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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Happy Birthday Fatty and Ally!!

JD - Hi - and thanks to everyone who popped in to join our celebrations over the weekend!

Max - We had a great time! And as we type this 44 comments have been left plus 40 signatures in our guest book and THAT means a grand total of £84 to Dogs Trust - thanks everyone!

JD - Don't forget - you can still leave a comment on our 100th post or sign our guest book as our humans won't be donating until the end of the September.

Max - Plus, female human told us that as there's two of us she's going to double up the amount - we're feeling very proud that Dogs Trust will be getting a minimum of £168 - thanks everyone!

JD - Anyway - onto some more exciting news!

Max - It's our good pals Fatty and Ally's barkday today - hooray!! Well, for us it's tomorrow but as they're in Kuala Lumpur it's already tomorrow today for them - um, we admit we're a little confused about all this but we're just going with it....

JD - Fatty and Ally are two gorgeous little schnauzers - we think they look like princesses....*blush!*

Max - So we designed a little barkday card for them and have posted it below!

JD - Fatty and Ally have a great blog - they really are little cuties! Why not pop over and wish them a happy barkday?

Max - We think they're so great that we'd like to give them this award especially for them turning four - Fatty and Ally, we hope you have a fabulous day!

JD - We got the award from the great Purple Hatter - he does great work!

Max - Happy Birthday Fatty and Ally! We wish we could visit you in pupsome to give you some barkday snuggles! *Blush!*

JD - "Come on Max - best paw forward! If we keep walking I'm sure we'll get to Fatty and Ally's by lunchtime....!"

JD - We can't wait to hear all about your birthday - we hope you blog about it soon!


Anya said...

Happy Birthay
I go visit the doggies ;)

hugs love
Kareltje =^.^=

Reese =^..^= said...

Happy, happy Birthday to mew!

Luna said...

Adorable friends, happy birthday and lots of love!
purrs and love

Bruce said...

Congratulations on such a successful 100th post!
your friend,

Frodo said...

Happy birthday to another cute pair of Schnauzers!!! You know Schnauzers don't seem to be a very popular breed in my area, no idea why, just started thinking about it the other day. I just know 1 of you, who owns a vet owner (poor dog, imagine having a vet as an owner!!!) and this man likes eccentric breeds, he has this strange dog I don't know the breed, but the dog is gray with white 'lights', if you know what I mean. =)

Well, I must go now. Grandma is trying to give me my white fur color back, she'll leave me in a bucket full of water and some sort of shampoo to try to make my fur clearer. Let's hope for the best!

Take care boys! See you around!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

congrats! we just left a belated comment on the 200th post--sorry we missed it on Saturday! hope you had a great day!!

Sasha said...

Hi boys

My human is strangely obsessed with my poo, too. She always collects it, and actually compliments me on a job well done (of course, I am extremely talented at poo-ing, so I suppose it's only natural that she should compliment me).

She's a little obsessed with my widdling, too. I always get compliments on that, too, and I like to tease her, as well.

When I do a normal widdle, I like to have four paws on the floor, but when I'm marking, I like to lift one back leg slightly. Helps with the aiming - I'm sure you boys understand.

But sometimes, occasionally, I like to lift both back legs at once, and balance on my front paws.

She always gets very excited when I do that, and so far has restrained herself from photographing me every time I perform my ablutions in an attempt to catch my no-legs specialty.

I like to tease her - I'm sure you boys do the same with your humans...

Puppy kisses

Clive said...

Congrats on your 200th post! Sorry we missed it but the Secretary was away!! We'll go to it now though!

Take care

HOPE said...

What a nice b'day salutation!

Cute Princesses....


Paws Up!

Oskar said...

Hooray for Fatty & Allie! Off to send them birthday wishes!

Nellie and Calvert said...

Our mommy said we suffered from JD & Max withdrawals... we think she's right. We had a wonderful time on our holiday and so wished we could share it in person with all of our blogger buddies. Wow, what a pawty that would be.

We'll be catching up on your blogs this weekend.

Belly rubs to both of you from our humans.


Diana said...

Oh yes, we have seen what Fatty and Ally got for their birthday but we don't know what those are, except for the treats... ;P

- Santa and Minnie

Anonymous said...

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