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Friday, 16 July 2010

Oskar's 'Blog about your people' day/weekend!!

JD - Hi everyone! Firstly, thank you all SO much for all the pawsitive vibes that you sent us to help us feel better. Our tummies are all better now, but sadly I now have a poorly paw and I can't walk properly.

Max - Poor JD had to go to the vet earlier today to get his paw sorted out. He had a grass seed embedded in his paw - it's out now but his paw is swollen and obviously very sore. He's limping badly and has to rest up. He's on medication and we've been told that if he doesn't improve over the weekend he'll have to go back to the vet on Monday for sedation and a more thorough paw investigation, possibly resulting in a small bit of surgery if anything else is found.

JD - I must say, the chicken that my tablets come wrapped in is delicious!

Max snuggles into JD to take his mind off his poorly paw!

Max - Er, yes JD, we're glad about that! Anyway, the tablets are making JD a little sleepy which is just as well as he's not allowed to go on walks for a few days whilst he rests up. I'm enjoying a bit of special 'Max time' with FH on my walks right now - it's FUN! I DO miss JD when we're out though, it's not quite as much fun without my zoomie and bitey-face buddy - sigh.....!

JD - Aw, thanks bro'! This has meant that we've also fallen VERY behind with commenting on your blogs. We hope you can forgive us - we're going to try and catch up with you all over the weekend 'cos we're really missing you all!

Max - AND we're also a bit behind with our 'blog about your people' post as part of our great blog pal Oskar's fabulous weekend game!

JD - But better late than never! We were very excited about this game and had serious discussions with each other about the best way to post about our humans!

Max - We finally decided that it would be fun to interview them in a formal style! So, we borrowed a few old pairs of FH's glasses so that we could look the part....

Hello! JD Schnauzer and Max Schnauzer, professional anchor-pups at your service!

FH - Hey! I don't own any glasses that look like THAT!!!

JD - *Holds up paw* - you'll get your chance to speak when we interview you FH, IF you don't mind!

Max - ....and we drafted out a few questions! And now we're ready to rock and roll! So without further ado we would like to call upon our FH and MH...

FH - Er - hello!

MH - Um - hi!

JD - For those of you who might not know, FH stands for 'Female Human' and MH stands for 'Male Human'. They're not the easiest to train, they don't always respond to their names for example, preferring to call each other 'Clare' and 'Neil' for some strange reason. Go figure! Anyway, hello FH and MH - and thank you for agreeing to talk to us today.

FH & MH - Erm - you're welcome!

Max - So, where do we all live?!

FH - You're English puppies, MH is English and I'm Welsh. We all live in Clacton-on-Sea in the UK, an English coastal town that's about 70 miles away from London.

JD - And do you enjoy living by the sea?

FH - I sure do! About 7 years ago we moved away into the country, but we both missed the sea so much that we moved back!

Max - So, have you ever owned a pet before?

FH - No - I had wanted a dog ever since I moved out of my parents house at the age of 20...

JD -....so that would be - let's see - about 5876 years ago?

FH - Um, well, maybe not quite that long ago boys, but yes, we're talking 21 years ago.

Max - So you're saying that you waited 21 years to get us?

FH - I did, yes!

JD - And MH?

MH - No, I'd never had a pet before either and I told FH - er, I mean Clare - that she could have a dog if it was what she really wanted, but I told her that any dog would be hers alone.

Max - I see. So, you weren't really too keen on the idea?

MH - Um, no, not really. I didn't mind, but it wasn't my decision.

JD - So FH, what was the decision behind you getting a dog?

FH - Well, I'd wanted a dog for so long, more than half my life! But the working life I had meant I was not in a position to responsibly own a dog. So when I finally managed to get myself out of the rat race and get myself a local job I took the plunge! And I decided that since I'd waited so long I'd get myself TWO dogs!

FH with us as puppies on one of our first ever walkies!

Max - How do you feel about that decision now?

FH - Well, right NOW I know it was the right decision. I couldn't imagine not having you two in my life! But I realise that I was very naive and I would NEVER recommend anyone who has never had a dog before getting TWO puppies at the same time. OMD it was hard work!!

JD - And MH?

MH - Two weeks after you arrived with us I came across Clare bawling her eyes out about how hard it was and how she was struggling to cope with the two of you and how she felt she might have made a really bad decision!

Max - Oh no - surely you exaggerate MH?!

MH - No, I'm afraid I don't! But Clare WAS also due to start a new job at the same time that this happened so I realised that she was a little stressed about all these huge changes for the better in her life. Even though it was what she had wanted for so long she still found it very hard to adjust when it all started happening!

A photo of us going for a paddle! Well, why not?!

JD - Well, phew! We're glad it was just a 'general' freak out and not a 'puppy only' freak out! So MH - it's just the two of you bi-ped wise isn't it?

MH - Er, it's just Clare and me, yes. A pup apiece, that's the ratio of our household!

Max - And how has the status-quo in the household changed since we came along?

MH - Well, it's funny really. Clare got a local job because she wanted to downscale work-wise, but her new career has really taken off and she now has a much more senior role than she ever had when she worked in London. But because it's local it makes it so much easier for her to do and she absolutely loves it! She works for a non-profit organisation and she loves feeling that the work she does can make a difference in people's lives. She does much longer hours that she ever did before but it all balances out because she no longer has to go through the 4 hour daily commute that she used to have with her previous job.

JD - Well, that can only be a good thing! But there has been another major change hasn't there?

MH - Um, well yes! After you had lived with us for 6 months I realised that I really, REALLY enjoyed having the two of you around and what with Clare's career really taking off I decided it was time for ME to make a big change in my life too. So I moved over to contract work on a part-time basis and also set up a home business, which is taking off rather nicely. This means that I work from home most of the time now which means I get to really enjoy having you two around! We thought that Clare would be the one who was with you the most, but it's actually me. We would never have predicted this when you initially came to join us!

Max - We knew we'd get under your skin eventually MH, he he he! So FH - what has been the best thing about having us join your lives?

FH - Well, I just LOVE how affectionate you both are! It's wonderful coming into a room to a couple of fuzz-balls who are always SO pleased to see me! And I also love all the new friends I've made, both in person and via the blog. When you joined our lives all those months ago I never would have thought it would have resulted in us meeting up with people we'd got to know in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore - seriously, how cool is that?!

Oh yes FH, it's YOU we love! Nothing to do with the snack you're eating, nothing at all - he he he!

JD - VERY cool we'd say! And a very nice point to end on!

Max - Good call JD! We'd like to thank MH and FH for taking the time to speak to us today.

JD - Yup! You're not the most interesting humans in the World, but we know you love us to bits so that's good enough for us!

Max - We'd like to thank Oskar for hosting SUCH a fun game!

JD - Oskar - you rock!


Anonymous said...

Oh, JD, I'm so very much sad that you have a poorly paw! Who woulda thought an itsy, bitsy grass seed would cause so much trouble? I sure wish I could gives it a kiss and make it better! Hope you're all healed up soon!

And I luved learning more abouts your FH and MH. I also luved how you most cleverly made them think the interview was about them when it was REALLY abouts you two. I took notes in case we ever do this again.

Wiggles & Wags,

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We're so happy your tummies are better; but that grass seed thing is a bummer. Hope no more surgery is needed, JD.

Great interviewing technique. No that Parky has retired maybe you two could take over.

We think you have very interesting people and we can tell how much they love you.

Cheers guys.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are so glad that your tummies are better but JD, you sure don't need to have a sore paw. Let's hope the weekend brings lots of improvement.

We loved learning more about MH and FH - so nice to have not one but two parents that love you both so much. Mom says she agrees, two young pups at the same time is a lot of work, but we think your mom did just great with you two.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

The magikhal powers of khanine love strikes again!

Thanks fur telling us about FH and MH!

We are glad to know the two of woo!

Here's to the paw to improve!


houndstooth said...

My goodness! Do we need to wrap you in bubble wrap to keep you safe? Please take care of your sore paw and neither of you get into anything else!

Your FH and MH sound pretty cool to me! That was a very well-planned interview. I commend you on your interview style, as well! I had no idea you'd only been there with your family for a few months!


Taffy said...

Gosh! One thing gets better then something else happens. Good thing your tummies are better...it would stink to have a bad tummy and a sore paw. I sure hope it gets better over the weekend JD. Visits to the vet are no fun and I should know!
Thanks for telling us about your peoples. Being sorta new to your blog I loved learning about them and have wondered for a while what FH and MH stood for. Duh!


Bruce said...

Oh JD, so sorry to hear about your paw but I am sure you'll be allright soon! Hope you have a great weekend & thanks for letting us all know about your human friends. You two doggies landed yourself in the perfect family!
your cat pal,

parlance said...

Oh, the poor sore paw! I hope it is better very, very soon.

I loved the interview. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I can really relate to the wanted a puppy all my life thing, and to not getting two. People told us we should get two, but I had a feeling we wouldn't manage. Now that Penny is nearing six, the thought of fostering is crossing my mind on little tip-toeing feet. Maybe...

Sketching with Dogs said...

We hope your paw gets better very soon JD. Those grass seeds can be a big problem. Once our feline brother got one in his eye and grew a shoot of grass in it!
We enjoyed your in-depth interview. We commend your humans for waiting until they were able to take care of you properly before they got you - 4 HOUR commute - that is just hell, er we mean heck.
All in all, we must agree that dogs make their poor empty lives so much fuller and with the extra work we make for them it stops the poor things becomming bored.
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

Zona said...

What a wonderful post! Though I'm very much sorry about your poorly paw, JD. I hope it gets better this weekend so you can avoid another trip to the vet on Monday!

I enjoyed learning about your early days with your FH and MH. What a clever interview!


Maggie Mae and Max said...

JD and Max!
Nice to meet you! I am so happy that you came by my bloggie today. We was going to stop by here earlier but mom gots L-A-Z-Y.
Your FH and MH sound wonderful and it was very nice to meet them, I luved your interview of thems too, very professional if you ask me.
Anyhoo...I hopes that we can be furiends, I am going to start to follow your bloggie right now!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Sorry bouts your paw JD and hpes it gets better soon.

the booker man said...

hey dudes!!!
i'm so glad your tummies are a-okay now, but JD, what's this about your paw?! that grass seed stuck in there sounds really really ouchies. i hope that's the only thingie that was stuck and that the meddies make you feel better. i sure hope you don't need any surgeries! me and asa and mama are sending good healy vibes for your paw to get better over the weekend, okie dokie?
now i just think it is super fab how you did this interview with FH and MH! i am filled with the amazements that your parents went for so so long without having doggies! but my mama says your mama is way right about trying to raise 2 puppies at the same time. she says i was enough work, and she couldn't imagine having to train 2 at once. hmmmph. anywho, it's grrreat that FH and MH have jobs that let them be at home with ya'll more often! i wish my parents had jobs like that!
the booker man

pee s -- i'm glad you like my new header picture! oh, and that miss puddles, she better watch out cuz she's gonna get it when she doesn't expect it. teeheehee! ;)

pee pee s -- umm, i totally love my big sis asa and all, but when you mentioned the royal blood line thingie, i think it may have gone to her head just a smidge. she's been calling me "servant boy" all morning. BOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi JD and Max
We loves your piccy, and erm, no JD (or is it Max) I completely believe you is loving your peeps and not her snax. Not at all. Its the look of love! (for snax, he he he)

Lovely to make your acquaintance, be pinging in now and again, just to make sure jaw and tummies is well.


Anonymous said...

Hi there my Sweet boys! JD, we sure hope your paw gets better really soon. Those grass seeds and thorns are real ouchies! Kisses for your ouchie paw. kiss kiss.

Mom and I really enjoyed your in-depth interview with your parents. It was wonderful. Mom says that every hooman should do the thinking that your hoomans did.

You boys have a Grrrrreat Weekend now, ok?

Woo woo's, Tessa

Lorenza said...

I hope you are feeling much better now!
Thanks for sharing this pawesome interview with MH and FH.
I loved reading about them!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

3 doxies said...

JD, I am soooo sorry to hears bout your paw. Please keep us updated on how you're doing. Somethings just happens to da best doggies.
Now, I gots to say, dis was prolly da bet people post evers. I just loved how ya'll interviewed you peoples...great way to do dis.
You haves a terrific family. And you know, my mum cried fur days just likes your FH. But things changed and now her loves me to pieces. Funny how things can be when a puppy comes to lives withs you...they cry then we become their whole world. And not to evn mention ya'll was their furst doggies....whew, so much newness going on there. So glad they decided to bring you boys home.


Nubbin' Tails said...

Hi JD and Max! We have so many furiends in common I'm not sure how we never made it by before. You have most wonderful humans. Dad thinks that 1 to 1, dog to human ratio is good, Mom thinks 10 to 1 would be good. Right now it's 1.5 to 1 :-).


Mr. Nubbin'

Oskar said...

Well, JD I sure hope your paw is improving & you don't have to get it surgeried!

Thanks so much for playing along with my game. I love you humans & enjoyed learning more about them!

We'll be sending good wishes for things to get back to normal quickly.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Hello there Max an'JD - Shiloh & Shasta here. Nice tu c u guyz.

WSo happy tu hear that your tummiez are feelin better. Now, JD -hope your paw gitz better tu. We read this earlier this weekend but then mom had tu leave fer awhile and turned the'puter off an'put Shasta in her crate; an' Shiloh coodn't git the 'puter bak on. Your pawrentz sound
T-RIFIK! That iz so cool ;v=bout meetin'people from the blogs and their travels. An'it'z cool tu that u guyz git tu spend more time with them. A lot of pawrentz think THEY choze us - when it really iz the other way around.

Cocorue said...

hey guys, we are MIA for awhile and you don't look after yourselves! it will take us sometime to get to all our friends but we Will get to it.

that's a very good interview
chat soon
coco & tiffy

Teddy said...

Poor JD! I hope your paw feels better soon. Not being able to take walks just won't do!

It sounds like your humans have a really good life, and the best situation to care for you with your MH around all day. My mom wishes to leave the corporate world and go to a non-profit org like your FH has, but it's hard to find the right place. And we can't imagine trying to cope with two puppies. My mom remembers the task of having just one puppy and all the clean up mess (of course, that wasn't me). Mom's note: Yes it was!!


Unknown said...

What a BRILLIANT idea to do an interview with your humans! And although we knew a bit about their backgrounds - like FH's big career change - me and Hsin-Yi loved learnign so much more about them! Hsin-Yi especially feels that she can really relate to Clare because she also used to commute 4hrs to London every day and had to wait practically a whole lifetime for her first doggie! :-) Plus she says she always feels like she shares so many of Clare's thoughts and feelings, like when she wrote about their Malaysia trip! AND she also had a "breakdown" a few weeks after I arrived - it was EXACLTY as Clare said - that after waiting for so long and wanting everything to be perfect, she really struggled with the reality of having a (HUGE) puppy and felt like she couldn't cope and Paul found her crying too! :-)

Anyway, so Hsin-Yi just LOVED this post and wishes that she could meet Clare one day because she thinks they would get on like a house on fire! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

HOPE said...

Wow great interview guys! You TWO are so awesome and I know your FH and MH are..lets say...Estatic now that you TWO came at the SAME time!

Saved FH from the "drama" all over again..hee hee once done over...

However..my MP(mom person) wants another and thinnking about that "drama" time..mmm? me too? Imagine ME..having to take the next one to MY TREE!! we'll see...

So nice to know you all a little more...

Paws UP!

The Life of Riley said...

Hi JD and Max,
Your interview was a great way to learn about your humans. I enjoyed reading it. Well done!

I just saw your tweet that JD is back from surgery and has the cone of shame. I hope he is feeling better real soon.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

we really enjoyed the interview!

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