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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Brave boys

JD - Our female human sat us down a little earlier today and gently explained that tomorrow we're going to be taken to the vets.

Max - I took the news well.

JD - I took the news not so well.....!

Max - We're going in for THE op tomorrow. We're not quite sure what that means quite frankly, but we're told it's best for our health.

JD - I'm a bit worried Max. We've never had an op before - I'm so nervous I can't even snooze properly at the moment......

Max - I'll look after you JD. And we'll be going through it together.

JD - So, if we knew that everyone was thinking of us tomorrow.....

Max - ....it would probably help us feel a bit better. We'll let you all know how we're doing in a few days time - thanks!


Bruce said...

Max & JD...I'll be thinking about you. I just went to the vet last week and even though it was scary...it really wasn't that bad! Good luck:)

Sasha said...

Boys, you'll be fine!

I had my op a while ago, and I'm completely back to normal!

Puppy kisses

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

awwww--poor fella--good luck at the vet! everything will be fine

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!! You has probably been through the nasty op already!! I hopes you are recovering well and getting loads of pampering. These naughty humans eh...what they put us through!!
I had the op last year before Sophie Sis came to live with us. Sophie had the girly op shortly after her first season and one day we thinks Hazel Sis will have her op. If it's any consolation (I'm sure it's not!!) the girlies op be much horribler than ours be. They be more sores.
Keeping my paws crossed for your speedy recovery. I be crossing my back paws now, thinking of your pain!! BOL ;)
Scotty xx
PS: My mummy say my PAT gear arrived today so we be looking forward to goings home and trying it all on!! Paws crossed it fits!!
Look out for photos soon!! xxx

Amber and Nala said...

Oh JD and Max....I am keeping my paws crossed for you! Good luck and hope you are feeling like yourselves in no time!

Lots of love,

Oskar said...

It's not that bad boys. You'll be back to your playful selves in no time.

They do give you medicine that makes you nice & sleepy.

{{manly dog hugs}}