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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some enouragement needed....

JD - Hi everyone! Now, a few days ago the wonderful and wise Oliver published a post about how the elephant he had got as a little puppy appears to have shrunk as he's got older.

Max - We have noticed this phenomenon with our toys too and also with male human....

JD - .... but strangely not with female human. She seems to have remained the same size!

Max - She admitted to us recently that before we turned up she was quite a sporty person. She used to enjoy cycling....

Female human looks happy after completing the London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation!

JD - .... the odd bit of abseiling....

Female human steps off the ledge....

.... and glides gracefully to the bottom - don't let go!!

Max - .... and she even took part in the odd triathlon - but only ever as part of a team as she's admitted to us that she's a bit scared of swimming!

Female human and her triathlon team mates - female human looks extremely relieved that it's all over!

JD - She doesn't like swimming? After all that effort she's made this year to get US into the sea? The NERVE of the woman!!

Max - He he he! But what she loved to do most of all was to run!

JD - She sure did! She's run a few half marathons....

Female human (front middle) looking very happy after completing her first ever half marathon. We apologise for the quality of this photo - it was taken before she had a digital camera (THAT'S how old she is....he he he!)

Max - And she's even completed the London Marathon before too!

Female human poses with her gorgeous pal W - we've been told that she just kept muttering 'never again!!' whilst this photo was being taken, he he he!

JD - But since we've been around the most energetic thing that female human has done is take us for walks.

Max - Whilst we appreciate the walks that she takes us on - some of them over 2 hours long as she just enjoys being outside so much - she's told us that she's put on quite a bit of weight as a result.

JD - Nearly two stone apparently - good grief!! This obviously explains why she doesn't appear any smaller now that we're bigger!

Female Human - Hey!!

Max - He he he! But we hear that she's signed up to do another half marathon in January next year and she'll be going to Spain to do it - very nice!

JD - She did actually take part in this half marathon earlier this year - it was the last athletic thing she did with us around.

Female human (kneeling front left) posing with her pals prior to the Santa Pola half marathon.

Max - So she needs a bit of encouragement to get back out there - she says that she's so used to 'just' walking us now (cheeky human!!) that she needs more than a little push to 'get back into it'!

JD - Well - I LIKE her cuddly....

Female Human - Aw - thanks JD!

JD - ....because she makes an EXCELLENT cushion - all squidgy, soft and comfy, he he he!

Max - So, we just thought we'd ask all our pals in the blogosphere to encourage female human to get those trainers on and get out there pounding those streets again!

JD - Come on female human - if we can do it then you can too!!

Gotta run, gotta run, gotta run....!


Sasha said...

Ooh, ooh, I love jogging!

Not with my human, of course, she doesn't jog. But there are a lot of doggies who go jogging with their human at our park, and whenever they go past, after we've played a bit, I try to follow them. My human is thinking of taking up jogging because I seem to enjoy it so much.

But she's waiting for the grass to be drier in the mornings so her running shoes don't get wet. Or some such excuse. (It is true that she wears waterproof walking shoes so we can walk through the grass and not just on the path, so it might not totally be an excuse.)

I'm not sure how jogging with my human will go, she's not much of a runner, but I'll keep at her to take me jogging, by running off with all the other jogging puppies I see.

Maybe that could be your technique - keep following other running humans, then she will see how much you want to run. At the very least, if you don't turn back, she'll have to run after you, and that will get her fit in no time at all!

Puppy kisses

The OP Pack said...

Ha rooo - you two are too funny. Our Momster only walks anymore too but she has bone issues. We love to go for walkies and the weather is so nice now that we usually get to go everyday. We want to send lots of encouragement and good luck to your Mom in becoming more active again. It is very good to stay active and healthy when you are young.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Anya said...

Wow !!
Your Mommy is very good in sports:)
My Mommy sport also two times in a week :)
I prefer sleep, I love that and once or two times on a day I go jump in the house ....... LOL
Lovely shots and very funny words from JD & Max :)
Kareltje =^.^=

Diana said...

Next time when your female human take you out for walkies, make her run instead of walk...run! Run! Run!

- Santa and Minnie

Clive said...

Hi JD and Max

The very best of luck to your Mom - we applaud her efforts!! I would be a long time waiting for Mom here to take up any sport!! She keeps claiming something to do with dodgy hips and she has had two hip replacements but really its just an excuse!!

Thankfully the not-so-little man and his sister can run and run ....

The very best of luck to your Mom again!

lots of woofs

Mimi said...

My mom person says that she will only run if someone is chasing her. Hmph, no fun.

We don't know how many 2 stone is, on that note we also don't know what a fortnight is either, but anyway, I know that your mom person CAN do it. She can & going to Spain sounds like a great incentive...(I don't know what incentive means either, whew)

My mom person is cheering your mom on from across this silly pond. We will root for her!

Maybe you guys could go for little runs with her to gear up for her BIG runs.

HOPE said...

Oooh you two better get on the RUN...maybe if she puts a cookie on her belt you can chase HER!

Well..I think personally it is nice to have a squishy cuddly mom/person...

but..play time is fun time for her too!

across the pond..we are clapping for your mom/person!!

Paws UP! and at 'em...


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We'll let your mum jog fur us!

Mine doesn't! - we walk a lot (3 times today) but her body is just not jogging furiendly!

We'll admit furry few of the runners we pass look 'happy' with what they are doing!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh my God, Max & JD - I really think our female humans were separated at birth or something...they share so many opinions and experiences and now - 'issues'! Ha! Ha! My human has also put on weight recently - not a lot, OK, but since she is not a lot of human, any little bit shows up very quickly! Anyway, she says it's not what what shows up now but what will show up soon if she doesn't do something about it now - she says it's called "a slippery slope".

You see, the problem is that Chinese breeds of humans are like Labradors - they can eat like there is no tomorrow! My human is always eating and eating - and when she was younger, this didn't matter - but now that she is older and the metabolism engine inside her body is slowing down, all that food becomes a roll of fat on her tummy.

Anyway, so she was just decided to start doing more exercise again too - so we will definitely be cheering your human on! Yours is so brave to do all those things - my human couldn't even look at that picture of your human up so high - she had to squeeze her eyes shut and scroll down past it quickly! :-) She has decided to start doing this funny dance routine by herself at home called "aerobics" - there is a smiley man in the TV box who does this dance routine and she follows him and copies everything he does. She has also got a big hoop and started making it go around her body - first one way than the other - for 1 min each. She wrote an article recently about hooping and it's a new exercise craze and it's supposed to be really good at making tummy fat go away! :-)

Anyway, we shall be eagerly watching your human's training and progress for her marathon! My human is very impressed - she has never done any marathons and doesn't think she could! (She hates running and can't now coz of something called "collapsed arches" so she has to wear special shoes with cusions inside)

Honey the Great Dane

Bruce said...

Look how happy your face is in each of these pictures Mom person...that is the reason why you need to get back out there & run. I can tell that you LOVE it! Good luck with your training!
your pal,

Luna and mommy Léia said...

Hello sweet friends!
wow adorable post! Congratulations for your mommy, she is so beautiful and I loved her smile!She is a kind person and you are very lucky !
Mommy here is so impressed with her goals! It's wonderful and you must be very proud of your mommy okay!
She is brilliant!
purrs and love
Luna and mommy Léia

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

so your human mom is crazy we see. every thing makes perfect sense now! and what is a stone? if she needs to loose a stone tell her to throw it back on the ground.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Go female human, go female human, go female human ...

Frodo said...

You guys know how much I HATE exercising, don't you? I'm a real couch potato dog, you know. Hey, your human is really sportsy! That's great! Mom is Couch Potato Regional Chapter President, that means something too, doesn't it!!!?

See you around boys!

Nellie and Calvert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nellie and Calvert said...

Guys - all our mommy had to see was Spain and she went all gaga; you see she was raised in Valencia and hasn't been back since she was a little girl...

We are sure your mommy will be wonderful at whatever she does, we're rooting for her! Is she raising funds? If so please send us a link, we'd love to support her efforts!

We won't say a word about weight as Nellie here (ahem) has a little bit of an issue and mommy... well, let's just say she discovered that she knows how to cook, might we say... a little too well. She's trying and doing her best to get rid of those nasty pounds. Now that it's almost Fall in NY she's going to be jogging with me; something about burning my puppy energy!

Can't wait to hear more about her marathon.

Go human... go human...


Kali said...

We only go for walks with our mom. She does want to start exercising though. I am sure you will be able to motivate your female human to start running!


Anonymous said...

Dear JD and Max,
I think you and your Mumma are confused 'putting on' two stones is not a big deal! I ate (or as you like to call it "put on") a stone once, and it did me no harm at all. But Mumma taught me not to eat stones so I haven't put on anymore. Have you thought about teaching her not to eat stones?
I think I know what you're getting at with the running. If she is running she doesn't have time to pick up stones, right? But she needs encouragement to run? Maybe you two could take her for a run? I have also heard that running is good for a hooman's health, did you know? So I do hope for her own sake your hooman starts running.

You can do it Max and JD's Mumma!

healthful smooches,
Mr Darcy

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

oh thank you! i am glad you enjoy the titles--it is so fun to make them up--i think i must soon run out of ideas....

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Jd, Max & mom
Mom used to love to run too, untill her knees wore out. She used to lace up the sneakers everymorning and do 5 or 10k.
Mom says she wishes she could still run. Something about endorphines.
You can do it. Once you start you won't want to stop.
Love Ruby, Penny & mom

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

did you REALLY think we could let him go too far? hehehe

Kaiser via Brad said...

Congrats and good luck w/ training!