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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Special presents!

JD - Because we're both such clever puppies we've noticed that our female human gets really, really excited every time we go to the toilet outside.

Max - Yeah! She tells us what good b
oys we are when we do that and we get treats and head rubs and she puts on her 'happy face' - we like 'happy face!'. It makes us both feel all smiley and good!

JD - So we thought - seeing as we're
such clever puppies and all - that we'd make a special effort to go to the toilet in the kitchen every single night so that our human can feel really excited every single morning when she sees what we've done!

Max - Yeah! Night time toileting!

JD - And it's hard you know.... I really don't think she
appreciates just HOW hard it is for us to make sure we both wake up to do this special thing for her when we're both so, so sleepy....

Max - Yeah! I have to get up from my lovely, warm and comfy cushion just to do a wee when I'm really sleepy......

JD - But you see the thing is, by the time she has FINALLY come down to see us (after abandoning the two of us to bravely cope all on our own throughout the night until the incredibly late hour of six am every day by the way) she's obviously far too sleepy to notice our continued diligent nightly efforts. All she does is quietly clear it all up without ANY fuss or excitement whatsoever.

Max - So no 'happy face' - it makes me feel all sad....

JD - But when we go into the garden with her to have our morning wee the cold must wake her up because she suddenly gets all happy again and we both get a treat and loads and loads of fuss. Go figure!!

Max - Yeah! I like my morning treat - it's yummy!

JD - I do think we need to keep trying the night time toileting for a little while longer though. I know our human's a bit slow, but even she's bound to notice it soon, surely? And when she does she's bound to be really pleased by what clever puppies we are!

Max - Yup - and then we're sure to get an extra special treat for being the cleverest puppies in the whole world!

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