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Monday, 16 March 2009

Schnauzer is as Schnauzer does.....

JD - We started the day early and saw a lovely sunrise over the North sea when we went for our morning walk.

Max - I like the beach! We ran up and down the pebbles and made sure the tide stayed back.

JD - We take our coast guard duties very seriously. Unfortunately we got a bit wet so our female human wrapped us up all warm and snug in blankets when we got back home.

Max - It was warm and snugly and we had a lovely cosy snooze for a while.

JD - Then a bit later on we went to puppy school - it was good fun!

Max - Yeah - I'm a really clever puppy! I was great at the 'say hello to all the other puppies' exercise.....

JD - Um - that was the 'come' exercise Max and you were supposed to go directly to your male human when he asked you to.

Max - Really? Was I? But why? Once the lead was off I thought that meant I could go play with all the others.....

JD - Nope!

Max - Well, I was definately the best at the 'which puppy can run the fastest' exercise.....!

JD - ...... Er, you mean the 'walk to heel' exercise.

Max - Oh......! But I was really good at the 'lie down for the yummy treat' exercise.

JD - That you were Max! But you need to realise that the yummy treat isn't always going to be there, the humans will expect you to lie down simply because they tell you to.

Max - Will they? Seriously? That's a bit daft of them don't you think?!

JD - You'll still get a pat on the head though if you give them your cute look....

Max - Well, that's okay then!

1 comment:

Oskar said...

Tally ho! My mom person said to say that.

I was made to go to puppy school, when I was just a young nip. The teacher hated me. I was the only dog in the whole class who had to stay after for detention. I'm pretty sure she was just jealous of my grace & elegance.