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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pet Pride - ooops, I ate it!

JD - Hi everyone! We're very excited because it's the start of Pet Pride today and we LOVE Pet Pride!

JD and Max - "Ooh, is it Pet Pride yet? Is it? Is it???!"

Max - It's a great meme, wonderfully hosted by Bozo, where pets can boast about how great they are - or owners can boast about how great their pets are! If you haven't joined in the fun yet why don't you swing on by and have a go!

JD - Anyway, we've been saving this post ESPECIALLY for Pet Pride as we're VERY proud of it!

Max - Yup! We would like to show off an award we got - it's the 'Oops - I ate it!' award and it's given to pups (or kitties!) who have expertly and cleverly obtained snacks that might not have been intended for them....

JD - Um, don't you mean pups (or kitties!) who were a bit naughty and - erm - stole some food?

Max - Hey, I know what I mean JD! He he he! Well, the reason we wanted to keep this award for Pet Pride is because we think that sneaking food - as well as maybe having a slightly messy house....

"Now, where did we leave our favourite stuffie?!" (Note from JD and Max's female human - although I'm proud to have dog beds and treat jars and water bowls all over our house I would still like to comment that this is NOT a photo of our house! In fact, none of the following 3 photos are from our house, they're just being used to prove a point!!)

JD - ....or scratched furniture....

"Mmmmm, mahogany - our favourite!"

JD - ....or chewed rugs....

"Yum - slight undertones of wool with a hint of fluff - delicious!"

Max - ....or clothes that always seem to have a splodge of mud or puppy spit on them....

Dog - "Whaddayou mean 'arghhh - don't jump up!' Sheesh - humans!"

JD - ....or ALL OF THE ABOVE!! - are all part of having a pet that should be CELEBRATED!! So, we were quite delighted to be offered this award by our very good bloggie pals Bruce the super-cool cat, Frodo - the super-cute Shih Tzu puppy and Pluto the super-clever GSD!

Max - Hmmm - our pals obviously expect the worst from us JD, he he he!!

JD and Max - "We LOVE it when thoughtful human simply drop their food on the floor - it makes our walks a gastronomic delight!! (Our humans have different words to describe these people though....!)"

JD - Well, we are proud of our canine heritage, he he he! We must admit that we weren't sure what story to tell everyone about at first. Should it be the time our female human forgot to move her curry from the arm of the chair when she went to answer the door? It was yummy, but rather an elementary food steal....

Max - Or how about the time we joined forces with our pal Otto the miniature daschund and between the three of us managed to acquire the packed lunch (foil and all!) of Otto's human, who had come round to do some work in our garden.

Otto - our partner in crime!

JD - Oh yes, that was a particularly good one! But the story we decided upon in the end is how we have acquired several peanut butter muffins by utilising our partnership and training our humans! Listen and learn everyone - we feel that this story proves that even the slowest of humans can be trained, all you need is patience and perseverance!

Max - We've only just been busted for this one - sigh! It was our male human who figured it out - he's a lot smarter than our female human, but don't tell her we said that!!

JD - In the morning, before she goes to work and just after our morning constitutional, our female human likes to toast an English muffin and spread it with peanut butter.

Peanut butter yumminess!

Max - She then goes to the sofa and has an enjoyable munch - oooh, it always smells so good! So between us we figured out what to do.

JD - We utilised Max's open naughty trait and combined it with my more covert naughtiness....

Max - As soon as female human sat down on the sofa I would go and select a shoe from by the back door and then trot across the lounge in front of her looking everso pleased with myself!

JD - Female human would immediately leave her breakfast and go to wrestle the shoe out of Max's mouth and then give him a lecture about how he wasn't to eat shoes or some such blah, blah, blah nonsense! This was when I would strike! With the peanut butter muffin now left unprotected and me with my reputation for always being a good puppy the conditions were perfect! I would sneak up onto the sofa, acquire the muffin and go hide it in our doggie bed!

Max - I always made sure I let go of the shoe whenever I noticed JD had made it to our bed. Whilst female human was busy taking the shoe back out I would reconvene with JD and we would snarffle our booty together - mmmm, yummy!

JD - Female human really initially did not understand that we were training her to leave her breakfast. We've noticed that she is very responsive to shoe training, we urge all puppies to give it a try!

Max - Yeah - it was male human who rumbled us! He's far too smart - he thinks like a dog, us puppies don't stand a chance with him around, humph!

JD - So, that's our 'Oops - I ate it' award! We know that it's been doing the rounds recently so we'd like to offer it to anyone who doesn't yet have it as we'd love to know about some of the food that you've 'acquired' recently....he he he!

Max - We'll leave you with this photo of us posing with some food that is actually meant for us! It's some yummy food that's been specially designed just for us Miniature Schnauzers - and we can report that it is very yummy indeed!

"We heart Royal Canin Schnauzer food!! Yummy!"

JD - We wish you all an enjoyable Sunday!!

Join in the fun at Pet Pride....


Cezar and Léia said...

Happy Pet Pride my sweet friends!
wow guys, peanut butter??? What a funny story! I have never thought about!Anyway I'm just curious now, I think it looks yummy! :)
Fabulous post!
Love you guys

Anya said...

Happy happy pet pride my friends.
I thought a cat can make so mess,
but i didn't now that you also do that .... LOL
My Mommy is angry when i scratch on the furniture :(
Fantastic long post today,
we love it ......
hugs purrrss
Kareltje =^.^=

Abby said...

Oh you are so good at getting the food! The best I've done is stealing other doggie's treats during my dog training class when no one was watching me.
http://karen.pnn.com/articles/show/49685-what-a-great-adventure-i-had and http://karen.pnn.com/articles/show/49387-what-a-busy-fun-day-by-abby.


JD and MAX
Congrats on the award and i like your teamwork involved to get it. Nice distraction... to pounce on the peanut butter snack. Yummers. You too deserve a clever award for that too.

Tiramisu said...

Hi JD and Max, would like to inquire about royal canine products. How do you find them personally? How long have you been feeding them this product?

Gallery Juana said...

That was a clever plan for snagging the peanut butter muffin! Congratulations on the award.

Bruce said...

You two are quite the tag team! Great strategy!
Happy Weekend!
your pal,

LadyFi said...

You two are hilarious and naughty - and very smart to train your human to leave her breakfast like that!

i beati said...

You 2 are looking good on our holiday weeknd.enjoyed the pictures a lot..sandy

Sylvia K said...

Ah, you guys are good -- well, maybe good isn't the exact word, but you really have trained your human well! Mojo and I both managed to get some bites of Mom's toast this morning, but we could sure learn from you guys!

Have a great day and lots of yummies!!

Sam Schnauzer and Mojo the Most

Tiramisu said...

Choosing the right kibble has always been a headache if you know what I mean. Been using www.dogfoodanalysis.com as a guideline but every site has their own review. The best is to get reviews from those who have actually tried them. If not mistaken Royal Canine is the only brand which offers Miniature Schnauzer formulated. So far from what I have read about this product: it is rated as a 3 star in dog food analysis and some claimed that it is too salty. Hoping to hear from you soon.

-Here is a brand you won't want to try Ekxxxxba, stools can be very smelly....

Tiramisu said...

Hehe will remind you in Oct, am eager to know the results.

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Congratulations on your kewl award and IMPRESSIVE cooperative efforts between the two of you. Molly's wondering why SHE doesn't have a cohort (other than Ms Kitty who tends to ignore her most of the time) and I've tried to explain I'm too old for such shenanigans ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello schnauzers its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns on yore awards and hay wow!!! speschul schnauzer fud??? i wunder if their is speshul vizsla fud too!!! ok bye

Reese =^..^= said...

You had me a little worried there for a minute with the pictures of "Your" house! hehehehe. Happy Pet Pride to my friends.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh boys - so sorry I haven't been visiting for a while...look at all the posts I've missed! Anyway, am going to enjoy catching up now on your news...

I'm just in awe of your peanut butter muffin story...WOW! I could never think up anything so clever (or so devious! hee! hee!) That is real teamwork too! I think that is one reason my human got a Dane like me - because we're not especially known for our 'proactive ingenuity' (usually I try something once and if it doesn't work, I give up and go have a nap instead!) and she thought that would be a bit easier to live with than a clever little dog who is always keeping her on her toes - ha! ha!

I have to say, when it comes to stealing food, I have a real height advantage - people are so used to dogs being lower down that they never think I might just walk up and swipe things out of their hands (as I have been known to do several times, much to Hsin-Yi's horror!) and then usually, they are so busy squealing over the dollop of slimey drool I have carefully deposited on their hands for maximum distraction that they never even noticed that I'd already swallowed their sandwich! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Janie said...

You guys are really sneaky! I hope you enjoyed the pilfered food.

Anonymous said...

Dear Max and JD,
I am humbled by your brilliance!
I don't know what to say! I am in pawe of your braininesses.

Mr Darcy

Kenia Cris said...

You eat nice things. Fred eats likes shoes, plants in general, beer cans, plastic bottles and different kinds of fabric. =P

Tutti and Jack love apples, potatoes and tomatoes.

Frodo likes stealing the other guys' food. =D

Much love from Brazil my dear! Kisses!

Oskar said...

Hmm, I must have my person get on this Pet Pride event.

The shoe training method that you two have invented could really revolutionize the way we pups train out humans. Genius, sheer genius.

Sasha said...

Oh, boys, you are indeed masters of human shoe training!

I must ask my human to get me a friend, so I also can plan certain "activities"... er... play with someone during the day when I'm all alone and sad (heh, that should convince her!)

I eat Royal Canin, too, I love it, but they don't sell the Mini Schnauzer food here yet, my human keeps asking about it.

I also eat Eagle Pack, we're trying a few flavours at the moment. I like everything - I am a Schnauzer, after all!

Puppy kisses

magiceye said...

oh you guys are a riot and it is always such a treat for all of us at Pet Pride to sit around and listen to all you escapades and learn how to con those humans hehehe


Pet Pride

Anonymous said...

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