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Thursday, 7 May 2009

The naughty pup contest!

JD - Hi everyone!

Max - I'm feeling much much better - thanks to ev
eryone for your kind messages.

JD - We thought it was about time we entered Scottie's 'naughty pup'

Max - Of course, we always see our behaviour as being
helpful or simply being willing to muck in, but humans are weird in how they define things sometimes....sigh!

JD - But apparently we've been quite good puppies so far!

Max - Our human says it's something to do with us being just a bit too short to reach a lot of things and being just a bit too young to have got up to too much just ye

JD - The first thing we ever did to worry our humans was escape on our third day home! Unfortunately there is no footage of this daring deed of ours so we will have to simply recount it to you....

Max - Our garden is divided into two parts. The smaller bit we're allowed into any time, the larger, grassy part is for supervised romps only.

JD - But we love the grassy part and always try to sneak into it whenever possible. In the smaller part of our garden we have a small summer house ....

Our humans live at number 22 so thought it was hilariously funny to mark our dwelling as '22.5' - humph!

Max - ....which is actually made of fibreglass so it's very lig
ht. Well, we figured out that if we shifted it to the fence that separates these two garden sections we would be able to climb onto the roof and leap over!

JD - So between us we shifted it and made good our escape! We were quick - our female human saw us from the kitchen window and couldn't believe how cheeky we were being - or how fast!

Max - By the time she had got outside we were gone. Really gone! We'd found a tiny hole in the fence that our humans didn't even know was there and were off! We met the neighbours - and we now go for regular walks with them and their doggie as a rather lovely consequence, he he he!

JD - We've never tried that particular stunt again though. To be honest with you we scared ourselves a bit when we did that as it took our humans a little while to figure out just WHERE we had escaped to (there are 4 gardens backing off our garden)
so there we were, sitting in a strangers house (nice though these strangers were!) wondering if we'd ever see our new humans again. We had just decided that we liked our new humans by this point too and were going to let them know that we were prepared to stay with them, so when all this happened we were understandably very worried!

Max - There's only been one naughty event where we were caught 'red-pawed' and that was when we helped our humans with the recycling.

JD - They'd collected a lot of old newspapers ready to be recycled and had produced a nice, neat stack in the corner of the lounge ready to take outside.

Max - And then someone knocked at our front door - by the time our female human came back - about 2 minutes later - this is what she saw....

JD - ....well, we WERE only very small pups at the time! And paper is just so satisfying to chew - the noises it makes, the texture of the chewed mush - oooh, it's just sooooo good!

Max - Oooh - oooh! I've got another one! I escaped from the kitchen only last week. My humans think I must have climbed o
n JD's back to leap over the barrier they put across the kitchen entrance. When they got back home after a couple of hours out JD was still in the kitchen getting very frantic on his own and I was in the lounge sampling how tasty our posh new doggie gates were.....

Max - Mmmmmm - they were super-yummy!

JD - Well, that's our entry. We're looking forward to reading all the other entries....

Max - ....and picking up some great naughty tips
along the way - he he he!

Find out what all the critters are up to at....


Bruce said...

Hi JD & Max...just looks like a whole lot of fun to me...no trouble at all. What do your humans want...boring little dogs that do nothing to entertain them? Well, if you do enter the contest, good luck to you!
Love ya,

Sasha said...

Gosh, there's a few things there for me to practice. I might need to enlist Bertie and Oliver's assistance with some of it, though.

Except helping with the recycling, I can do that all by myself.

Thanks for the tips, boys!
Puppy kisses

Oskar said...

I'm so glad your people found you. You are very bright to figure out how to breach the fence, though.

I have left you both a little something on my blog!

Eric said...

ooo we also always practice the running away trick..

in fact, Fatty used to do it so often... she leaves seconds after Mummy leaves the house... n somehow comes home 8 hours later, seconds before Mummy comes home...



Amber and Nala said...

WOW....great escape artistry! :) I love the recycled newspaper photos too! The picture of me with brown paper chewed up on the floor in the slideshow was a bat diagram Mom had drawn and cut out for her class. She was very upset with me for playing with it....I don't know why?? ;) I just wanted to make some confetti to celebrate HER! :) I am sure you were doing the same with the newspaper.



Suzuki said...

Wow! You were naughty pups BOL
Big licks to you

Captain Nemo said...

Haha - naughty puppies! But cute - Nemo

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello schnauzers its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by and congratchoolayshuns on yore high playse finish in the nawty pup contest it wuz all gud kleen fun!!! ummmm wel it wuz fun ennyway maybe not always so kleen ha ha ok bye