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Monday, 10 August 2009

Mirror Image Monday!

JD - We've been aware for a little while that we look a bit like Norwood.

Max - The eyebrows! The handsomeness!

JD - So when our humans finally got us some snazzy bandannas....

Max - ....we wanted to boast about this similarity to EVERYONE!!

JD - How do I look? Can I carry off the green look?

JD shows how he was inspired by mother nature to choose a green bandanna!!

Max - I stayed with red - it's simply me. To me it says 'alpha doggie' and I like that statement!

The boys try out their best 'catalogue' pose! Sniff that brick Max! Stare into the distance JD! He he he!

JD - Yeah, whatever Max!

Max - Hey - I like my last photo the best!

JD- But Max, you can't see your bandanna in it....

Max - I know - but I think my expression is pure 'Norwood!' The eyebrows, the smile, the cute pose!

Max - "Hi - I'm Norwood! He he he!"

JD - He he he, yup, it sure is!
Also playing today:-
Fatty and Ally - lovely sleeping poses girls! Our blog header photo and the photo on the top right of our blog comes a bit close, but we could never look as pretty!!
Santa - gorgeous bandanna Santa. Pink is most definitely your colour - you look lovely and we really like the bunny eared knot to keep it in place - stylin'!!


Amber and Nala said...

Cute bandanas!! :) The colors are perfecr for you both!

Diana said...

Oh yeah, nice bandanas!! Yeah, Max, that last picture of you is real cute. I like that smile of yours...

- Santa

Reese =^..^= said...

You look so cute in your bandanas!

Cobi said...

You guys look great in the bandanas.


parlance said...

JD and Max, thanks for the comment on my blog regarding how well your names suit you. Regarding Max being sometimes known as Maxidian, as his sci-fi name, I couldn't resist the challenge. Is it from the Obsidian Order in Star Trek? (I'm putting this question to you on my blog too, so you're sure to see it and put me out of my misery of not knowing for sure.)

Sheba of West Africa said...

You should have a look at mine! It was red and it came in a package, that I got to rip open!


Can't wait for Mom to get back to me from Sweden with lots and lots of presents...

RockPuppy said...

Those bandanas makes you guys look very awesome.

Slobbers, RockPuppy

Oskar said...

You guys are rockin' those bandanas.

I posted a special post for you guys on my blog!

Kenia Cris said...

You and Norwood guys, you just look like you're triplets!!!

Fred has a bandanna too, but he totally hates it. Jack has a personal stylish - grandma - and he feels really comfortable on all of his clothes. I wish Tutti liked dressing up all girlie, but she doesn't and Frodo, well, we're still trying to get accustomed to him.

You two are great and even cuter with those bandannas. Great to 'read' and see you again! Much love from Brazil!

HOPE said...

A slight resemblance to Norwood! Not bad...

Yea..Oskar let us in on a great happening for you two!

Paws UP!

GoSchnauzer said...

you two are so funny. we love it!

Kaiser via Brad

Captain Nemo said...

Hi boys - looking good! Max - Pippa would be putty in your paws if she saw you in that snazzy red bandanna! And JD - looking cool in green dude! :) Nemo


Jd and MAx
I LOVe LOVE the bandanas! Look fabby. Max I do say you have nailed the norwood expression. Excellent eyebrow arch! lips slightly perched open with a hint of a smile. Look up! Yep you deserve a 10!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ooh, Max & JD - so sorry I'm late on this Mirror Image Monday coz I've got LOTS of bandanas!! I really like wearing them - although mostly they are in girly colours of pink & purple (those are my human's favourite colours so I sort of have to humour her)...we get some new ones every year during "CANTEEN week" which is a special fund-raising event for a charity that helps teenagers with cancer and everyone wears bandanas in support - so we always buy our bandanas from them to donate & support! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Jimbo said...

Very dapper lads! BFN - Jimbo.