Snarfle, snarfle - burp!! Hey - look how SHINY our coats are in this photo! That's the mud treatment y'know!"

JD - They were wonderful, one of the scrummiest treats we've EVER had! We could hardly believe that they had been baked by female human....

Female Human - Hey!

Max - ....which just goes to show how great Oskar's recipe is, he he he!!

JD - Before we sign off today we'd just like to say that - thanks to many of you - we have now donated £192 to Dog's Trust! That was due to 50 comments being left on our 100th post....

Max - ....and 46 signatures being left on our guest book....

JD - ....timed by 2 - because there's 2 of us - which equals £192!! We are very proud.

Max - Have a great weekend everyone - if you can, please swing by tomorrow to see what we get up to for our first birthday!!

Find out what all the critters are up to at....


Squirrel said...

Delightful. I love schnauzers and own one named McCoy.

Oskar said...

Oh boys, so much going on! I guess I shouldn't call you boys any more, as you're mature young men, he he!

I got myself all muddy just yesterday & got yelled at. I don't humans either!

Tell your people to give you each an extra cake for me!

Janet Creamer said...

Funny! Snarfle-burp! LOL

Anya said...

Tomorrow birthday
We are coming to the party :)))

A gift from Singapore.... Wow!!!
So far away ;)
I can see you enjoyed your presents

See you all tomorrow
Kareltje =^.^=

Santa and Minnie said...

That was some preparations for the big day tomorrow!! We'll be there...save those cakes for us!

Luna said...

It seems that this mud made you guys look even more handsome, if that is ever possible!
purrs and love

Rose said...

You guys must be extra special to receive so many extras! Do you like cats? I have cats that would like you if you would play with them.

Janie said...

Happy birthday, guys! Hope you enjoy your squeaky toys and special treats. Glad the mud bath seemed to do so much good for you!

eileeninmd said...

Well I hope you two have a great birthday. You sure are pampered too, a mud bath for dogs? Thanks for sharing your critters.

Anonymous said...

Wow - a spa treatment and mini cakes, grooming and toys - what is left for tomorrow! Hope it is every bit as fun as today! Happy Early Birthday Boys!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

First off... Happy Birthday for tomorrow, we might not have internet access for a few days after today so we shall miss it tomorrow. Have a wonderful day celebrating.

Getting new toys for your birthday from your groomer is so nice. Your biscuits look very tasty.

That was funny mud stuff to put on you, we bet you feel so nice now. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Abbey said...

So do you reckon the mud worked on the itches? dont they come up gorgeous newly bathed..what are schnauzers like with shedding. The danes are losing their winter coat and the house has fur like tumbleweeds. We have the same flooring as you so it shows up big time...

The cakes look gorgeous... Im going through Oskars site and be blowed if I can find them.. mind you I have been up all night and am a bit fuzzy..lol

great and fun post I enjoyed it very much

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


The khakes smell PAWESOME!


Mary said...

This is a delightful post. Enjoyed my visit immensley.


sweet bay said...

I hadn't heard of Dead Sea mud before, very interesting. Your coats look great! :)

Frodo said...

Hello there boys!
Congratulations on your birthday! Mom hates getting old, guess she should think about dogs lifetimes versus humans lifetime once in a while. =P

I'm back from my trip, and yours is the first blog I'm visiting today, happy to see what you've been up to lately! Great presents! hey, I should definitely ask mom to cook me some of those delicious cakes!!!

I have say I don't know what dead sea mud tastes like, but regular mud is delicious then it makes me believe this sea thing must be great too! I'm on a diet (mom thinks I am, in fact, granny and granpa let me eat whatever I want to!) and I ate lots of mud in the lake.

Well, just really saying hello and I missed you. Hope to see you around anytime. Much love from your friend here in Brazil.

The OP Pack said...

Well, TD thinks this mud treatment sounds wonderful - he wants to know if he can dig in it too?

We can just tell you two are going to have a wonderful birthday - we'll be back to send you our wishes tomorrow.

Woos, the OP Pack

Eric said...

happy birthday boys!!!!!!!!!!

We think that you boys deserve some big presents because you boys have been the bestest bestest friends ever!!!

Fatty and Ally

LadyFi said...

Whoa boys - I need my sunglasses after all this handsomeness! Happy Birthday and well done for raising so much money for the Dog's Trust.

magiceye said...

happy birthday!

you guys are a laugh riot!

Pet Pride

MAX said...

Hey there, JD & Max
Congratulations on your first birthday! Gees, you guys are young!...like "Spring chickens"...as they would say here.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
MUD PACKS...now that sounds interesting. I've never had one of those (in my 10 years), but I can just imagine why your mom sent you to the groomer and didn't wash you herself...must have been real hard work!!!
Yep, it really has left your coats beautifully shiny!
Lots of licks for a happy year ahead.

Bruce said...

Just when you think you've figured those humans out they go and do something like slop a whole bunch of mud on you...
pretty silly JD & Max...
I can't understand it all either!
your pal,

Honey the Great Dane said...

Gosh - you boys sure are very sophisticated and stylish Schnauzers...mud spa treatment, huh?!

My human is like yours - she can't bake to save her life!! And she only cooks because she likes eating (A LOT) and so if she didn't learn to cook, she would starve (my male human is even more useless than her) - still, am glad I eat the raw diet and don't have to rely on her cooking to provide my meals - ha! ha!

I agree - your human must love you VERY much to go to all that trouble for you! Thsoe little muffin cakes looked so delicious! I must check out Oskar's recipt too - maybe I can convince my human to try it out!

Honey the Great Dane

HOPE said...

WOW..what a nice time you two had! My mom/person and I enjoyed seeing all the fun you were having!!

Looked like some great toys...nice pampering time (in the mud at that!)...

Wish I could have been there with you guys...So glad it was a nice B'day for you!

Paws UP!