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Friday, 13 February 2009

It's not the falling that's painful - it's the landing....

JD - My paws are a bit sore.....

Max - Mine too.....

JD - And my chin - I'm surprised I've got any beard left.

Max - That jump we both did - off the 4 foot wall into the darkness tonight? I thought it would be so much fun!

JD - Me too Max. I thought we'd float down to the ground all 'floaty-light' and we'd have so much fun we'd want to do it again and again....

Max - But.....ouch!

JD - Concrete is HARD! It hurt...

Max - It did hurt - I cried!

JD - Me too! Good job our human was there to cuddle us and tell us we were brave puppies and to give us treats.

Max - Yeah - she made the 'ouch' go away a bit.

JD - She did. But nevertheless I'm glad that our bed's nice and soft and snugly - I still feel a bit bruised.

Max - Me too - time to snuggle up and get comfy. Bed's definitely better than concrete....!

JD - Wise words Max, wise words!

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