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Friday, 7 August 2009

Walkies rule! Plus a new friend!

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JD - We're having a great day today!

Max - Our female human took the day off work which meant we got to go for a walk a bit later than usual so we met up with a lot of our pals at the park.

JD - Here are some more photos of 'the Pied Piper of Holland Park' - he he he! Otherwise known as M, our lovely treat lady!

"Now, who ordered the turkey with cranberry treat...?!"

Max - We know we've shown a photo of her before, but we wanted to show you some more because we really love M!

"Last one to sit doesn't get any!!!"

JD - Loads of our pals were at the park today. We met up with our wonderful spaniel pal Archie. We love Archie - he's always so smiley!

Archie takes a short respite from playing ball!

Max - And here's Harry having a lovely roll. Ahhh - there's no better way to get those itches off your back is there?


JD - This is Scottie supervising me as we investigate a big twig.

"Hmmm, I believe several other doggies have played with this twig before us Scottie....!"

Max - Scottie is the boss of our little gang and if any pup puts a paw out of place he lets us know he's not happy about it, he he he!

JD - Scottie is great - he's taught us some good lessons on puppy manners.

Max - Here's Stig - sometimes known as Stiglett! - who is a Jack Russell puppy and is a couple of months younger than us.

"Halt! Who goes there?"

JD - Stig is a very confident puppy! He lives with his big brother Neo and big sister Ellie.

Archie and Stig catch up!

Max - Our humans only managed to get a photo of Ellie's bottom we're afraid - sorry 'bout that!

Ellie (far right) keeps an eye on little brother Stig, whos's just saying hello to Harry!

JD - Stig's big brother Neo adores tennis balls.

Max - His human says he is 'tennis ball obsessed' - he he he!

"Of COURSE I can fit two tennis balls in my mouth at the same time!"

JD - And then there's Pippa....

Puppy kisses from Max for pretty Pippa!

Max - Pippa - *sigh!*

JD - Max has got it pretty bad for Pippa.

Max gives Pippa a playful puppy nip on the bottom - he's such a tease!

Max - Pippa is sooo pretty. And soooo intelligent! And she's soooo good at zoomies, and Pippa is.....

Pippa shows the boys she can hold her own in ANY game of zoomies!

JD - See what I mean? Pippa dawdles a bit when she's out walking and Max just sits and stares mournfully after her. He refuses to continue with the walk unless Pippa's there, as you can see below (Pippa is the tiny spot in the distance!!)....

Max waits patiently for his girl......

Max - Pippa - *sigh!*

JD - We had hoped to get a photo of Charlie, our Great Dane pal.

Max - But sadly he never seems to be there when our human takes her camera with her. We'll get a snapshot one day!

JD - Anyway, something very exciting did happen on today's walk - we met a new friend!

Max - Here he is - isn't he cute?

"Hello, hello! May I join you?!"

JD - He's a Huskie puppy called Ty and is only 11 weeks old!

"Pleased to meet you! I'm Max and this is Pippa!"

Max - We were all amazed at how well behaved he was, especially since he is SO young!

Ty and Max get acquainted!

JD - This was one of his first walkies ever - we were thrilled to be able to share it with him!!

"Hello young pup! I'm Scottie and I think you'll find that I'm in charge around here!"

Max - We hope we meet him again soon!

JD - It's been a great day so far - we're off for a nap now though....

Max - Yup! We're both a bit tired after all that excitement....!


Diana said...

Oh wow...that was an interesting day! I love the "treat lady" too!!

- Santa and Minnie

Reese =^..^= said...

Meowee! What an excellent day!

Oskar said...

I truly wish I had a park like that that where I could play with friends.

I asked my mom person if we could go and play with you, but she said something about a big pond & shots & quarantines, so I guess it won't work.

Eric said...

awww u boys are so lucky... hehe...

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

Ty is so cute we couldn't believe our eyes! hehehe! and the tennis ball obsessed boy made us laugh as you caught him in the act of obsessing--hahahaha!!! you guys have lots of cool friends, i bet you had a great day!

Captain Nemo said...

Oh Max, you've got it bad for Pippa haven't you? That photo of you waiting so patiently for your girl is wonderful, so sweet. Puppy love is in the air! It's really great to see so many photos of so many dogs getting on so well together too - you are all so well socialised. Great post! :) Nemo.

Anya said...

You had all a SUPER day,
so many fun thats great =^.^=
Lovely post !!

HOPE said...

I think that Harry has an edge on getting the treats first! He's quite handsome..

Aww Pippa..what a lovely story....

and you guys...are tooo much!

What a fun day...

Paws Up!

Anonymous said...

Herro Max and JD!

What a great bunch of fwiends you have!
Wow Max you're in love! But is Pippa worthy of your affections? I haven't been in love before - maybe one day...

Mr Darcy

Misty Dawn said...

This is a truly spectacular and fun post! That husky pup is really beautiful!

Mara said...

That new friend looks very nice! He can never be as nice as us though...

Pam said...

Looks like a fun walk with lots of friends.

Snap said...

Hi JD and Max. Nice to meet all your friends at that great park! Thanks for taking us along.

Regina said...

How wonderful!

Blue said...

What a lot of friends you've got, and what a great time you all had.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Looks like such a fun play date you both had. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

i beati said...

great great fun you are such lucky dogs sandy

mimi said...

i love all your dogs, especially their curly hairs. looks like they are all friends.

Chatelaine said...

What a great place for a doggie playdate. Looks like they had lots of fun.

My first Critters, nice to meet you and your dogs.