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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Good pup,bad pup!

JD - For our Pet Pride post today we thought we'd tell a little bit more about ourselves.

Max - Even though we are brothers who are the same age and from the same litter, we are very, very different!

JD - We love being brothers - but we also embrace our differences.

Snuggle-buddy brothers!

Max - Yup - I'm the handsome one!! He he he!

JD - *Rolls eyes!* ANYWAY - our humans think we really suit our names. Max likes to push everything 'to the Max' as he constantly and tirelessly tries to see what he can get away with, such as digging in the garden....

Pawprints on the curtains - hmmm, suspicious!

Max - Hey - those muddy pawprints prove nothing! They could have been left by anyone - even you!

JD - ....and barking manically at chickens whilst I simply saunter casually on by....

Max - "You lookin' at me?! Hey, Mr Chicken - you lookin' at ME?!!"

Max - Well, they smelt tasty!

JD - ....and never going to bed by yourself by pretending you're always too tired to even move so our male human ALWAYS picks you up and puts you to bed himself....

Max - "Yes - I KNOW I was running around like a demented puppy just 5 seconds ago, but now that you've said the phrase 'in your box' I suddenly find myself completely overcome with exhaustion!"

Max - Well, I like to be tucked in, he he he! Anyway YOU, my dear brother, also suit your name down to the ground! You are the most laid back puppy I have ever met! Do you know the other dogs down the park refer to you as 'the hippy' as you never let ANYTHING phase you and you can never even be bothered to bark? You enjoy kicking back....

JD - "Human, this floor needs a sweep - I'm getting dust on my woozle!"

JD - ....well, a pup has to conserve his energy you know.

Max - ....and kicking back some more....

JD - "Snuffle - zzzzzzz.......!"

JD - It IS important to get your 16 hours a day you know Max!

Max - ....and then kicking back even more!

JD - "What do you mean I'm in the way lying here? I'm afraid I simply don't understand....!"

JD - Well - blame my humans, THEY'RE the ones who christened me 'Just Dog' - I'm only trying to fulfil their expectations!

Max - He he he! So, as you can see, we do have very different personalities. Our humans sometimes refer to us as 'naughty and nice'.

JD - Can you guess from the photo below which one of us is naughty and which one of us is nice?!

Max - "Come on up JD - I DARE you!" JD - "No Max, the humans said we're not allowed on the furniture!"

Join in the fun at Pet Pride....


Abby said...

JD is the good doggie. Max, you are the fun one, I can tell! I am usually a good doggie, but I am allowed on the couch since the cats are. Gerard said so.

Sasha said...

Hi boys

Max, I love your going-to-bed technique. When I'm ready for bed and my human's not, I ostentatiously sleep all around the room, hoping for her to give in and go to bed.

I have to wait a bit for her to do a very important thing she does every night, called "faffing". When she's finished faffing, she turns off the lights, then I make my way into the bedroom.

If I don't go into the bedroom in time, she comes out to get me, and picks me up all floppy. Then I grrrl at her for waking me up and moving me, until she puts me on the bed, at which point I give a long-suffering sigh, dig at the blankets, get comfortable and go back to sleep. But sometimes when I grrrl at her, she says "fine, you can just sleep out here all night then", and leaves me alone in the dark.

I might have to re-think the grrrling thing.

Puppy kisses

PS - JD, I don't believe for a moment that you are the "good" puppy - don't forget, I am a very devious... er... ingenious puppy, and I can spot it a mile away!

It is my personal belief that you cultivate this aura of laid-backness, so that you can plot and carry out various master plans, and lay the blame squarely on the "bad" puppy - poor Max!

For example, the mysterious paw prints on the curtain was obviously a master stroke from you!

PPS - Max, this doesn't mean I'm saying you are a poor, misunderstood puppy - I reckon you are just as naughty as JD, but more open about it.

PPPS - Keep up the good work, boys!

Oskar said...

Well done. JD I think you're taking sleeping to new levels!

My mom person says I'm a combination of both of you. I'm quite naughty & when I'm not sleeping, I'm barking!

LadyFi said...

Oh you boys just crack me up!

i beati said...

we have this pattern in our house sandy

Anya said...

So lovely shots all,
you make me smile :)
Kareltje =^.^=

Eric said...

ohhh... i used to think that JD was named after Jack Daniels - n that JD was always 'blur' or something as if he was drunk on JD... hehe...

The Island Cats said...

If you were both the same, life wouldn't be as interesting!

Reese =^..^= said...

That was very cute. I enjoyed learning how you are so different from one another.

Captain Nemo said...

Hi boys! Hey, JD - perhaps you could double up your woozle as a sweeper.....? Only joking! Your woozle is far to handsome for that! It was fun learning how you're so different, so not only do you look different (little and large!) your personalities are very different too. :) Nemo.

Jimbo said...

Hi lads - I see from the other comments that you've added icons to your woof-back, very cool! :) ;) :)

It was nice to learn more about you - I think you need each other, you are like 'yin' and 'yan' aren't you?

Your pal - Jimbo

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lovely tails on those schnauzers! I had a miniature schnauzer about 15 years ago, she was the sweetest thing, we lost her to pancreatis, in those days they docked the tails which was done before we got her but we did not crop her ears. A practice I hate.

Anonymous said...

Herro JD and Max!

Oooh! You have great personalities! JD I totally love my sleep too. What I hate is how early my pawrents get up in the morning. Why can't they get up quietly without alarms and without turning the light on?
And Max I do naughty stuff too. Life is too exhilarating to refrain from vocalising every emotion I am feeling!

Mr Darcy

RockPuppy said...

JD I'm with you! Sleeping is a good occupation.

It was great to read and learn more about you two. It must be fun being brothers.


Amber and Nala said...

You boys are HILARIOUS!!! I love that your names suit you so well and it is funny how different your personalities are. :) That last one is great! :)


Cezar and Léia said...

Oh, Max, you're so smart! I totally agree that it's one of our charms to make those lovable humans satisfy every wish of ours, including taking us to bed! :)
Purrs and love

Joy said...

I love the 'I dare you' look at Mr. Chicken... I was LOL!! J.D. and Max are so fun.

Joy said...

Oh, and the pic of both of them on the header... too cute. Love the angle.