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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Paw it forward update AND an auction to help Shelby!

JD - Hi everyone! I'm due to have my stitches taken out tomorrow morning so I should be able to FINALLY lose my cone!

Max - "You'll never sucessfully go undercover dressed like that JD!"
JD - "Er - well, it's a good job that YOU'RE the security doggie out of the two of us then Max!"

Max - Thank doG for that!

JD - We'd like to thank everyone for taking part in our 'Paw It Forward' game - we loved hearing all you pups shouting out that we're cool dudes, he he he!

Max - It seems that quite a few of you are either playing 'Paw It Forward' at the moment or have played in the past so we actually only had 2 pups coming forward to play.

JD - This is fine with us as we don't want to force anyone to play again!! So what we did was go to FH and explain the situation. We told her that we didn't want Dog's Trust to loose out and we gave her our HUGE puppy dog eyes so she said she'd have a think about it.

Max - She visited the Dog's Trust website and had a browse through it.....and she gradually formulated a plan!

JD - And it was a pretty cool plan! She said that as we only had 2 'Paw It Forward' to do she would still send the lucky pawticipants the Dog's Trust portable drinking bowl but she would NO LONGER donate £10 to Dog's Trust on behalf of each of them.

Max - We were horrified - HORRIFIED!! UNTIL she explained that what she would do instead of also providing the noms to each of the pawticipants was to SPONSOR A DOG for them for a year instead!

JD - We were VERY pleased with this and we are sure that Miss Zona and Miss Tessa will understand and be just as excited! After all, as the wise Miss Khyra recently pawed to us, we all have enough treats but some poor doggies are not always sure they're going to live until tomorrow.

Max - So, for the pretty Miss Tessa we have sponsored the pretty Miss Belle! Isn't she sweet? She's too nervous to ever find a furever home so is reliant upon donations to keep her feel safe and secure at a Dog's Trust centre.

Cute Miss Belle

JD - And for sweet Miss Zona and her family we have sponsored the handsome Master Jason - like Miss Belle he's too nervous to ever find a furever home.

Handsome Master Jason

Max - Miss Tessa and Miss Zona, as soon as we get the details about the sponsorship through we'll post it onto you (along with your portable drinking bowls) so you can read all about your sponsored doggie! So could you please pee-mail FH at 'schnauzerandschnauzer@googlemail.com' with your snail mail addresses?

JD - Now, before we leave today we'd like to explain to you why we haven't got round to visiting your blogs much this week. We're sorry and we miss you BUT we had an idea last weekend on how we might be able to help Shelby and we've been kind of busy setting it all up!

Max - We've been in touch with Mona and her mom and we've been working on another blog page - please click on the picture below to link to it!

JD - We've been inspired by so many other doggies doing so much to help Shelby and we wanted to help too! So we're going to be hosting an auction on 28th and 29th of August.

Max - We have some items to auction and we're hoping you will add to these too. The auction page explains everything (and will continue to be built over the next few weeks as we hopefully get more items to auction being added to it!) but we've copied the overview for you here - we DO hope you
pawticipate so that together we can help sweet Shelby.....

Sweet Shelby has been the victim of cruelty by the hand of man. Abandoned, left to die in a parking lot, dear Shelby was touched by an Angel. She is making good progress and amazingly she still has a trusting nature. But she still has a way to go so please find it in your heart to help Shelby with her dog-tor bills by helping us to raise green papers by becoming part of 'Team Shelby's Auction' on 28th and 29th August. This auction has been inspired by the great GABE event hosted by the wonderful Miss Twinkie earlier this year and by the kindness of so many other bloggers who have come together to help Shelby. Become a part of Shelby's auction by bidding on items AND/OR by providing items for others to bid on. Come on - let's join paws and help make the World a kinder place!!

How can you become a part of Shelby's auction?

Getting involved in Shelby's auction couldn't be easier! There are 3 ways that you can help:-

1 - Provide an item to be auctioned! Remember the great GABE event earlier this year? Shelby's auction will work along the same principles, except instead of generous doggies giving great gifts away for free you will auction them via this page for a for a small amount (we thought we would limit all items to a $8.00 maximum). Simply make up a treat bag, e-mail a photo of the item(s) and description(s) to us (via our pee-mail address on the right hand navigation bar) by 21st August latest ready for the live auction on the weekend of 28th/29th August. Please send information about items to be auctioned as soon as you are able to allow everyone enough time to browse at what is available!! We have started posting our auction items below so please look for inspiration! We're going to add to the items we'll be auctioning over the next few days/weeks - we'll be including human treat packs as well as doggie treat packs so you can bribe - erm, we mean spoil! - that 'special someone'!

PLEASE NOTE!! After feedback received please note that treat packages we are providing cost more than the auction cover price - all items are new but they're things that our hoarder of an FH (female human) has accumulated over several months so we've decided enough is enough, we need to free up some space in our house, he he he! So those bidding will be getting a bargain whilst also helping a worthy cause. We view this auction rather like a 'bring and buy sale'!!

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN!! After further feedback received we are now thinking of adding a 'de-luxe' section for treat packages that VERY special and will command a higher price than $8.00! So, if you are providing something EXTRA special please DO feel free to add a higher bidding price! We had initially wanted to keep the costs low so that lots of people could contribute during these lean times without breaking the bank, but we realise that some pups will want to purchase early for Christmas so we're going to take the opportunity to widen the auction a little!!

2 - Bid on an item!! We're hoping that by 28th/29th August Shelby's auction will include a wide range of items so there'll be something for everyone! Why not surprise someone and order them a treat pack? Why not do some early Christmas shopping and bid on a few items to store away? We will be requesting that all items are paid for at the auction via PayPal so that the money can go directly into Shelby's account and we will publish bidding instructions nearer the actual auction.

3 - Advertise Shelby's auction on your blog! Please help us get the word out about Shelby's auction by telling everyone about it on your blog! The more people who know about the auction the more items we'll get to auction; the more items we get to auction the more green papers we'll get for Shelby!

Thanks everyone - let's see what the 'power of the paw' can achieve!


JD & Max - Any Q&A's you might have about Shelby's auction please ask and we will answer via a 'Q&A' section on the auction site. Also, any suggestions you might have about the auction PLEASE let us know! For example, Mona asked us if we'd informed 'Dogs with Blogs' about it - *smacks heads with paws!* - we hadn't even THOUGHT about that! So please help us to make this event GREAT - we'd really appreciate it!!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, you two and your Mom are just WONDERFUL!!!! What a pawesome thing to do for Shelby. We know that she will be so thrilled to know what you are doing for her.

We accepted our PIF from Martha and Bailey - and they are doing the same as you, sponsoring a dog at one of our favorite rescues. We are going to do something similar but haven't worked out all the details yet.

Thanks to you for your endless generosity.

Woos ~ the OP Pack

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh my goodness, Max & JD - that is just the most wonderful, wonderful idea!! I think YOUR human is an angel - a doggie angel! She is always thinking up wonderful thing for others.

My human's already thinking of what we can provide as an auction item - am off to the Shelby page to look at your stuff there for inspiration!

Honey the Great Dane

mayziegal said...

Oh, JD and Max! Just when I thought you couldn't get any sweeter or more generous or kind - you go and do something like this! First, the sponsorships at Dogs' Trust and then the auction for Shelby. Oh, I wish I wasn't a jillion miles away cuz I'd run right over there and gives you BOTH (and your FH) a nose kiss! I will absolutively put this on my bloggie and I will think real hard about what to donate. How fun!

I just have a coupla questions. Are we s'posed to limit what we spend on the auction item we're donating to $8? (It kinda sounded like maybe peoples wouldn't be able to bid more than $8 on something.) And is that U.S. paper moneys or U.K. paper moneys?

Gosh - you just made me wiggle and wag even more than usual!

Your furend,

houndstooth said...

You two are geniuses! Thank heaven you use your powers for good instead of trying to take over the world!

Ooooo! That wine and dine pack is just too cute!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Where to start...



Woo two are furry WISE too...

I have an item in mind and I'll paw woo about it!

PeeEssWoo: What great khanines woo selekhted fur sponsourship!

little princess Luna~ said...

you are all angels--bless you all~!! :)


Mack said...

This is TOTALLY AWESOME! And it's gonna be so much fun too! Mom already has stuff set aside!
We are goin to the auction page right now!!!!!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

What a grrrreat idea. We love it.
We will have to crack the whip a bit but we think we are up to the job of bossing Mum around, BOL!
We will read your auction page and get back to you.
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx
ps good luck with the stitches JD.

Mack said...

Thanks for the e-mail Schnauzer mom!
This is gonna be G R E A T!!

& YAY for no more itchy stitches!!

kissa-bull said...

we just wanna say we fank you on behalf of all the pittie pack . we are amazed by the love and support to our humble pack. we do it for the smile on shelbys face. its priceless and makes our mommish cry alotta. but fanks to woggies and human angels like you we can continue to see her bewootiful smile.

pibble sugars especially for you
the pittie pack

Maggie Mae said...

JD and Max,

YOu guys ROCK with the whole sponser a dog for PiF! What a grreat idea that was. :)
The auction is a most wonderful thing to do for Sweet Shelby. I will have my mom looks around for some stuff to donate. Off we go to check out the auction page. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS JD...no more stitches....yay!

Lorenza said...

I hope your paw is fully recovered!
I am ready for the Auction!
Kisses and hugs

Zona said...

What a most wonderful idea!! I will work on my auction items this weekend!!

And thank you both and FH for sponsoring Master Jason! That is pawsome!! And I must say he is certainly handsome. Can anyone (even in the US) sponsor doggies? I know some two leggers who would LOVE this idea.

Thanks so much for being such thoughtful and generous Schnauzers!

Hope your paw is back to 100% and you're cone free!!


Aksharaa said...

Hi there JD n Maxie,
what lovely ideas u have come up with. your mumsy is indeed a doggy angel! we are so prod of all of u.

you two are indeed two KOOL DUDES!
is it possible for us to sponsor a doggy too, living in India? we would love to.if not we can just make a donation, can't we? we are even ready to give up one bag of Noms each week if it helps. wish we were living close by..
Shelby's auction idea is just super Kool!!
How is your paw? has it healed ok?
we love you,
Bud n Gin

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hi there JD & Max,

First off we hope JD gets all better very soon.

Secondly - what a lovely and generous idea for the PIR. Our human has not blogged for a while so she didn't see your post. It is a very cool and special thing to do for those sweet pups.

Lastly we are sorry to hear of your friend Shelby, we hope your auction goes well and you make lots of money for her. We shall have to check it all out. :)

Have a great weekend you two and JD - get well soon!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

PIR?...hehe, we mean Pif. ;)

Maxie said...

Great initiative!!! Thank you, thank you for helping those poor dogs. They deserve a good life too.

I hope you are having a good weekend and that JD is feeling better.


the booker man said...

JD and max!
holy cats!! this post is just slam packed with totally awesome sauce news!!! first off, i'm super duper glad that JD should have his stitchies out by now. YAY! and then how cool is it that ya'll are sponsoring miss bella and master jackson for miss tessa and miss zona. that is just most wonderful like!! if that's not enough, the auction for miss shelby is sending me and asa and mama over the moon! we are so excited, and will put the badge up on my bloggie right away! :)
the booker man

pee s -- asa is sending you extra hospitables. dude, i think she's got it bad for you boys!! heeheehee!

Molly said...

I has asked my Momma if we can do an auction lot and she has said as soon as my stroller gets here we can go look out some goodies to make up a lot for sweet Shelby.


Oskar said...

Oh my dog, what a fantastic idea. We have to take it all in and see what we can get together to auction.

You can count on us to promote away!

I love the doggies that you have chosen to sponsor. Such fine looking doggies to be not get nice homes. I'm glad that they get to at least stay where they are at and be well cared for!

Off to get my mom person on this post-haste!

Anonymous said...

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