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Thursday, 20 August 2009

We're not gonna be around for a while....

JD - Hi everyone! Our humans must REALLY love things to do with hair because right now they're up in Edinburgh, Scotland, participating in something called a Fringe Festival....

Max - .... on our request they've cued this post to publish whilst they're away. As you read this we'll be having fun at a place called 'kennels'. We're pretty sure we're going to enjoy it as we'll get three walks a day and we know the owner personally goes round every evening to give each doggie a cuddle and a treat!

JD - Our female human is really fretting about being away from us - sheesh, humans eh?!

Max - Yeah! It's like she thinks we're still babies or something! I mean, doesn't she realise we're nearly ELEVEN months old?!

JD - We're big boys now! Which means we're ready to go on holiday all on our own...

Max - ....um, as long as our humans come back soon though!

JD - Obviously we're not going to be able to update or visit your blogs for a while, so we thought we'd leave you with a picture to remind you of us until we get back....

Max - Bye bye - see you all soon!

JD - "I call this position 'sofa salutation'!"
Max - "He he, JD - your paws are a bit wiffy!!"


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

i call that the letter "Z"

see ya soon!

Diana said...

JD, that's a cute position you've got there and Max, what else have you found in JD's paws?

Oh yes, both of you are big boys now and definitely can go on holiday all on your own...have fun!!

- Santa and Minnie

Nellie and Calvert said...

We're going to miss you guys! We look forward to hearing all about your adventures during your holiday.

Is that Sofa Salutation the same as Sun Salutation? Our mommy does the Sun Salutation and Downward Dog all the time... silly mommy; she think's she's a schnauzer!

Enjoy your time off~


MAX said...

Enjoy yourselves!
See you soon
Lots of licks

Cezar and Léia said...

All the way to Edinburgh to make their fringe up? Strange humans...
Purrs and love

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holidays there!!
sometimes without the hooman around is great time.


Noah the Airedale said...

Have fun at the kennel. Sounds like your human is going to have a pawesome time.

Anya said...

We will missing you :(
Take care ....

Oskar said...

Oh JD, your yoga must be what contributes to your calm disposition.

I'll miss you terribly, I hope kennel is a fun place.

Anonymous said...

Max and JD,
I will miss you!
have fun at the kennel!
I hope your hooman's come back with lovely hair.

Mr Darcy

Kaiser via Brad said...

I hope you guys have fun at the kennel. Looking forward to your return.

Captain Nemo said...

Aw boys, gonna miss you. Hope you have fun at the kennels. I've always wanted to go to the Edinburgh festival so I hope your humans have a good time and maybe post a couple of pictures of that beautiful city and its castle on their return....? Hey JD - you're quite a looonnnngg doggie aren't you? You sure you're not part daschund?!! :) Nemo.

Bruce said...

I guess this is just the season for humans to go away from their pets...now you too! Sounds like you'll be having fun in the kennel though. See ya when they get back.
your pal,

aninhas said...

Have a great time :D

hugs and kisses from kikos world

Sasha said...

JD, you look very elegant there!

It sounds like fun for you to have a few days' holiday from away your humans.

Also, they'll be so much more loving when they come back, they'll be missing you so much!

Puppy kisses

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi JD & Max
Have a fun vacation at the kennels.
See you soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

Bruce said...

Hello again JD & Max: I know your Mom & Dad are away, but when they get back you can play a game I just tagged you for. All you have to do is list 7 reasons why you're awesome! Easy!
your pal,

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Max & JD,

do have fun and we will miss you!!!

best regards

HOPE said...

Hey...when your mom/person comes back..she will have missed you two so much that you will have a GOOD TIME comin! I bet you get some really good treats. Don't let on how many you get at the kennel!

I'm sure gonna miss you two!

Paws Up!

Anonymous said...

Hope the pawrents are having a good time on hollibobs. And hope the kennels is good fun!! xx

Clive said...

Enjoy the hols Max and JD!

Sounds like the humans will too!

lots of woofs