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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine snuggles!

JD - What a busy day!

Max - Yeah! But it's been fun!

JD - Our humans stayed with us all day - they seem to do that every 5 days or so, we like it when they do that....

Max - 'Cos we get to snuggle up in the lounge all day where they hang out instead of just the kitchen - it's good!

JD - We went for a lovely walk this morning, off-lead and were VERY good boys and came back every time we were called.

Max - Yeah! We got treats every time we did that, they were yummy!

JD - And a bit later on we went for another walk and met loads of people! We ended up at this place called a groomers....

Max - And there were lots of other dogs there!

JD - But the lovely lady there seemed to think we were more handsome than all the others. We were shown round and tried out the grooming table and got our ears plucked and our coats brushed....

Max - And the nice lady gave us loads of cuddles and treats and told us that we were very good boys.

JD - And she gave our human a handful of yummy chew sticks to take home with her!

Max - We've been booked in for a proper session in a couple of weeks time - it's going to be fun!

JD - We're going to look even more handsome than usual Max!

Max - Is that possible....? [He he he!]

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