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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Helpful puppies!

JD - Hey, I didn't think you liked coke Max?

Max - Well, as you know I've always enjoyed extracting and chewing the empty plastic coke bottles whenever I see them in the recycling bin.....

JD - Yup! Your dedication to the environment has always impressed me!

Max - So I just thought I'd see what the bottles are like when they're full - I wasn't too impressed to be honest, they don't hav
e that satisfying crinkling sound.....

JD - I hear you!

Max - So instead I thought I'd help the humans unpack their shopping....

JD - Me too! Mmmm - those GU chocolate puds looked yumsk! And they're a double pack too, so obviously that's a chocolate cup for each of us....

Max - Great! Can't wait until our humans serve them up for us!

JD - And then I found a bag full of salmon - mmmm, it smelled so good!

Max - I heard the humans say something about salmon and scrambled eggs on toast.

JD - Oooh - that sounds tasty!

Max - Yeah! They must be thinking about making that for us for being such helpful puppies. I reckon if we hadn't been there to help them unpack their shopping it would have taken them so much longer.....

JD - Very true Max - you are wise beyond your months.....

Max - Awww - shucks!

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