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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thankful Thursday

JD - We wanted to do a happy post where we could share with our bloggie pals something that we're thankful for.

Max - Yup! We know that 'Thankful Thursday' is something that a few other blog pawticipants do - we thought it was a very nice idea so we thought we'd take a break from our busy schedule and give it a try too!

JD - "Leggo of the tug toy Max - we need to concentrate on Thankful Thursday!"

JD - So - we want to dedicate this post to our good blog pals - Fatty and Ally! Oh yes, and their humans too, he he he!

Max - Fatty and Ally are two very pretty little Schnauzer sisters who have a really stylish and fun blog.

Ally and Fatty show off their new car!

JD - They have a wicked sense of humour - their blog postings always make us giggle!

Max - But the reason that we're singling them out for our "Thankful Thursday" is because of what great friends they are! About a year ago our humans booked a holiday to Kuala Lumpur for February 2010 - it was because their local airport had just started doing trips to this part of the World and were offering really good value flights.

JD - Our humans tell us that flying from a local airport 'makes all the difference' - we can't comment as hadn't realised that our humans could fly! Wow - they kept that quiet!

Max - We're kind of in shock about that news! Anyway, they booked this flight - and the reason it was booked so far into the future was because female human had just taken redundancy from her old job so didn't want to travel until she had sorted a few things out - like getting a new (and better!) local job and getting us, which she has now done!

JD - Anyway, earlier on this year we all got to know Fatty and Ally through their wonderful blog. And - wow! - Fatty and Ally also live in Kuala Lumpur!

Ally looks a bit fed up with the flashy box, whilst Fatty hams it up!!

Max - We let Fatty and Ally know that our humans were going to be visiting and that they would love to meet up if the chance arose!

JD - And do you know what Fatty and Ally did when they heard this? They went out and took loads of amazing photographs and started to produce several tailor-made travel guides, just for our humans! For example - our humans told Fatty and Ally what hotel they had booked and Fatty took her daddy out to the actual hotel and took pictures of it so that they could get a feel for it!!

Max - Isn't that simply amazing?! Our humans have been blown away by their kindness - and are now even MORE excited about visiting! So far these gorgeous girls have published not one, not two, but THREE travel guides, JUST for our humans!

Ally and Fatty and their wonderful humans. Hey - we've just noticed - is Ally always on the left and Fatty always on the right in their group photos....?!

JD - Fatty has been so busy! She's been mentioning places to visit that our humans weren't even aware of! They're so excited!

Max - We wish our humans could visit ALL our bloggie pals, but they tell us that unless their local airport starts doing bargain flights to all the local towns of our pals it's basically not going to happen.....sigh!

JD - We wanted to say thank you Fatty and Ally - we're very thankful we found your blog and we're very thankful that you're our friends - we think you and your humans are wonderful!

Max - If you haven't visited Fatty and Ally yet you're missing a real treat - please do pay them a visit and let them know that JD and Max think they're brilliant!

JD - Hey, we like this 'Thankful Thursday'
malarkey - we think we might do it again soon!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing this THANKFULNESS!

We'll be off to visit them in a bit!

Thursday is a great day to think, thank, and be thoughful!


MAX said...

Hey there JD & Max
Wow, what amazing people! Yep, we don't have to look too hard in bloggie-land to be thankful for all our wonderful friends.
That was a lovely "Thankful Thursday" post...and we are thankful for that!
Lots of licks

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ummmm---we just left you a comment and we can't figure out where LMAO!!! hahaha-- we thought it was the most recent post but apparantly not because now we can't find it!!! GOSH! it was an award post so who know where we left it! we loved this most current post though--we can see why you love those funny little Schnauzers--but i think you know who our favorite moustache and beard boys are!!

Bruce said...

So nice of you two to spotlight such a wonderful blog!
your pal,

The OP Pack said...

Isn't it amazing how some people can be so thoughtful!!! That is so nice of Fattly and Ally's humans. We will go pay them a visit.

woos, the OP Pack

Oskar said...

Hmm, if they can fly why do they need bargain flights?? I think they should just snatch you both up and fly over that big pond to visist me, Oskar!

If only we could meet we could schnauze our people to the ends of the earth.

We have been watching Fatty & Allie's blog and feel quite jealous that it's not as easy to visit so many places from the US. It seems were far away from lots of stuff, even the other side of the US. This makes no sense to me, but who can undersant people stuff anyway?

We love Luna said...

Hello my sweet friends!
Fatty and Ally are so lovely! I think they are really fashion in that car! I will visit their blog.
Thanks for sharing !
Love you guys

HOPE said...

WOW..what a nice post about Fatty and Ally and THANKFUL for friends.

Now..you know what..our mom/person was just thinking the other day about doing a THANKFUL post and here you go...so she's going to do a THANKFUL THURSDAY too..so stay tuned!

Paws Up!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh my goodness, that really is so kind!! Isn't it wonderful to meet such lovely friends through our blogs? Can't wait to hear all about your humans trip there and more about Fatty & Ally and their family!

Honey the Great Dane said...

ps. I agree - wish we could all visit each other too...

Amber and Nala said...

Ahhhh, what sweet friends! That sounds like it will be a fun trip for your humans! Where will you go? Make them feel guilty so they bring you back lots of treats! BOL!



Hey guys..
Fatty and Ally seem pretty cool.. I am headed over to see there travel guides. There humans seem pretty funny too Thanks for sharing your friends

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

We will be sure to visit Fatty and Ally they sound like fun!
What a kind and helpful thing their humans did, they deserve the mention on Thankful Thursday.
Wags and kisses, Dinah and Bridget xx

Abbey said...

Wow what a team Fatty and Ally plus their owners are... never ceases to amaze me the good people and friendships you can make on the net...

Love the idea of Thankful Thursday, will try and remember to give it a go next week...x

Abbey said...

Wow what a team Fatty and Ally plus their owners are... never ceases to amaze me the good people and friendships you can make on the net...

Love the idea of Thankful Thursday, will try and remember to give it a go next week...x

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

lol--hehehehe--your comments on my last bloggy post made me laugh!

Ruby and Penny said...

What nice friends you have. We loved looking at the pictures in your tour guides.
Love Ruby & Penny

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Sounds like you have met some wonderful friends. That is so nice of them.

Have a great weekend you two.

Holly & Zac. :-)