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Thursday, 12 February 2009

A life of grime......

JD - Being the conscientious, mature puppy that I am I recently decided to do my bit for the environment and the local community!

Max - You mean the rubbish collection that you've started doing when we're out on walkies?

JD - You've noticed? That's good! Our human seems to be very happy with my latest project because she's been helping me....

Max - Yeah! She takes all the bits of rubbish that you pick up off you doesn't she?

JD - She sure does! She's obviously collecting it all to dispose of at an appropriate juncture.....

Max - She seemed to especially like that rotting banana skin you picked up the other day! She actually shuddered when she took it out of your mouth - she must have been overcome with pride!

JD - You betcha! Clacton will be a much better place with helpful, mature puppies such as myself around!

Max - I'm proud of you bruv!

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