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Monday, 18 May 2009

Mirror-image Monday!

JD - Hi everyone! Today's Mirror-image Monday is an easy one really....

Max - ....well, it would have to be if it's being demonstrated by you JD, he he he!

JD - Hey! Anyway, it's all about optimum comfort whilst sleeping, a subject close to the heart of all doggies and kitties

Max - So here it is - JD getting down to snoozeville - just like the gorgeous Sophie and the sweet Luna (number 6 in Luna's post)....

JD - Ah yes! Us doggies and kitties surely know a comfy snooze position!


Max - Oooh - we're very excited! Sweet Santa has played today too - check out her super-comfy snooze position here!!!

JD - And now cute Stephy has joined in too - thanks ladies, great pictures!!

Find out what all the critters are up to at....


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi JD & Max
We agree with you. We love to snooze just about anywhere and anyway.
Love Ruby & Penny

♥玮倩 said...

ah, this is funny! i never slept like this before :x

best regards

Bruce said...

Hi JD & Max...I just guest blogged for Oskar & there's even a picture of you two...so you'd better check it out.
your pal,

Diana said...

Hey JD, I have a mirror-image of you too...check me out.

- Santa

Cezar and Léia said...

It's seems very comfortable ! Cute picture!
Purrs from Brazil
( and mommy Léia )

Amber and Nala said...

Great pawsition....so comfy and it provides a nice stretch at the same time. :)


Bruce said...

WOW!!! You two really outdid yourself posting the "Slide News" on Oskar's blog! It's so good to see all the things he's been doing while he's been away! Thanks a million!!
Love ya,