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Monday, 9 February 2009

How we saved Clacton from flooding

JD - We were soooo sleepy last night that we actually forgot to get up and have our usual wee in the middle of the night!

Max - It was nice not having to leave our nice comfy bed though....

JD - I couldn't believe it when our human suddenly appeared out of the darkness and told me it was morning....

Max - But it was! So we went for walkies! I like walkies!

JD - The tide was out this morning so our human took us down on the beach. We like to run across all the pebbles at the top of the beach!

Max - Yeah! The pebbles make exciting noises when we chase each other!

JD - But the sea kept on trying to claim our beach space......

Max - It washed over my paws!

JD - So we pounced on it - ha! - and it retreated! As it should!

Max - Yeah! We showed it!

JD - Seriously - if we hadn't been there to pounce on it and show it who's boss it would probably have kept coming in and Clacton would probably have been flooded!

Max - All our toys would have been swept away! And our treats!

JD - Exactly Max! It could have been a complete disaster!

Max - So - do you think the humans realise how lucky they are to have two such brave and clever puppies around?

JD - Sigh......I doubt it Max, I doubt it......!

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