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Thursday, 10 September 2009

You are cordially invited to join us in our weekend celebrations!

JD - Hi everyone! We'd like to invite you all to a celebration this weekend because....

Max - ....our next post will be our 100th! We can hardly believe it!

JD and Max - back when it all began....!!

JD - We've watched other doggies reach their 100th post with much admiration and pleasure as their blogs are great and funny and witty and imaginative....

Max - ....but we never really thought WE'D get to 100 - wow!!

JD - So (drum roll please, he he he!!) ....on Saturday, 12th September - which coincidentally is the EXACT date one year ago that female human spent her very last working day in London (how cool a coincidence is that?!) - we will publish our 100th post!

Max - We're everso excited! We could not have got here without YOU! We're SO thrilled about this that we wanted to hold a little celebration. So this is an open invite for all of you to come and join us!

Max - "Do you think anyone will visit us on Saturday JD?"

JD - After much thought we decided that we'd mark our 100th blog by focusing on some 'firsts'! But there are so many great 'firsts' that it has been hard to decide which firsts to focus on ....

Max - .... but in the end we decided to celebrate on three blog 'firsts' . The first dog-blog our human ever stumbled across ....

JD - .... our first blog contact ....

Max - .... and finally our first love ....*wistful sigh!*

JD - We've recently contacted each of these 'firsts' - you know who you are! (can the rest of you guess who's who?!) - and have sent each of you a little goodie bag as a small 'thank you' for helping us to get to here!

Max - Unfortunately, our female human sent these goodie bags by surface mail so - um - you might just get them in time for our 200th post we suppose, sorry 'bout that....!

JD - "I think we'd best walk this Kong over to our blog pals ourselves Max - it's bound to be quicker than waiting for surface mail to deliver!"

JD - .... but anyway, on Saturday we will be writing ALL about the three of you in our blog!!

Max - ALSO - very excitingly - our female human has told us that to help us celebrate she's going to donate one pound to the Dog's Trust for every comment that is left on our 100th blog AND for every comment that is left in our guest book until the end of September!

JD - The Dog's Trust is the UK's largest Dog Welfare Charity and they do great work in re homing doggies - as well as picking out doggies they've identified to train as service and assistance doggies - so please help us to help them by leaving a comment on our100th post AND by signing our guest book at any point!

Max - Yeah! If you leave a comment on our 100th post we'll donate a pound! If you sign our guest book during September we'll donate a pound! If you do BOTH we'll donate TWO pounds! It's a win-win scenario!!

JD - So PLEASE join us on the weekend!

JD and Max are hoping to party, party, party!!

Max - As we could not have got here without you!


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi JD & Max
We'll be there. We can hardly wait.
Love Ruby & Penny

Reese =^..^= said...

Congratulations!!! Weeeeeee. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Dear JD and Max,
what wonderful creative chappies you are!
It sounds so exciting; count me in!
O and that last photo is so excellent; that I have the hugest smile now :oD

Mr Darcy

Diana said...

We'll be there too! What a way to celebrate and you are such a charitable family!

We love you
- Santa and Minnie

Anya said...

I'll be there
I can't wait :)))
love hugs
Kareltje =^.^=

Cobi said...

Woohoo.....100th post....that is amazing......i wonder when i will reach 100th with a lazy mummy :P

Looking forward to your 100th post :)


Luna said...

wow a celebration! I will be there for sure!
Love you guys

Bruce said...

What teasers you are JD & Max...how am I EVER going to wait until TOMORROW! See ya then!
your pal,

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

oh how terrible we will be away this weekend--perhaps we will try to sneak in a comment SOMEHOW in the back country--hmmmm will have to think about that one! well, we are not sure who your first bloggy friends are but we can't wait to find out---and that 1st pic of you is too cute for words huh? congrats you guys!

MAX said...

Congratulations! We are looking forward to your tales.
Lots of licks

MAX said...

Congratulations! We are looking forward to your tales.
Lots of licks

Eric said...

is your first love KONG or SASHA?


Amber and Nala said...

BIG day....we hope it's a super one! Love the "Did you hear the car?" pics below. :)


Ebi n' Emma said...

JD & Max - congratssss on reaching your 100th post!!

Mommy had always enjoyed reading your blog on your adventures & looking at the nice pictures of you two~ Actually, we loves it too!

Sigh.. we wished we could be there @ the party & celebrate with you..

Ebi & Emma

parlance said...

Congratulations! One hundred! I'll be looking forward to reading it.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Congratulations on your upcoming 100th post!

Oskar said...

Ooh, I'm sorry I missed this post yesterday. I asked my mom person about coming to your party...you know what she said, that whole pond thing again. *sigh*

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh boys - that picture of you in your party hats is just priceless! :-)

Anonymous said...

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