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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Here we are!!

JD - Hello, hello! You're reading our blog, isn't this exciting?! I'm JD - a super-cool and incredibly cute miniature schnauzer who lives in Clacton-on-Sea in England. I'm four months old now, but I'm ever such a mature puppy for my age - my human is always telling me this so I know it must be true!

Max - And me! And me!!

JD - No, you're not mature Max - you're my brother, but you're a little bit mad, that's why you're called Max. Mad Max! Mad Max! Ha ha ha!

Max - I like to woof at things! I'm really, really good at woofing at things and I'm really good at eating paper too - you can never trust paper you know, it's noisy stuff so you have to eat it to show it who's boss!

JD - Um - yes Max!

Max - I also like tummy rubs! And I like my squeaky chicken! Squeaky chicken is my absolute favourite toy - next to squeaky chop of course! We have so many fun toys! But my absolute favourite thing in the whole world is going outside for walkies! Walkies rule - yeah!

JD - Quite! But whenever we go for walkies you have to have a special bark collar on that squirts soothing citronella fragrance up your nose, don't you? I don't have to wear one because I'm SUCH a mature puppy that I would never bark inappropriately. You see, you simply don't bark inappropriately when you're as grown up and mature as I am!

Max - You mean my bling collar? Our human told me I needed a special collar so that other dogs would know I ruled the hood round here. I'm cool, I'm cool!

JD - No Max - you're just woofy! Didn't you ba
rk at a blind man the other day....

Max - Well, his white stick was scary!

JD - Hmmmm!

Max - Writing a blog is tiring - I'm snoozy, zzz

JD - Nap time - zzzzzzzzzz!

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