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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Honest Easter!

JD - Hi everyone - we hope you're having a fun easter!

Max - Our humans have finished making the changes to our blog so please sign our

JD - We're having
great fun - it's been quite hot in Clacton for the past few days....

Max - Yup - phew, heat doesn't half slow you down you know. We've never experienced it before!

JD - This morning I even went swimming in the sea - and my human got all upset because she had forgotten to bring her camera so couldn't get a photo. It was a shame - there I was, showing her what a fit and athletic doggie I was....

Max - .....hey - hang on! Didn't you end up in sea as a result of chasing after those two seagulls who you thought were looking at you 'a little t
oo cocky'....?

JD - Um, well, yes, I suppose that's the reason I f
irst ended up in the sea, but it was so cool and refreshing I really enjoyed it!

Max - I know - y
ou wouldn't come back out for AGES! I had to stand on the sand and bark and bark at you to come back.

JD - Well, you could have joined me.

Max - Why would I do that - it's all WET in there!

JD -It was such a shame that our human had forgotten the camera but never mind, I'll no doubt exhibit my athletic prowess again very soon....

Max - ANYWAY - something very exciting has happened. We've been given our very first blog award!

JD - It's the 'honest scrap' award and we were given it by the gorgeous Honey, the Great Dane. We now need to share with you all 10 honest things about ourselves. But as there's two of us we're going to tweak these rules a little - we're going to tell you 5 individual honest things about ourselves and then 5 joint honest things about ourselves - which will give you 15 things in total...

Max - Oooh - we do spoil all our readers - he he he!!

JD - Right, here goes for me.....
  1. If I really like someone I'll immediately sit on their feet! For example, if my humans start having a conversation with another person whilst we're out on a walk I'll think 'they must be nice if they're talking to my humans' and I'll immediately sit on their feet to let them know that I approve of them. I do the same to guests and I ALWAYS sit on my human's feet whenever they stop moving [comment from female human - I usually end up with a 'Schnauzer slipper' whenever I'm standing by the kettle waiting it to boil - it's really cute!]
  2. I'm very tall for a miniature schnauzer! Although we're the same age I'm already two inches taller than Max - our dad was larger than usual for the breed so I take after him which I really like!
  3. I have a real cool name! It stands for 'Just Dog' - my humans think I'm so calm and laid back that I'm like a 'surfer dude' (whatever that is!) They say that if I could talk my favourite phrase would probably be 'whatever dude!' so they thought 'Just Dog' suited me wonderfully well. However, strangers will often get quite upset on my behalf when they hear what my initials stand for and will make a huge fuss of me whilst saying things like 'oooh - you're more than just a dog!' So 've got a cool name that results in a snuggly response as a result - brilliant!
  4. I like watching other animals on TV - especially other dogs! I get really excited if I see another dog appear on the screen and I can't help going over to say hello...
  5. I get hiccups really often - it's not fair because Max doesn't and he drinks and eats just a fast as I do!
Max - Ooh, my turn, my turn! Here's my 5....
  1. I get fretful if I go into a new room without having something in my mouth so I usually grab a spare slipper or squeaky chicken - it always makes me feel a bit braver.
  2. I like the sound of my own voice! I'm the spokeshound of the two of us and I get really miffed if I try to start a conversation with someone when we're out on walkies and they completely ignore me! I mean - how rude! So whenever that happens my woofs go all high pitched in disbelief....
  3. Now, I know it's often a delicate subject, but I am nevertheless a 'prolific pooper!' Everyone needs to poop - and I my record is 5 poops on a single walk. My humans say that for such a small doggie I have exceptional gifts on this front. I only do it for them - I've noticed that as soon as either JD or me poop they immediately clear it up so I've figured that they must really like the stuff - I'm doing them a favour really...
  4. I REALLY don't like going to bed at night. Every evening when our humans are going to bed themselves JD will quite happily put himself to bed, but I always pretend that I'm already so deeply asleep that I couldn't possibly manage to go to bed by myself. No amount of coaxing will work - if I'm sat up I'll immediately 'flomp' back down again as if my bones have all turned to water. So my male human always has to put me to bed himself.
  5. Squeaky chicken is my absolute favourite toy - if I lost squeaky chicken I'd be totally inconsolable.
JD - Now for our joint 5 items....

Max - Well, we ARE brothers!

  1. We'd both REALLY like to become PAT dogs when we're bigger! We think they're amazing and two of our blog friends - clever Scottie and Honey - are both qualified to do this sort of work. Isn't that brilliant?
  2. We know we shouldn't but we can never resist eating tissues when we're out on a walk. It's something about the smell of them, the consistency of them in our mouths, the way they rip and tear in such a satisfying way - ooooh, we can never walk past a discarded tissue..... Sadly our humans don't share our passion and shout things such as 'leave it' at us (we think this phrase must be French or something as we have absolutely NO idea what it means.....) Also, comments such as 'ewww - tissues are never used to wipe up good things....' are quoted at us very frequently whilst they try to fish them out of our mouths and put them where we can't reach them....
  3. We like to clean each others ears - we find it very soothing and relaxing so we take it in turns to be the groomer and then the groomee.
  4. Our absolute favourite snack ever is carrot - we love the way it crunches, the nice sweet and refreshing taste of it, the way it lasts longer than a biscuit - ooh, it's just so yummy! And apparently it's 'healthy' too. We have no idea what that means but we think it might be linked to us getting more carrots than we get biscuits....
  5. My brother is my best friend! We like playing together and we always enjoy snuggling up together for a well-earned snooze throughout the day......zzzzz!

JD - So, that's our 'honest scrap' - we hope you enjoyed it!

Max - And now the rules are that we must pass name and a link of the doggie who gave you this award - thanks so much Honey, we were so excited to receive it!

JD - And then you must pass this award onto other blog authors who you want to know a bit more about (7 blogs being the usual amount). So we've chosen:-


Amber and Nala said...

Great answers! You too are soooo funny! JD, I think that is a brilliant idea on your name too and if it gets more cuddles then WOOHOO! Max, too cute that you make your daddy put you to bed....do you get tucked in with a blankie like me?


Oskar said...

Oh heavens! I'm ever so excited. My mom person just gave me a carrot. Hmmm. I ate it after a while thinking that's what I needed to do to get a cookie. I'm still unsure.

My "scrap" of a tail is wiggling over this award. haha.

Thanks so much!

♥玮倩 said...


thanks for visitng my blog! Congrats on your award, now i get ot know more about your! I dont like to get my ears clean but i do love carrot!!! They are cruncy and yummylicious!!!

best regards

GoSchnauzer said...

thanks for the award guys. that was really nice of you. i really like bananas but i hope to try a carrot soon.


Hamish said...

Thank you for the award!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi JD & Max!

Thanks for stopping by my blog,and so sorry to return the favour so late! You two are SOOOO cute! Love your Honest Scrap...so funny and cute! *grins*

Hope you had a great Easter Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi JD and Max,

Thanks for visiting our blog. You two are really good buddies! We like your honest list. We have never cleaned each other although we often sleep together. Love to come back to see how you are doing!

Cookie and Cinnamon